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    Correctly observed! That is why we’re using it.



    I guess gone are the days of Becky seeing herself wave to the camera during cameos on lonesome shows. She’s apparently fast enough to get back into the house and see herself on-stream when using Twitch. Welp, not anymore now that Beam is giving negligible latency. Hah!



    I really noticed this last night while spectating in the Overwatch games. In the time it took to turn my head form screen to screen, the two were pretty much synced perfectly.



    It’s certainly not the case worldwide. I found that the lag at Beam is generally lower than Twitch, but it’s still 4 to 6 secs if you’re lucky. And it comes with HUGE quality decline and frame choppiness, which is often at unwatchable level to me. I don’t think my internet connection is that bad, but I feel that Beam’s low latency only works for a few users that are better located than others. Considering how the internet works, this is not surprising.


    That should hopefully improve with time as they expand their network.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if the servers were favoring North America for the low latency. It’s a good think they still have the other stream still.



    In my neck of the woods, The Netherlands (so north-west Europe), it also functions quite well. And it feels like such a jump too. The latency was diminished with the ‘old’ Turbo stream, but with Beam I experience next to no latency as well.

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    So does this mean we’re not broadcasting on twitch at all anymore?



    @weckar They’re still on Twitch, Beam is just another viewing option


    Still broadcasting on Twitch. Beam is replacing the Turbostream though (at least for the most part. The low quality stream might remain around in one form or another as backup).

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