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    Welcome to the first Empyrean Alliance Build Challenge. This challenge is open to anyone, regardless of their community’s membership, as we unlock a key component to Empyrean’s future … The N.E.T! The N.E.T. stands for New Empyrean Transit, and will feature state-of-the-art mass transportation to all communities connect to the Empyrean alliance. Our community architects have been drawing up plans for this marvel of the modern age, our miners have been busy acquiring materials, and now we find ourselves ready to push forward and into the future.

    As it turns out, the future starts with a hole. A big hole. So starting TONIGHT a site located at [2213,-45] was marked off and made ready for construction to start. All we need for you to do is dig, and hollow out a hole in earth and stone approximately 16 blocks wide, 26 blocks long and 26 blocks deep. A template will be provided on the ground so this can be done at any time regardless if I am online or not.

    It’s that simple!

    Chests for storage of dirt and stone as well as coal, wood, and food have been provided. Let’s try to get this hole finished no later than Friday the 7th so we can start laying the ground work for our trains.

    Useful Threads:
    Join The Empyrean Alliance!
    Join The Capital City of Empyrean!
    New Empyrean Transit-The N.E.T

    Best Regards,

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 5 months ago by  avotas.
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    @n7deltaforce – That would be great. Thanks. :)

    @avotas – What do you think of the invite post? Before I post up.

    [Greetings Fellow Minecrafters!

    The Empyrean Alliance cordially invite all of you to our GRAND OPENING Ceremony and Celebration of New Empyrean Transit, The N.E.T., and witness the firepower of this fully tracked and operational rail system. ;)

    There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony with speech, epic rides on the N.E.T. and finally a big party with things and stuff.

    DATE: Saturday, July 12, 2014
    TIME: 4:00 PM EST
    CEREMONY LOCATION: Hillside Community – Empyrean Island
    Ceremonial Final Track Laying
    Ribbon Cutting
    Ceremonial Fireworks
    Ride on the N.E.T. to Justitia

    PARTY LOCATION: Justitia Community – Courtroom
    Fun Stuff

    RSVP here in this post.

    Thank you for riding New Empyrean Transit.]



    @theimpossibleman You might want to drop “with things and stuff”, it makes it sound unplanned. Otherwise excellent =) Approved!




    Looks like this is all going well. Too bad I’ll have to miss the party as I will be working.



    I hate to say this, but I’ll be out of town from the 12th through the 19th. I hope y’all still have a great time though. IMan you deserve it!




    @theimpossibleman @nara Your fireworks are delivered.



    @nara are you going to be able to finish up before tomorrow?



    @avotas @theimpossibleman

    It might take a little longer to edit the video than I thought. My other program wasn’t running, so the firework noises weren’t recorded. I need to find something that can fake it. So it might take a little longer than expected.

    Sorry :(


    @n7deltaforce – No need to apologize. Take all the time you need to get to work the way you want. We are all excited to see the vid when its done. :)





    I tried /playsound vs crafting a bunch of fireworks and shooting them off in dispensers, and the dispensers won. Thank you for the suggestion though!

    Avotas @theimpossibleman

    “Uploading 11% 194 minutes remaining. Please keep this window open while it uploads.” -YouTube

    This is it. The video will be available soon! I’ll create a new forum topic with a link to the video when it’s uploaded.



    @n7deltaforce Thx N7!




    The video is up!



    Congrats on a job well done guys, great to see this massive project complete!


    @arcalius – Thanks, it was crazy fun ride building the N.E.T. :)



    I’m so sorry you guys, I didn’t think you would plan this so early.

    I didn’t get to do anything but writing my bachelor’s thesis the whole week, not even internet and now I am finally free to do things, but now I realize it is over already. =(

    I hope you had loads of fun and it didn’t bother you that I couldn’t have been there.

    Next time I will be there alright ;)



    @nara Hey. You can find the clip at your build at the end of this video

    Are you open to feedback? You might want to set a delay on the redstone repeaters so all 6 machines don’t fire off at once. It chewed through about 30 fireworks in 3-4 seconds. Each rocket had about 3-7 units of gunpowder, so that display ended up using just under 2 stacks worth and took 4 hours to farm. By setting a delay the show will last longer, and you can use less rockets.

    Excellent redstone work, the flashing glowstone in the back was a nice touch too =)



    sorry I missed the grand opening. I’m a bad member I’ve been so busy lately. I wish I had finished some of the scenery I had planned for the line near RrRU. it’s such a long trip I was planning on making stuff to look at on the way. oh well, I’ll get to it eventually. in the mean time I want to prepare RrRU for its grand opening



    @giammodified Not a problem, we had an excellent turn out. Don’t forget about your Embassy as well =)


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