Rebel Galaxy AWESOME!

October 23, 2015 in Rebel Galaxy, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. I had been waiting for Rebel Galaxy since Fraser first played it in May. I don’t normally purchase games day one, but I did for this one. Another sale because of VGA.

    I love when Fraser is playing a game he is into. I really hate shows when he is not enthusiastic or isn’t having fun. It really brings me down. Back in the day we had Deacon or Ben to help crack jokes, but now when Fraser isn’t having fun, it really brings the show down, since there is not as much banter as in the past.

  2. Been playing this extensively last week and after 30 hours i can safely say that the Programmers suer know how to get the looting and upgrading addiction going.

    Been to 4 starsystems and dunno if new gamemechanic will still be introduced to make it even more addictive. I am kinda wary.

    Thanks for putting this on my radar, it would be a shame to miss this because all the attention goes to Elite, Star Citizen and No Mans Land.

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