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    Like clockwork, we find ourselves reading the fourth newsletter for Computer Entertainment Related Programming! Consider me your geared-up programarrista, Dad!

    EXCLUSIVE: String Up The Streamers, My Secret’s Out!

    It’s been over a decade in the making, but I’d like to confirm to all my closest compu-fans that yes, that grapevine told you correctly, the Computer Entertainment Programming Show is returning! We’ve secured the funding, we’ve found the fun, and we’re going to be checking out the latest and greatest in digital multitasking and productivity!

    I’ll keep mum on the fine details, but I suppose it wouldn’t do too much harm in sharing a still from the latest episode we’ve worked on. In this scene, I’ve just successfully stripped down a Commodore 264 Plus/4, much to great aplomb, or should I say a-bomb!

    We are working with the finest in hi-resolution graphics this time around, and our art team is absolutely ablaze with passion for the latest in electronic painting products!

    This month I’ve collected some real treats to share with you from my local network of bulletin board systems! First up, a fascinating clip from a newscast on the growing importance of printers! Next up, a clicky quickie about a springy key! And finally, a reader contribution portraying what is most certainly… me!

    The winner of a convivial pat on the back is…


    Well spotted on the musical cue! Now to look up on the ol’ ARPAchat how to convey a pat via text!

    For now, another tale of suspen— …ders from the days of my youth! This yarn is about the time I started a Compu-Whiz Club after school!

    “Mr. Esquire, this is the fourth week in a row you’ve managed to keep me detained here on a Friday afternoon when I could already be at my favored drinking establishment. If it didn’t just guarantee more of my own time lost, I’d assign you detention for this!”

    “Please, Mr. Meisterson, Mr. Esquire is my papa; call me Dad.” I checked that the meeting schedule sheet was still visible from all angles in the hallway, moving Ms. Engler’s Master Angling Tourney sign-up slightly to the left on the notice board, so the Compu-Whiz schedule was visible from my eye-line at the water fountain. “And I have no doubt that this week we’ll see our first new member!”

    “You assured me when I signed the club form that this would be an hour a week of quiet, not three hours a week of standing in a hall with you! Here, YOU hold the sign-in sheet and I’LL sit in my office. At least I have a spare bottle of the… decent stuff in my desk.”

    I took the clipboard and stood tall. “You’ll not regret this, sir! I’ll be right here! And… he’s gone, huzzah! Finally some alone time with my favorite room in the school!” But alas, when I went to open the door to the computer lab, I found it as locked as a ball in a particularly pernicious sand trap!

    And now it’s up to you to FIND my solution! Did I:

     1. Steel myself and wait patiently for my future fellow Whizzers?
     2. Walk home, dejected?
     3. Knock at Mr. Meisterson’s door to ask for the key, incurring the wrath of interrupting his imbibing time. Which I would never do.

    Anyone who signs on the correct line will receive an official Compu-Whiz Club poster! Gooooooo Whizzers!

    I’m pleased to point out that my efforts on the show have got my boys considering bringing back their own show, which also covers Computer Entertainment Related Programming! Make sure to follow their video series closely, as I know it’s sure to please! I’ve given them five stars, and made sure to ring that bell! Have you? Until next month, this is Dad Esquire saying…

    10 PRINT “Goodbye!”

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    Hi Mr Dad,

    I believe the correct solution presented is number 1.

    Boy howdy, is this adventure perilous. I can’t wait to find out what the solution is to this pesky pickle.


    Quazi L. Joe III



    Ah, how long has it been since I have met a man as well spoken as you Mr…wait a minute, what is Ace and Chet’s last name? Oh well, we do not need to succumb to discussing such trivial matters at a time like this. It is obvious by your nature that a man of your stature would only ever find option 2 the acceptable answer, “It’s not walking home dejected, it’s building character” we say. Until next we meet, I shall patiently await yet another conversation with an intellect of such prestige as yours.



    Choice #1



    Yo Pops!
    Totes Radical Report this week.
    I’ll cast my vote for option 1,



    Has this report replaced the other report?

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    OH MY GOD!!! All of Dad’s Favourite Things are AMAZING!!!

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