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    Welcome to the first Empyrean Alliance Build Challenge. This challenge is open to anyone, regardless of their community’s membership, as we unlock a key component to Empyrean’s future … The N.E.T! The N.E.T. stands for New Empyrean Transit, and will feature state-of-the-art mass transportation to all communities connect to the Empyrean alliance. Our community architects have been drawing up plans for this marvel of the modern age, our miners have been busy acquiring materials, and now we find ourselves ready to push forward and into the future.

    As it turns out, the future starts with a hole. A big hole. So starting TONIGHT a site located at [2213,-45] was marked off and made ready for construction to start. All we need for you to do is dig, and hollow out a hole in earth and stone approximately 16 blocks wide, 26 blocks long and 26 blocks deep. A template will be provided on the ground so this can be done at any time regardless if I am online or not.

    It’s that simple!

    Chests for storage of dirt and stone as well as coal, wood, and food have been provided. Let’s try to get this hole finished no later than Friday the 7th so we can start laying the ground work for our trains.

    Useful Threads:
    Join The Empyrean Alliance!
    Join The Capital City of Empyrean!
    New Empyrean Transit-The N.E.T

    Best Regards,

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    New Empyrean Transit, not Transport.





    The Hole is Done. There is a ravine full of monsters and ore and things at the bottom; it’s been walled of with cobble for now



    Empyrean is now the proud owner of a 16 block wide, 32 block long, and 27 block deep hole.

    Good job everyone involved!



    WOW! Ya rock. Nicely done!




    Phase II:

    @ImpossiblemanX Do you know the exact route for your rails? We can start mapping out the pathway on the surface, then dig tunnel while I build out the station.



    @avotas – The Routes are as follows:

    EDIT: I just saw where the Barrens are at on the map, I’ll have to correct the routes for this.

    Those are the first 4 Line routes and the Communities served.

    I will be PM’ing you the rules of N.E.T. before posting it in the forums in a little while.

    New EDIT:

    So yeah due to some Community locations moving since the first week of the Server opened, and new additions like Justitia this week, the proposed route patterns are as follows.

    Capital Line (Orange) – Empyrean Penn Station –> Hammerhead Habor –> Theta Squad –> Dungeon Ruins –> The Barrens –> Justitia –> Waystation-e6 –> Empyrean Penn Station

    Main Line (Red) – Empyrean Penn Station –> Trinity Castle –> Waystation-f6 –> Mobius Alpha

    Shore Line (Blue) – Empyrean Penn Station –> Trinity Castle –> Hillside(Land Pending) –> New Equestria

    Way Line (Green) – Mobius Alpha –> Waystation-f6 –> Hillside(Land Pending) –> New Equestria

    You can look at the attachment to see how the routes look. Sorry if the image is tiny, I tried to crop it up with much failure.

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    @avotas – I need confirmation on these locations. The map update threw off my route plans and showing places like Dungeon Ruins in another area instead of the original planned spots. This could result in more lines than the original staring 3 because of these change locations. DO NOT lay any tracks yet, because if I am reading this map right regarding these location, I may be able build and awesome route in the north.

    Dungeon Ruins – Lord Enigma: X+2530, Z-1470

    Theta Squad – Hawky333: X+3087, Z-1329

    The Barrens – barenfigtree: X+1930, Z-824

    Hammerhead Harbor – Vatrix: X+2577, Z-176

    Justitia – Nara1992: X+1730, Z-50

    Empyrean Capital – Avotas: X+2286, Z+8

    Trinity Castle – Jeirhart: X+2200, Z+1000

    Mobius Alpha – JimboJJ26: X+1650, Z+2000

    New Equestria – Deadc00kie: X+2900, Z+2200

    Hopefully Hillside to make it 10 Communities.



    IMan: I for one can confirm Mobius Alpha’s location, if that helps. Also, expect to see me on tonight. I’ll help in whatever way I can, whether it be building, digging, or collecting materials.

    -Jimbo a.k.a. “Your Friendly Neighborhood Sonic”



    Oh my gosh, you guys have already started a transit system?! Boy… I still need a proper house! Good on you guys!!



    @theimpossibleman All locations confirmed with my notes.




    It’s all starting to come together. The coastal location, the acronym “Net”, and finally the “Fish” shaped layout of the rail system …. admit it, you’re a sentient cat in the real world!


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    Thanks Jimbo. Any help will be great.

    @avotas – Thanks for the Confirmation, the rail lines are set then. We can get building as soon as I can get that land for Hillside Community. I need to build my own Transportation Center there for those southern rail lines. Mew. :3

    *Fraser’s Carnival Barker’s voice*
    @missblow – You too can build a Transit System in your Community with the handy dandy Stop-Go Station. Stop-Go Station, or SGS, is a specially designed rail station that allows the rider to stop at a station without ever getting off the minecart. Once you pull up onto the station you can either get off your minecart and explore the area, OR stay seated in your minecart and press the tiny little button next to the launcher to keep going onward.

    Stop-Go Station! The only true way to go!

    Thanks Becky. :D


    @avotas – Could you re-title this thread to ‘New Empyrean Transit-The N.E.T.’ because I don’t want to be redundant and start up another thread on this topic



    Excellent, I’m giving a demonstration on the Stop-Go Station and will take screenshots to post here after the Demo is finished.


    Here is the design of a basic Stop-Go Station. Though every community may want to build their station house a certain way to fit their theme, this is what a Stop-Go Station would contain:

    Rail Entry – Where the Minecart enter the Station from.

    Station Stairs – Where Commuter climb onto the station from.

    Cart Stop – Where the Minecart drives over and comes to a stop at.

    Commuter Platform – Where Commuter stand on to place their minecarts and board it.

    Cart Launcher – A sloped Powered Rail where the Minecart moves from.

    Launcher Button – The button a Commuter presses to make the Minecart move.

    Station Information Signs – Signage telling Commuters what station they are in and what the next stop is.

    Rail Line Color – Where the name of the rail and color code of the line is placed here.

    The Stop-Go Station, was originally designed and built in Boonton Community in Old World 2. It is designed to provide all commuters a single seat ride, without ever getting off the minecart to switch tracks to move forward. Now a prominent feature of New Empyrean Transit, the N.E.T., Stop-Go Stations will set the standards for Mass Transit throughout the region.

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    Alright everyone. The first dig is underway, We running rails from Penn Station to Waystation-e6. This project is of course open to all participation. Whoever wants to help out dig the tunnel and build the bridge are more than welcome to.


    When digging the tunnel to Penn Station; the tunnel is 2 Blocks Wide and 3 blocks tall. At X2197, X2198, X2199 and Z8, Z9, turn left and dig 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall until you break into the Penn Station. You will line up with the tracks Avotas laid out inside.



    So guys, I’m a bit short on info right now, since I barely have time to play some minecraft.

    What am I supposed to do for the NET rail system. It would be great if you guys would put more info about it on the forums, so everyone can read….


    @nara – Right now you don’t have to do anything yet. We’re dealing with our first priorities of getting the rails to one of the Waystations since it’s in Mod territory, and building Penn Station in the Capital. The Alliance stretches from Waystation-e6 to Waystation-f6 to the south, so we’re planning to put stations there as well. But one step at a time. Once that is done, then we’re going to get into the details with everyone’s Communities (Routes, station locations, etc.). If you want, you can help out digging the rail tunnel to Penn Station or build the bridge to Waystation so we can hurry this up along. The more the merrier. :)




    The Schedule of Things!

    During the RPG Period:
    1) Establish community borders
    2) Build Fort Empyrean
    3) Plan and construct N.E.T transportation systems and “Penn Station” @ Empyrean.

    After the RPG Period:
    1) Divide Empyrean into land use zones
    2) Build Empyrean Item Bank
    3) Build Empyrean Capital



    Progress Report:

    As of now the following stations are connected on the Capital Line:

    Empyrean Penn Station
    Justitia Courthouse

    Next stop on the Capital Line is The Barrens by barrenfigtree at X1930, Z-824. Looking forward to getting there.



    Materials Needed!

    6x stacks of Glass Block
    12x stacks of Oak Lumber
    3x stacks of Oak Log
    4x stacks of Glowstone Block
    4x stacks of Quartz Block

    If you have some spare time please donate the materials at the Penn Station build site. I would be grateful!




    Work to be done!

    Want to help out on the build? I need someone to go through and replace all the cobblestone and dirt on the sides of Penn Station with smooth stone. It’s mostly along the top. Please leave the dirt platform in the middle of the room alone.



    @lordenigma, @hawky333, @barrenfigtree, @vatrix, @nara, @avotas, @jeirhart, @jimbojj26, @deadc00kie

    As some of you already know, the N.E.T. construction in Empyrean is underway. As of now, The capital Line has reached Justitia and will be making its way to The Barrens. These are the Routes assigned.

    Empyrean – Capital Line, Main Line, Shore Line
    Waystation-e6 – Capital Line
    Justitia – Capital Line
    Dungeon Ruins – Capital Line
    Theta Squad – Capital Line
    Hammerhead Harbor – Capital Line
    Trinity Castle – Main Line, Shore Line
    Waystation-f6 – Main Line, Way Line
    Mobius Alpha – Main Line, Way Line
    Hillside – Shore Line, Way Line
    New Equstria – Shore Line, Way Line

    1 – All these Communities must have at least 1 Station for the N.E.T. to stop at.

    2 – The Rail Lines will be 3 blocks wide traveling through your Communities. Communities with 2 or more Rail Lines must allow room for 4 rows of tracks to roll through. I will be designing the route to make it 5 blocks wide at minimum, which it could get wider at some parts (Like Bridges).

    3 – Those with multiple Rail Lines, make sure your stations are large enough to bring both designated Lines inside.

    4 – You MUST decide if you want the Routes to run Subway Level, Street Level, or Bridge Level when building your station, so we can build properly.

    5 – Communities may have more stations along these routes in a future date.

    6 – Once you finish your Rail Station, please mark your coordinates here in this post so when I arrive with the Lines I can move the route appropriately through your Community.

    Happy Building! \o/



    @theimpossibleman The lower part (underground) of the train station is completed. You may start on your connections if you so choose.


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    @avotas Excellent. Not sure where to begin with considering most everyone is busy with the real world, I was thinking now that Willowbrook is 90% finished, and Jimbo has been on frequently, to run the Main Line and Shore Line to our Communities and Waystation-f7 down south. Though, if RPG Month is almost finished, I can wait till then when we get the rails from World 2 over. But there will be a lot of land manipulation to run the routes, especially south with all the dense forests and hills that are there. But I have on that front.



    I probably won’t be on the Server tomorrow (Thursday). However, Friday evening I will be and I should be able to get a skeleton of my planned N.E.T. Station up. I have a general idea of the design I want, materials to get started, and (probably most importantly) a spot picked out. I can show you on Friday if you’d like. Also, as far as how I want the rails to enter the station, I’d like it to be at bridge-level. I’ll just need to know exactly how high that is or if it’s adjustable. Thanks IMan and see you Friday!


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    So I got around to building station. It’s at x 2426 y 69 z -1356. Now since I’m not sure if this location is best. Let me know If you have a better idea for it and I’ll adjust it as necessary.

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