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    This is the official thread for the Edgar Allen Poe Build for Halloween 2012!

    Check here for changes and updates.

    **** UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! ****

    You guys are AWESOME!!! =^-^b=

    Building is done. Thanks to everyone who donated or helped. =)

    Now, what we really need are skins and actors.

    Skins we need:

    ~The Raven ~Montesor, a Noble ~Fortunato, a Noble dressed as a jester
    ~ a Narrator, a Noble and a murderer ~Prince Prospero ~The Red Death
    ~several other Nobles, dressed for a masquerade


    -From the whitelist, we will need actors to play parts during the tour. For the most part we need people to play Nobles,
    who are in masquerade costumes. You can use your normal minecraft skin, so long as you dress it up a bit. =)

    ~Named parts will be assigned based on availability during the show and/or consideration of how much help you were during the build. If you have a request for a role, post it here and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    ~There is a script. (see attachment below) Don’t pancake, it’s more of a narrative of what will happen during the tour. Lines and acting are being kept as minimal and as simple as possible.

    Build Leaders: misterdarren, karamelgiraf

    Builders: Acevil, DthByBlunderbuss, Fond3ll, GhostxDragon, jeirhart, jmizzle952, Kruxy, neoetm12, NovaStar117, rombom, Segwo, shadow200010, TheArtist93

    Donors: Danielu, Keroan, Khoral, QuetzaDrake, Sven85


    Redstone Wizards: KRSD, PaddyMagicisaLie

    Quoth the Raven, ehhh you know the rest!

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    I would like to be included in this build.  I can also provide any materials needed and fulfill costumed rules as well. Let me know what you need.


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    Glad to have you aboard jeirhart! I’ll add you as a builder for now. We’ll hash out who wears what hat closer to the build date.



    Not entirely sure about building, might be able to help there at some point a little, but I think I’ll definitely donate some materials like some bricks and mossy cobblestone. Also maybe act as well.



    I’ve got nine stacks of netherbrick just let me know where you need it.



    Hey there! I’d love to help out with building! I don’t have much in way of resources, but I’ll bring  what I can.



    I’ll do the redstone. The heartbeat won’t be stressful at all. The clock chiming… well if you wanted an actual minecraft clock that knew when the moon was directly overhead in the sky, it should take quite a bit of room and may cause stress. Perhaps people have made more condensed versions than what I remember, so I’ll look into it, but it won’t be small. If you just want a chime though saying “it’s midnight” for the story’s sake (not truly midnight in-game), that would take a lot less room, though I’d have to ask how you want it triggered.



    @krsd we want a clock chiming, not the actual midnight chiming, this is for acting purpose, so no need to be accurate. Your help will be greatly appreciated, as I am a total redstone dummy, I just use it to look like blood on the floor….

    @Ketchupface, I mean QuetzaDrake, just come find me or misterdarren online, I’ll be going over to the buildsite later today, to set up chests and stuff for those who wants to donate. And I’ll keep you in mind for acting :)

    @khroal, ^^ I’ll set up some chests for donations, and I’ll remember to make a chest with signs, so you can leave your name on the site, so we wont forget you when credits come :)

    @rombom, we are gonna need help building as well, so just catch me or misterdarren online on MC, and we’ll keep you posted in here, on when we start building :)

    — And just one more time, I am Karamelgiraf on Minecraft.. And co-captain of this build :)



    Lol… wait til you see what I’m making for the donation site and base camp :)



    @misterdarren you crazy bugger.. But hey, just go for the stone building.. There are chests on the first floor and in the basement. If no one is there, please use the chests up top :) And remember to leave a sign ;)



    I can supply you some Mossy Cobble, cobble and my own building stuff on Sunday if you require it




    The main floor building of the Abbey and the color rooms is almost complete! Big thanks to Rombom for all his slav, er help!

    Next phase is to dig out the lower levels for the crypt and catacombs.

    KRSD is working on the redstone madness.

    karamelgiraf and others are finishing up the color rooms. Looking good so far!

    Later on, we need to build the wall around the abbey, and a road leading to an abandoned village on the right bank of the river.

    We’re well on schedule, as my sleepy eyes can witness. Time for bed!



    Woof, what a week!

    The Telltale Heart section is DONE! Builders and donors are invited to claim a grave in the crypt.

    The Casque of Amontillado is nearly done. Some details to sort out in the catacombs.

    The Masque of the Red Death… Double woof! The abbey is almost done. I have some interior work to complete, and DK will finish the color rooms, if she can ever get away from work.

    The next big project will be laying out and building the wall around the abbey. Once that is figured out, the surrounding land needs to be terraformed back to a more natural state.

    A reminder to all builders… Torch yo sheet! Nobody wants a creeper to spoil the fun. When in doubt, torch it out.

    We still need actors. Priority will be given to those who can solidly commit to the show time and have been building. Let me or DK know if there is a particular role you’re interested in.

    If time permits, I would like to build an abandoned village between the bridge and the next build site. Nothing too crazy, just enough to suggest there were people nearby before the Red Death took them. Think standard NPC village, minus the villagers. There are plenty of examples on the server. :)

    I can’t think of anything else right now. Brain has become pudding of late. We’re well ahead of schedule. I go sleep now.




    Bumpity bump bump! (or am I being too 1997 by saying that?)



    I’ll help with some acting could I do the murderer Please



    I WANT TO BE AN ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!



    What roles are still open? If they’re all taken already I’ll be a noble, I suppose.



    We now enter the final round of this build challenge, and it is time we find some actors.

    This is the cast. On major role left, and then all the extras we can carry :D

    The Raven – Karamelgiraf

    Narrator/murderer – Tapasko

    Montresor – QuetzaDrake

    Fortunato – Rombom

    Prince Prospero – TheArtist93

    Red Death – MisterDarren

    And a lot of extras!

    So sign up, either by PM or here, and I’ll make sure you get a role and a skin.


    — DK

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    I could be either Montressor or Fortunato, or an extra if someone else really wants to bury or be bricked in alive.



    Thanks for taking the lead on this part of the build DK! (insert comment about Korea here)

    Have fun playing the Raven. Be sure to squawk at Fraser if he starts going off the rails.

    I guess this means I can be the Red Death, mwahahahahaha!

    mostly cause I want to live to the end of the tour, whooops spoilers!

    Anyhoo, contact me or DK this week about parts. Check the first post for the script. A rehearsal will happen sometime this week, right? (insert another comment about Korea)



    @quetzadrake Which one would you like? First come, first served ;P


    And yes, within this week there will be rehearsel. I run on danish times, so it might be hard. But, the morning of the show might be a plan. I’ll let you know what I figure out :)



    Hey! I can be Montresor, Fortunato, or Prince Prospero. Whichever works! I’d prefer Fortunato, though. Being buried alive sounds fun!


    Or I can just be an extra.



    If Rombom would like to be the drunk confused guy, I can be the dickish confusing guy. So I think I’ll call Montressor.



    Just missing one actor now, and then a LOT of extras. Remember, to be an extra, you can just be a fancy dressed version of yourself, we just need partying people!


    — DK



    Added TheArtist93 as Prince Prospero



    We’ll be meeting tonight, an hour before the show. Then we’ll go over the script and placement :)

    The ones I don’t already have, could you please PM me your skype names?


    — DK


    Would it be ok if I stop by as an extra? I have a pretty awesome Corvo from Dishonored skin that would defiantly fit in.

    Let me know





    I’m  sorry I was not able to be there for the show. There was an emergency I had to deal with which meant I couldn’t be online for it. I hope you were able to find a replacement Fortunato, and again  – I’m very, very sorry!



    It’s okay rombom, we found a replacement. Hope everything is alright. And you are forgiven. :)



    I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with this build. You guys were awesome!

    I know yesterday didn’t go as planned, but we should all still be very proud of our work.

    I also encourage anyone who wants to take a closer look at the build to come on by any time they like!

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