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    I was wondering if anyone heard of this, or if not, i like to suggest it for temp server build. It been a little bit since Olympics, and with October right around the coroner, I thought it be fun. Maybe like a Halloween town sorta like Christmas town. I am unsure, but I like to do something for such a fun holiday

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    As far as I know, no plans for a Build Challenge thus far. (At least according to the Mod Report) However, I LOVE the idea of a Halloween themed Build Challenge for October! I second that notion entirely!

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    well October is only a day away. So i would hope the challenge would be sounded from horns on high soon.

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    That would be great. I can feel a build challenge coming on soon!

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    Yo dudes, unless we can think of something totally unique to do for MC Halloween this year, it’s looking like a no go.
    Any geniusly Halloweeny, never been done on our MC servers before, idears?

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    Minecraft Awesome Halloween build?
    Hell in the Nether?
    maybe not call it hell
    but it could be a spooky build challenge
    has Halloween Town been done before?
    not Nightmare Before Christmas
    but like inspired by the Halloween Town movies
    OH! The Halloween Tree!
    more so the story then the tree, i know the tree has been made before
    look at the classical monsters
    a city made of pumpkins
    giant Jack-o-latern carving contest?

    Day of the Dead theme? like the Mexican tradition! we could have big colourful skeleton floats!
    everyone designs their own!

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    Aww I was kinda looking forward to a Halloween MC Build, though I understand why you’d maybe want it to be unique. Not sure if this idea is terribly unique @missblow but it’s one idea I had…

    1. Murder Mystery Halloween Adventure: Sort of a story-driven build concept. Basic Concept is while MC Fraser is trick or treating, he stumbles upon a murder and travels to distant lands (Halloween Movie/Game Themed Builds) to catch the culprit. He might travel to a Nightmare on Elm Street themed build and come across Freddy Krueger, or perhaps stumble upon a Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria and have to escape the animatronics. Might need a bit of work, but again that was sorta the basic idea, just a very loose open concept that I think would be easy for newer builders to help jump in on.

    And that’s the only idea I have at the moment, if I think of anything else, I’ll try to update the post! Here’s hoping! :)

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    Have we done something like the Christmas pageant build but with horror movies?

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    @isophist the closest thing I think VGA got to a halloween equivalent to the holiday pageant may have been that build challenge where fraser went “trick or treating” at various houses that turned out to be renactments of famous halloween/horror movies and games like The shining, Rocky Horror way back in 2012. Although I don’t think it’s the same as the stage performances at the pageant.

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    I got an idea that sorta mixes a few things together and has a second easy option for newer players.
    It incorporates the idea for a pageant theme without being too restrictive in terms of scale like a true stage would and it could allow some fun in between things.
    Idea: Backlot movie tour featuring skits from various media where fraser is walking where the camera would be for a set or location as a key scene is being filmed. While he walks or is carted from stage to stage their could be misc players in other costumes walking around or doing jump scares as he goes from place to place. The film idea would allow some new takes on older build ideas such as new materials or people who didn’t do it the first time. And it would allow fraser to do a quick tangent look in a build with the chances of him getting lost or off track since it would all be connected in a backlot like a real studio would.
    The Other location: The other location for newer players slash easy idea would be to make a large neighborhood area for a easy trick or treat kind of thing where people can build what they want and show it off without any pressure. or even just enjoy running around and seeing other people’s home. And we could even do it in a fashion so that as houses are looked at by fraser the owners then can go around like they where trick or treating.

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    Sorta a shame, I was looking forward to something casual though with a theme too.

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