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    I have always been interested in comptetive TF2. for those of you who don’t know highlander is a game mode where there is one of each class on a team going up against another team, kinda simple. I think it would be a sweet idea if we got a Turbo or just VGA team to compete in a tournament where we would be up against people from across the nation. If anyone is interesed in doing this then either post below or private message me on steam or the site. I think this would be a sweet idea and I hope you guys do aswell. I would be playing scout in this so one class is already taken. Thanks in advance!

    little edit: this could also be open to people out side of North America as long as they think they would have stable connection. Also I just want to see how many people would be interested in doing this, I know a team was put together but they never really entered into any tournament which I think would be really fun to do!

    edit #2: we could also get a 6v6 team together if there isn’t as much interest in doing a Highlander match.

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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by  Olive.
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    time & date???



    I don’t know if I am necessarily of the caliber, but I would certainly be interested



    Yeah we have a European Higlander team: but whe should play some more matches, i haven’t had the opportunity to play D:



    More importantly, why do we have a European Turbo team that haven’t played a single match since being created? Also, if Europe decides to play, can I join in?



    Haven’t really had the time and nerves to organize matches for the European team lately, it’s pretty stressful. D:

    And that the American UGC team, which i was a part of, broke down after one match as well, certainly didn’t help. :/

    But i’ll gladly give someone team leader status for the european if he or she wants to start organizing matches and also does some cleaning up with letting new people in and removing the people that aren’t interested anymore.

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    If I could do one of my main classes, I’d probably join.



    Yeah, looking into when times are for matches would be helpful for potential joiners, since depending on the time and day people may or may not be able to (also specifying EST or PST). I might be interested on playing Medic depending on times and how busy I think I’ll be. Everyone who does join should also get a mumble, it’s a voice communication program that I believe offers the least amount of lag when chatting, and what most TF2 competitive players use I believe.

    Sorry Daverball, I got cut off from internet access sooner than I thought I would, and team sort of fell apart then.



    ok so I don’t have any specific dates yet but all matches are usually on Mondays at 9:30 EST.

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