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    Hi, I’m Yoshi.

    I love Splatoon and Splatoon 2 ever since their release. I love the concept of your team winning the match by covering the most turf with your team’s ink in 3 minutes. Sure there are the meta nuances of your main, sub, and special weapon. Getting a higher percentage than you at the end is all that matters to me. They also have “ranked” modes and 4 different types of matches within that. Your performance can range from C- to X. I loved them when it was first introduced. It was a nice change of pace, brought variety to each game, and had a different intensity than Turf War. I had to stop though because of one fact: I will always be the “rando” that you eventually hate.

    I enjoy watch high level ranked matches on Twitch. They play at a level that I will never be able to achieve but it’s fun and maybe I could pick-up a thing or two. The thing is that I always have to mute it. If a teammate makes a mistake, loses an objective, fails to make a push, and/or loses the match; it’s their fault. Not only will the person streaming declare it’s the “rando’s” fault, but then the chat will pile on equally scorning the abilities of the teammates whose sole mistake was being on your team. “’They’re improperly ranked ‘, ‘they’ve been carried to this point’, ‘the rank calculations need to change’, ‘Get Better!’”, and on and on it goes. The same goes for “Salmon Run” which is Splatoon 2’s version of a horde mode. The stakes aren’t seemingly as high, but that poor “rando” attracts the same scorn.

    “Randos” will be scorned whether on stream, in a forum/article post, or a tweet after an intense match. “Randos” have been an argument for the creation for League Battle where you have to be paired up with someone you already know.

    Forever in the middle

    Achieving rank X would a dream for me. The thing is that I don’t have the time to achieve that and I will fully admit that I’m not that good. I am also resistant to trying new weapons. I know what I like and how it operates EVEN IF it’s bad for the stage and/or mode. I’m just dipping in, trying to survive 5 minutes (Ranked and Salmon Run). Also sorry that I got a weapon that I have little-to-no experience or just plain bad with in Salmon Run. I’m just trying to have fun, ink some turf for an hour or two, set the Splatfest tee abilities, or whatever objective I may have come up with for that play session.

    Being in the middle seems safe for me. I can play and hopefully avoid any scorn from the other 3 players that may be on my team. There’s no pressure and, if on the off-chance the stars align, I get to advance one rank higher. Sometimes though, being in the middle isn’t safe either. There are streamers who build a stream series from C- all the way to X with the new weapon that was just released. Sometimes us low level players still attract that same scorn all for the fact that you don’t know us and we just happened to be matched-up with you.


    I see people clamoring for the chance to appear on a stream. I don’t. I don’t want to be the one who angers you on the slim chance I appear and inevitably makes the wrong move and/or play. This attitude goes across all competitive games, but Splatoon 2 is my thing. I still do Salmon Run and hopefully I will dip my toe back into ranked matches. Like I said though: I will always be that random person you get matched with.

    So I just wanted to say I’m sorry should get matched with you. I’m sorry that I wrecked your match. I’m sorry that I’m not weapon proficient the way you want me to. I’m sorry that I’m too aggressive in spots and I’m out for 5 seconds for respawn. I’m not intentionally trying to wreck your match. I want to be successful, but I want to have fun too.

    This one post won’t change attitudes but I needed to get it off my chest.

    See you on the turf!


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