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    E3 Expo Presentations – June 9th:
    Microsoft/Xbox @ 9:30am PDT #XboxE3
    EA @ 12:00pm PDT #EAE3
    Ubisoft @ 3:00pm PDT #UbiE3
    Sony/PlayStation @ 6:00pm PDT #GreatnessAwaits

    E3 Expo Presentations – June 10th:
    Nintendo @ 9:00am PDT #Nintendo

    For UK viewers (like myself):
    E3 Expo Presentations – June 9th:
    Microsoft/Xbox @ 5:30pm BST #XboxE3
    EA @ 8:00pm BST #EAE3
    Ubisoft @ 11:00pm BST #UbiE3
    Sony/PlayStation @ 2:00am BST (June 10th) #GreatnessAwaits

    E3 Expo Presentations – June 10th:
    Nintendo @ 5:00pm BST #Nintendo

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    Microsoft Press Conference

    EA Press Conference

    Ubisoft Press Conference

    Sony Press Conference

    Nintendo Press Conference

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    Games I know will be there:
    1. X
    2. New Zelda
    3. Mirror’s Edge 2
    4. Star Wars Battlefront
    5. Smash Bros

    Games I want to be there:
    1. Beyond Good and Evil 2
    2. New Metroid
    3. No Man’s Sky
    4. More Rare games not actually made by Rare
    5. New Star Fox



    I hope I see:
    -Zelda U
    – Deus Ex 4 : Mankind Divided
    – Witcher 3
    – A Metroid 3DS game (Wii U game unlikely if you do a breakdown of Nintendo studios)
    – Beyond Good and Evil 2
    – Mirror’s Edge 2
    – New IP from Microsoft and Sony
    – No Man’s Sky
    – The Last Guardian
    – The NFC utilisation of Nintnedo’s new initiative
    – A New IP from Nintendo (either Miyamtoto’s fabled New IP or a casual/core IP)
    – A revival of a Nintendo franchisee (unlikely unless Next Level show something – may be too soon)
    – Prey 2 (The Austin Texas studio devloped one)
    – Project Beast – The leaked spiritual successor to Dark Souls
    – A wealth of Indie games
    -Left 4 Dead 3 (ublikley but possible due to rumours and leaks)
    – The Division
    – Crystal Dynamics new game (leaked today)
    – Criterions’ new project
    – New projects for 3DS
    – MM3D (might not occur due to already being Hyrule Warriors and Zelda U)
    – Mortal Kombat X
    – GTA Next Gen port
    – SMTx Fire Emblem (I really like Fire Emblem)

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    Star Wars: Battlefrontw
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix
    Mortal Kombat X
    Smash Bros
    and maybe a couple exciting game announcements



    I am going to predict that Nintendo is going to rock this e3 this year.
    They have to do this, or this is going to be another shitty year for them.
    And if they rock this e3, I think nintendo is going to get a new upswing in sales (at least I hope so).
    For Sony and microsoft: I have seen nothing really promising in exclusive games for them. What I think about microsoft generally is a post for another thread and should not be part of this, so I won’t say anything specifically about them.
    They need to bring extremely good exclusives to the table. I hope best for them ( well at least for sony…) and I hope for gaming that they really add value to the systems they brought out last year, because that’s what’s lacking of the next gen systems. As for Ubisoft and EA I cannot say what to expect from them. I think Ubisoft is going to present some really good games. As for EA: I don’t think they really care how they are doing at e3, so screw them.

    My prediction: Nintendo’s going to win this year’s E3. ( at least for me )



    I am going to predict a big year for PC gaming, but it will be one that is completely unacknowledged by anyone (except maybe RPS). Many games are going to be console + PC or console exclusive + PC, GTA V will be announced for the PC amongst others.

    As for who wins the console announcement war, yeah I kinda agree Nintendo this time even if they cannot get units to ship, they will look impressive at E3.



    The Last Guardian

    I’m a woman of simple tastes. I can wait for FF15 and KH3 (I know for sure 2.5 HD will come out and keep me busy for my KH itch), but with all the rumors this year and last, I’m getting a tad impatient and anxious. I don’t need a 2014 release date. I’ll buy a PS4. All I want is gameplay and absolute proof of it’s existence other than “Hey, we’re working on it”.



    The games I’m looking forward to the most: Uncharted 4, Zelda, Star Wars Battlefront, and new Smash Bros announcements. I’m hoping for a new Nintendo IP and for Sony and Microsoft to announce some 2014 games cause it seems like everything is getting delayed to 2015.



    Apparently Iwata wont be at E3 due to health reasons.



    Red Dead Rebellion. I need confirmation that it’s the next game you’re working on Rockstar, please. Also hope to see more about the Nintendo NFC stuff and Miyamoto’s new IP. Info about the new Zelda would be really nice too. Other than that I’m just hoping for as many surprises as all the companies can possibly cram into their conferences. Gaming Christmas, the second best time of year right after actual Christmas.



    Definitely excited for more information about X and Smash Bros. Zelda U as well, but that’s not nearly as high up on my list as those two. And maybe a new trailer for Bayo 2, but I won’t be hurting without one. Other than that, I’m not really looking for anything in particular, I’m just excited to see everything in general.

    Oh, and I’m holding Frash to his prediction about a logo and nothing more for a new Bioshock game. That would be great.



    I think a running theme this year will be unexpectedly early releases. Many small games, few big ones.
    Playstation will likely be a VERY fancy presentation, especially since they know they have actual gamers in the audience all over the US (in cinemas).



    This is probably the first year an adapter may help to “win” E3.

    Here’s to everyone having a great conference (and maybe a new Paper Mario announced? Please?)



    I just thought of a new Retro Studios Metroid game (2D or 3D, don’t care) where the music is composed by not only Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, but also David Wise.

    It is now impossible for me not to be disappointed :(



    All of the above plus more info on virtual reality gaming.



    I actually think I’ve ruined Nintendo’s E3 for me by thinking of Metroid and David Wise. It’s just such a perfect combo that there’s no way it can happen :(



    Thank’s for those time conversions for the UK @withheldstorm, always appreciated. I shall be taking a couple days off work to lay back and enjoy E3 with Fraser and chat. Looking forward to it very much.



    Seconded @withheldstorm. While i would like to take time off, too busy at the moment, but at least I can hit those UK times to see the conferences live.



    “New and old abandoned IPs plz. A new Ice Climbers would be COOL. ” -BluHawk on Miiverse.

    I’m sad no one appreciated that crappy pun. :'(

    But when I say I want a new Ice Climbers I’m being serious. I WANT A NEW ICE CLIMBERS DAMN IT!
    …other than that, I’m getting the butterflies. My stomach is on fire, my throat is dry, and my hype level is through the roof.
    E3 2014 IS HERE!

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