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    After re-watching the VGA crew play through Portal 2 , I thought how ridiculously good a year 2011 was for video games.  Thus came the inspiration for this discussion of the best year for video gaming, with my nominee being 2011.

    For those of us in the U.S., we got a more meta victory as the Supreme Court ruled that video games were protected free speech.

    Concerning consoles, we saw the release of the first 3-d console, (as well as the first hand-held 3-d console) in the 3DS.  At the tail end, we also saw the release of the PS Vita in Japan

    When looking at triple A games, I think  this is probably the only year you could argue that there are AT LEAST 6 or 7 games that, had they been released in any other year except 2011, would win GOTY  hands down.  This includes the aforementioned Portal 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as the arguable top tier.  But can you really argue that Uncharted 3 wouldn’t be a GOTY winner, or at least contender,  in any other year?  What about Mass Effect 2, Saints Row 3, or even perhaps Little Big Planet 2?  Hell, the only reason I don’t automatically include L.A. Noire in with the rest of those is personal taste concerning what I believe to be a last minute shoehorning of the Cole Phelps arc.

    We also saw the release of COD: MW3 and Battlefield 3 (but honestly I can’t accurately judge these since the only pure FPS I play is TF2).  Speaking of TF2, this was the year that TF2 went free-to-play making it literally 12 times more profitable, which is big, if not in showing that the concept can and does work as a business model rather than a desperate last move that bad games pull to drive interest up, at the very least in giving Valve more funding to try to count to 3.  This was also the year that the Steam Workshop went live, marking one of if not the first time that users could create content that would be placed in-game (and get paid from the sales of the item to boot)

    From the outside looking in (personally), it seems that MMORPGs had a banner year too, with the release of both DC Universe Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Along with the obligatory new releases with their old franchises on the 3DS, 2011 also saw Nintendo release Mario Kart 7 and another hit in the next installment of the Pokemon games (Black and White).

    2011 also saw the return of Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, Rayman and You Don’t Know Jack

    Concerning the indie scene, this was arguably the strongest year to date.  Minecraft finally went out of beta and released as a game.  Bastion took the world by storm.  2011 also had Limbo, Terraria, Stacking, The Binding of Issac, and many others that I neglecting to mention.

    So…yeah.  That’s my take.  If I left out anything or got something wrong, please feel free to correct me, and if you think a different year was/is better, please make your case :)

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    2011 would have been an amazing year if Nintendo hadn’t drop the ball to such an incredible degree that the system I was getting the most mileage out of was the one being replaced (DS).

    This gen I’d argue 2009, since that’s when a lot of my favorite games for every system I own were released (360: Arkham Asylum, Red Faction Guerrila, AC2, XBLA, Wii: Little King’s Story, Wii Sports Resort, Muramasa, Klonoa, DS: MandL3, Retro Game Challenge, Rhythm Heaven) and plenty of others, to the point that I’m still missing big games like Punchout Wii, Braid, GTA: Chinawars etc.

    I honestly can’t say anything pre-2000 since I don’t remember release dates for non-Nintendo games before than. But 2001-2003 had a lot of good stuff too.



    My nomination is 1994. As far as games go, you can start off with the classics. Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid, and Mother 2 (in Japan only) were all released for the Super Nintendo. Successful franchises Warcraft, Donkey Kong Country, and Tekken all got their start in 94. System Shock was also released that year, notable for its influence to both Bioshock and Deus Ex. I guess I should also mention Sonic the Hedgehog 3 came out that year, not sure if it is considered better than the first 2 or not; but if it is, then that’s just one more notch. And a little game called Doom II hit shelves as well.

    As far as consoles go. Sony jumped into the mix by releasing the Playstation in Japan. Maybe not quite a 3D system; but they showed that they were here to stay and are still going strong in 2012. I could input personal bias by talking about how its still my favorite system; but regardless it was a catalyst in the change for how console games would be stored, and that is no small footnote I’d say.

    Also worth noting is that Mortal Kombat II was released on the SNES with all content in tact, marking the first time such graphic content was featured on the system. Maybe not as impactful as a Supereme Court ruling; but its still worth mentioning.


    (If I was going based on personal preference though, I would say 1998. The year my favorite game (Final Fantasy tactics) was released in North America and my second favorite game (Suikoden II) was released in Japan.)

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    Everyone knows 1998 is the best year gaming has or ever will have.

    Metal Gear Solid

    Ocarina of Time


    Fallout 2


    Baldur’s Gate

    Mario Party

    The list goes on. Not sure if they even make games anymore, people knew they could never top that year so they just packed up and left. I hear Microsoft is in the gaming business now. Crazy times.



    2007 was pretty great


    Mass effect

    halo 3

    Half Life 2: Episode 2




    Mario Galaxy

    Metroid Prime 3

    Super Paper Mario (I think)

    There’s a bunch more, but that alone makes it an amazing year



    I say that there are more than one “best game year”. But as for a new one I’d honestly say this year. WiiU release plays a big role in this due to some of its games.



    kkslider you seem to come off jaded on mostly every post and add in a nintendo dump whenever you can quite cheeky huh….
    @bluehawk: im believe this has actually been a slow as heck year and lackluster in terms of games…

    best year id say 2011 sooo many great games on every system revolutionary foot steps, new dimensions, great leaps in technology and heck pc gaming was simply amazing!!  but again thats just me..



    B-but…Paper Mario,Pikmin,ZombiU and WiiU D:

    …As you can see I’m easy to please ^^



    i now bluehawk but i always believe in the spread of the year’s content and 2011 blew us all away… this year has been okay so far (those games havent come out yet remember), i dont believe a mass dump of games in next 3 months can make this year better than last but let me tell ya there is still a lot coming to be very excited and enjoyable.



    Without doing any research, I agree that 2011 seems the year to beat. Especially because of the bloom of all those indies.



    2007 is probably the most important year to me personally because it got me back into gaming, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop because holy shit there’s so many good games out there and there’s no way I’ll ever finish them all.



    I dunno when the best year in gaming  was but I think it was 2000 to me (Perfect Dark,Majoras mask,Banjo-tooie,Jet set radio,Diablo II,Marvel vs. Capcom,Pokemon stadium,Mario party 3,Capcom VS. SNK)
    But when ever Rareware is bought back by Nintendo (Hoping ) I expect a damn good year……DAMN GOOD!



    Without a doubt, 2005.  I made my first debut, and I got to stare down millions of poor fools! Ah! Hah! Ha! *clap* *clap* *clap*

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    @damon-gant: without a doubt you are the highlight of my current life thank you. <3 ^_^



    @slykat: (Kato): If I’m that important, I need you to do me a favor. I know the next Wrighto game is coming for the 3DS, and I know your an esteemed employee of Tendo. So can you put in a good word for me, and suggest they should refuse to let Cappy release their game unless they bring me back in it? We can have a pool party if they agree!

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