Minecraft AWESOME! Monthly Build Preview January 2016

January 6, 2016 in Minecraft by

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  1. January 2015? I think you have the year wrong :P

  2. And Frash says he’s not ‘outdoorsy’.

  3. I finally decided to install the Temmie shader (love whoever it was who called it that), just to see how my worlds would look on it. It’s definitely pretty, but wow… I think your last two videos actually understated how bright and orange it makes torch light. Is there any way to tone that down? I didn’t see anything in the options for it, and it’s gonna drive me crazy if I have to put up with it.

    And as far as dealing with torch spam in Survival… I wish it were possible, once you get to a certain level of progress, to obtain or craft some kind of mystical orb thingy that suppresses hostile mob spawning within an area so you can build dimly-lit areas for the sake of atmosphere without worrying. Failing that, though, the game at least could stand to have more types of light sources for visual variety, like hanging lanterns and tiki torches.

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