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    Welcome to the first Empyrean Alliance Build Challenge. This challenge is open to anyone, regardless of their community’s membership, as we unlock a key component to Empyrean’s future … The N.E.T! The N.E.T. stands for New Empyrean Transit, and will feature state-of-the-art mass transportation to all communities connect to the Empyrean alliance. Our community architects have been drawing up plans for this marvel of the modern age, our miners have been busy acquiring materials, and now we find ourselves ready to push forward and into the future.

    As it turns out, the future starts with a hole. A big hole. So starting TONIGHT a site located at [2213,-45] was marked off and made ready for construction to start. All we need for you to do is dig, and hollow out a hole in earth and stone approximately 16 blocks wide, 26 blocks long and 26 blocks deep. A template will be provided on the ground so this can be done at any time regardless if I am online or not.

    It’s that simple!

    Chests for storage of dirt and stone as well as coal, wood, and food have been provided. Let’s try to get this hole finished no later than Friday the 7th so we can start laying the ground work for our trains.

    Useful Threads:
    Join The Empyrean Alliance!
    Join The Capital City of Empyrean!
    New Empyrean Transit-The N.E.T

    Best Regards,

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by  avotas.
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    @theimpossibleman careful a lot of the tools are near breaking. Used the books to make new ones if needed.


    @avotas Yeah I figured I’d finish those off and new ones afterwards to prevent waste. Though I’ll have to find the diamonds in the Fort. Otherwise I’ll probably stick with my iron picks to finish the last 300 blocks


    @avotas As a matter of fact does Silk Touch work on Smooth Stones in mines. Because if so I’ll use those to Silk Touch the stone and avoid Cobblestones



    @theimpossibleman Yes, but Silk Touch is fairly rare. I haven’t found a NPC who will produce those yet (that is part of the reason I am building the NPC village).



    Okay I’ll leave it be then.



    @nara As we talked about a few months ago, the wooden road has been rerouted around the e6 waystation. It’s pretty basic at the moment, but I will expand upon it and make it look fancy soon enough.

    @theimpossibleman The NET was adjusted slightly in this area but is working as expected.

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    @lordenigma, @hawky333, @barrenfigtree, @vatrix, @nara, @avotas, @jeirhart, @jimbojj26, @deadc00kie

    So first the big news, I have finally got the last tunnel on the Borough Line completed, The Barrens is now connected to Dungeon Ruins. All that’s left is laying out the track and signage which I will be working on today.


    It’s not time to celebrate yet, because I made a discovery 170 block across the ocean from Hillside and I’m going to extend the N.E.T. there for all of us. While although I had signed it as part of Hillside, I consider it New Empyrean territory and is for ALL of us. As soon as I build the Train station there and get the Ocean Avenue Bridge Built, I want all of us to gather around and celebrate the official opening of New Empyrean Transit with cake and other fun stuff. I’ll discuss about further security with this location in the Main New Empyrean Thread once the N.E.T. is complete.

    So, I’m off to finish this once for and for all.


    Well the tracks on the Borough Line are complete, though adjustments may need to be made on the inclines with the Powered rails. All the initially planned lines 100% built and ready to go. Now I have to work on the Hillside area of the N.E.T. to get the rails to the new area across the Ocean. This will also result in a new Rail Line connecting New Equestria to the new area which will bring the Rail Lines to 5 in the N.E.T. This is going to shift the Main Line and the Ocean Line with a crossover. Once completed, all new signage will reflect the changes and I will post up the final list of Rail Lines and Stations.



    With the Alliance Members now all connected, adjustments are underway.

    The first Adjustment completed is the shifting of the Main Line. The Main Line is now extended to New Equestria and the Ocean Line will be extended to the new area, Empyrean Island.

    As of now this is what the routes look like;

    Main Line (Red): Dungeon Ruins —> Penn Station (Empyrean City) —> Trinity Castle —> Spruce Hill Road (Hillside) —> Laguna State Park —> Broadway-Fairlawn —> Willowbrook Transportation Center —> Sunrise Beach (Hillside) —> New Equestria

    Borough Line (Yellow): The Barrens —> Dungeon Ruins —> Theta Squad

    Capital Line (Orange): Red Riven Redstone University —> Courtroom (Justitia) —> Waystation-e6 —> Penn Station (Empyrean) —> Hammerhead Harbor

    Ocean Line (Light Blue): Mobius Alpha —> Wyastation-f6 —> Botanic Gardens (Hillside) —> River Edge Plaza —> Broadway-Fairlawn —> Willowbrook Transportation Center —> Marina Drive (Hillside) (Future Station) —> Empyrean Island (Future Station)

    Coast Line (Purple) (Future Line): New Equestria —> Sunrise Beach (Hillside) —> Bowery (Future Station) —> Marina Drive (Hillside) (Future Station) —> Empyrean Island (Future Station)

    So those are the post Community Connection plans. I will look into maybe extending the Borough Line to Justitia since there is a platform made out in that direction by Barrenfigtree, but that will after Empyrean Island Station is built.

    So I’ll keep you all up to date on future N.E.T. activity but for now, enjoy being connected to each other.


    @lordenigma, @hawky333, @barrenfigtree, @vatrix, @nara, @avotas, @jeirhart, @jimbojj26, @deadc00kie

    Time for an UPDATE:

    As of now, save for few track adjustments for speed purposes, ALL stations and Communities are now connected to the N.E.T.

    Except for one single track which brings our Rial System at 99.9999999999999999999999999% complete.

    This one last track which will be placed on Empyrean Island, the last Station to be built, will be placed when I finish building the Empyrean Island Station AND we all celebrate the completion and inaugural opening of New Empyrean Transit. We just need to co-ordinate a time to meet up and get party stuff together. And also give a big speech. Maybe even invite non-Alliance Turbos to celebrate one of the Servers greatest marvels.

    So as soon as I finish building Empyrean Island Station, I’ll let you all know what the next steps are.

    Until then, here are the final official Rail Lines and Stations (5 Rail Lines, 22 Stations);

    Main Line (Red): Dungeon Ruins —> Penn Station (Empyrean City) —> Trinity Castle —> Spruce Hill Road (Hillside) —> Laguna State Park —> Broadway-Fairlawn —> Willowbrook Transportation Center —> Sunrise Beach (Hillside) —> New Equestria

    Borough Line (Yellow): The Barrens —> Dungeon Ruins —> Theta Squad

    Capital Line (Orange): Red Riven Redstone University —> Courtroom (Justitia) —> Waystation-e6 —> Penn Station (Empyrean City) —> Hammerhead Harbor

    Ocean Line (Light Blue): Mobius Alpha —> Wyastation-f6 —> Botanic Gardens (Hillside) —> River Edge Plaza —> Broadway-Fairlawn —> Willowbrook Transportation Center —> Marina Drive —> Empyrean Island (Hillside)

    Coast Line (Purple): New Equestria —> Sunrise Beach (Hillside) —> Bowery —> Marina Drive —> Empyrean Island (Hillside)

    If there is one more thing I may do for the N.E.T. and that might be to extend the Borough Line to Justita since Barrenfigtree has a layout heading in that direction and they are very close, but that will be in the future, if Necessary.

    So I want to thank everyone for their involvement and joining in the New Empyrean Transit Project. I look forward to seeing you all enjoy the rails.

    Thank you for riding New Empyrean Transit.



    Humm sounds like we need some fireworks =)



    So for celebrating I can offer a good location.
    The Courtroom No. 1 is finished and there is enough space in it to use as a celebrating location.
    Before the courtroom is a big lobby, which can be used as a main entrance area.
    Inside the courtroom I have a fireworks machine set up used for my courtroom cases, so we can really use that.
    It is also easily approachable since you can’t miss it. and it is as far away from the waystation as the alliance.
    It might need some decoration and stuff though, but I would do that if you’d like to.


    @nara, well I was looking more for a ceremonial “opening of the N.E.T.” with laying out the last track which is in Empyrean Island. However, I don’t see why we can’t use your facility for the post Ceremony Party itself (With cake, music and fireworks) since people are going to be riding the N.E.T. to try it out after the ribbon cutting and speech. We can use the N.E.T. to ride all the way to your Community Station and party out there. It’s just a matter of signage and guides.

    @avotas, what do you think?

    On another note, Empyrean Island Station structure is built save for set pieces, but the building itself is good to go. So we just need to plan the Opening Ceremony and Party.




    If we bring everyone in at Waystation ‘e6’ they can climb aboard the NET and travel to Empyrean Island (2 track changes required). We should have people at each stop directing traffic, or at least block things so they go down the wrong route. On the way back, they can have the option of going one additional stop and joining @nara at Justita. It should show off the size of the build nicely.
    This should be publicized on the forums so we get people to show up, but before we do anything let’s get a count on the amount blocks the NET spans, the communities it serves, and make sure we have cake/fireworks setup. Let’s also give it some time sense Carpi just did their special celebration.


    It looks like Courtroom No. 1 has a little more work to do, some railing are missing along the stands. It’s a nice design, and should show well. If you need help let me know.




    If you still need Silk Touch, my NPC village is open to all for trading.

    X=+8887, Z=-6973

    I’ve got one guy who sells Silk Touch books for 10 emeralds each
    and another guy who enchants diamond picks (Eff3, Unbk3, Silk Touch) for 3 emeralds each.


    @avotas – I don’t know what Capri has to do with us, but I don’t see the need to rush right away. I wanna at least get some tunnels cleaned up. But I do like this approach you thought of. I really want people to get a good scope of the size and length of the N.E.T. We need to really co-ordinate this so it can work.



    Only that they just had an event, and it’s best not to stack event after event.




    I’m starting to gather gunpower for fireworks. Empyrean is fairly low on that.



    @avotas: I thought about removing the railing completely to have more space in the courtroom. Maybe I will remove the witness stand, the prosecutors stand and the defense’s stand for a bigger space in the middle. Also the lobby needs one Wall to be finished up and the staircase needs some polishing.
    The fireworks machine also needs to be set up and redone, for it is set up to throw out fireworks once, but we basically want it to keep going for a amount of time.
    Well and decoration of course. If you got any specific awesome decorating ideas it would be awesome. I might get short on some supplies though, so I might take them from the empyrean storage


    @avotas – I was thinking this Saturday the 12th to hold the celebration. It gives us the whole week to get everything and everyone together. With Saturday it should minimize and situations of Turbos going to work on Monday, and we can celebrate as long as we want.



    @theimpossibleman Ok with me.

    @nara Take what your need ^^

    As for concepts, in the lobby area will this work?,_OLD_HIGH_COURT,DHAKA.JPG

    The main archway will house the staircase, and the two smaller side arches will go into sides and could hold art / furniture. Here is a circle guide for making archways (use the top part of the circle naturally)




    @nara Oh, and Empyrean has a NPC who will sell a Unbreaking II, Fortune I, Efficiency II Iron Ax for 2 emeralds if you need to harvest some wood.



    @theimpossibleman We have just under 3 stacks of gunpowder set aside for fireworks. That should give us about 35-40 fireworks. I figure with 3 launchers that will give us a solid 20-30 seconds or so of fun. Is that going to be enough? Also what colors do you want to aim for?


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    @avotas – Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, and Purple. The Colors of the 5 Rail Lines. Are the fireworks gonna happen in Justitia or Empyrean Island?

    Here are my ideas at Empyrean Island Ceremony;

    Saturday July 12th 4:00 PM EST (Is the time good?)

    1 – Gather the guests
    2 – Give a big speech by me and you. Any other Alliance who wants to add may do so
    3 – You will lay out the last Track on Ocean Line.
    4 – I cut the Ceremonial Ribbon,
    5 – Then someone Fire 5 Fireworks on the mezzanine of the station, one for each color of the rails.
    6 – Every one rides to Justitia for the party.

    Finally, I was someone should either film the ceremony OR screenshot the ceremony and post it in the forums for everyone to see. What do you think

    Also, I would like to set up at Penn Station, a Memorial/Museum replica of the original Stop-Go Station from Hillside Transits’ Crescent Coast Road Station where the first line completed occurred, with book and quill outlining the history of how New Empyrean Transit came to be. It’s origin story if you will.

    @lordenigma, @hawky333, @barrenfigtree, @vatrix, @nara, @jeirhart, @jimbojj26, @deadc00kie

    I can’t think of anything else beyond this so if anybody wants to add the ceremony or to the party just toss your ideas here.



    @theimpossibleman – I have nothing special to say (I suck at that)! It sounds like a good game plan, Justitia will have most of the fireworks it seems. It should be a good draw.

    For the ribbon we can use a string / tripwire and set it up a dispenser with fireworks. The string can have carpet on top for color / so people can see it.

    I’m collecting dye now.



    @theimpossibleman @nara

    Dye acquired!

    Nara, I will craft the fireworks in the next 24 hours or so then send them over to your build. Be be careful with them, they take a lot of work to make and I don’t want any accidents =D

    IMan, same deal. Once I have some designs I like I will send them over to your build as well.


    @avotas – Excellent. Just put the stuff on the Mezzanine level of Empyrean Island station. The last track placement will be on the Ocean Line SGS, which may have noticed when you arrived. There are chests in the Snarfbucks and Mushroom Hut stands, I haven’t unlocked them yet. But I was thinking that we could food and refreshment (Like Potions of Speed since its Snarfbucks coffee ;) ). Like I said I was thinking someone should either record or take screenshots of the ceremony and party, as well as a video of the N.E.T. so it can be posted on the forums for all to see. What do you think of that? Finally I may take some Stones from Fort Empyrean to help speed up the Tunnel Cleaning process, if that is alright?



    @theimpossibleman Sure. You don’t need to ask, just grab it. If there is a question why suddenly 9 stacks of diamonds are missing I will ask a mod, then contract the person responsible. I just find it unlikely that will happen =)

    I don’t have any screen recording software. Sorry.

    Can you write up an announcement post? I would like to post that Friday so people can plan ahead.



    @avotas – I was thinking of what to write for an invite post. Maybe I can ask for volunteers if any Turbo knows how to do a video.



    @avotas @theimpossibleman
    I’ve got screen recording software on my computer, and video editing software <—– (if any editing is wanted/needed)

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