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    I just want to comment/ask some stuff.

    1. Are desert bunnies rare?
    I have a desert at the edge of my land, I hung out there for like two nights, did not see bunnies there.
    What area has common bunnies… if it’s not desert, I wonder how quickly I can get two back to my area.

    2. I got villager with a name tag, and since I don’t plan on capturing pets for a while, you can purchase 1-2 from my villager
    (I think it’s 30 gems, I can double check if you’re interested)

    3. Anyone know a location of a water temple? (I don’t really need anything atm.. except REVENGE)
    I tried once back then, and got my butt kicked.
    I made two maps since then, and they both led to water temples that did not exist!

    4. If anyone needs a skeleton horse, you can hang out in my area this week.. I had some spawn twice recently (I killed one though). I can help you take down the skeletons if one does spawn again.

    Can’t think of anything else to say.. I don’t think I have anything else for trade.. I can give out water melon, potatoes, beets, nether wart, punkin, punkin pie, sugar cane, if anyone wants a bunch of these.

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    Are you looking for an ocean monument with elder guardians or will any do?


    those spiny things killed me last time.

    Maybe any, though.
    Do these buildings regenerate?

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    The small guardians respawn but the big ones that prevent mining do not.

    The buildings themselves do not respawn (unless the mods reset them, I suppose).


    Do “Allium” flowers exist in the server?
    I know it only grows in a flower forest, and scanning the map atm.. but can’t find any atm.



    they exist


    I don’t know of any with elder guardians, but there’s an ocean monument at -4440, -4344 if you want to fight regular guardians.



    > Do “Allium” flowers exist in the server?

    I’ve seen a few flower forests in the server. I live at one of them.


    ahh. nice.
    If I get bored later this month, I’ll take a second peak



    gukingofheart – I have some Allium stored – if we can manage to meet on the server. Been a long time since I played much there, so I had to go look.


    I only need it for collecting.. so save them for someone who wants to make a garden ;)


    @euske where do you live?

    edit: Well, really want to do it with bonemeal.. won’t be fun just taking it from a chest!
    edit2: Got em now :)

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    1 – I live in the middle of the States (Central time zone).

    2 – on Minecraft – Forest Shores

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