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    Q: Does being in Shadow (Twitch) Chat mean the crew can’t see us?
    A: No. Fraser has both chats open on screens on his end; Shadow Chat just doesn’t appear on screen.

    Q: Why is the chat on screen different than the Twitch chat?
    A: Because the number of chatters became too many to keep chat clean/polite, a separate chat was needed. Turbo Chat is on our own server that we have complete control over, and are thus able to keep out bots, trolls, spammers, and graphical smilies. It also prevents people from making multiple accounts if removed from chat.

    Q: If I Turbo during a show, will I get into chat?
    A: Possibly. Turbo Chat does not immediately update, but is automated.

    Q: Do Turbo members have different rules?
    A: No. In fact, Turbo members are punished more strictly for breaking the rules, because, really, they should know better.

    Q: Why didn’t someone get their comment deleted in chat when they broke a rule?
    A: Lag. Occasionally, we do make mistakes and things get missed, but just because a comment wasn’t deleted doesn’t mean we didn’t timeout/ban that user.

    Q: Why no subscriber button?
    A: We use our own system on our site which is more beneficial to the streamers, and allows us to offer more benefits to our club members. It is a one-time payment, and more information can be found here. Also we had the name first, Twitch, eff you!

    Q: Why can’t I snarf anymore?
    A: People have used the system to try and get away with posting spoilers. Only use snarf if chat is specifically asked for help; not when the crew is thinking out loud.

    Q: Why can’t we use Twitch emotes?
    A: They’re distracting, often used to spam, usually pointless, and (to be frank) ugly.

    Q: Why don’t you warn new people that they can’t use Twitch emotes?
    A: Because it’s impractical for us to keep track of every single new user and spam chat with warnings for each of them. The rules are posted twice under the video on Twitch, and timeouts have been reduced to 15 seconds for them. If we were to allow leeway on this rule, new users may not realize it’s a rule at all. We’ve learned through experience that this is the most effective way.

    Q: What’s with the setup?
    A: It’s cool. Moreover, VGA is a show about the players, not the game.

    Q: Why is he using a controller for this game?
    A: Fraser has carpal tunnel and configures many games to be used with a controller to be easier on his wrists.

    Q: Do you need to be a Turbo to use Turbo Chat?
    A: Only during shows. Off-show, the Turbo Chat is open to anyone with an account on our site, which is free.

    Q: Where do I send fanart for the show?
    A: You can post here and/or try Tweeting @ffstv.

    Q: Why isn’t there a schedule anymore?
    A: With so many games coming out, it’s hard to pin down when exactly a show can happen; it also helps relieve some of the stress of having to stick to what was scheduled. Shows are announced via Twitter before anywhere else. If you “don’t use Twitter,” posts from @ffstv are listed on the right side of our site. Following on Twitch will also send you an e-mail when the stream goes live.

    Q: What does Fraser use to stream?
    A: Wirecast, Tacos, and Black Magic.

    Q: Who are the moderators?
    A: Fraser approved staff that help maintain/moderate the forums, minecraft, TF2, and the chats. Moderators are: Acevil, Aqws3, ATrulyAmazingToaster, Aughts, Bonefoot, Chrya, Cogswell_Chris, Fiffles, Isophist, MellisBaker, MikeyMcMuffin, Nulani, RetroMike, Syretha, and Gangstahwezel.

    Q: Who are the helpers?
    A: Helpers are members of the community that help and report issues to the moderators. Helpers are: DKSigne (a.k.a. karamelgiraf) (MC + TF2), Psepha (MC), StephasaurRAWR (MC + ShadowChat), Peskyplumber (TF2), Cainson (TF2), and Daverball (TF2).

    Q: How do you become a moderator/helper?
    A: The moderator staff discusses and votes on new staff when, and only when, new moderators/helpers are needed. Asking to be a mod/helper, will not make you a mod/helper.

    Q: Why aren’t they playing [this] game?
    A: So much game. It’s very difficult to pick one game over another when there’s already such a backlog. What the crew wants to play vs. what’s going to be a popular episode vs. when the full crew can get together vs. if the costumes are ready… There’s actually a lot to consider when deciding when what game will be best for a show.

    Q: Is Fraser and Becky married/dating/brother and sister?
    A: Fraser and Becky have been dating for many years.

    Q: Where’s Ben?
    A: Ben was offered his old position as a manager in a glass factory, that offered him the chance to go live a life away from Fraser’s attic and live his own life. He still comes by for 4 and 5 play shows to show off his beard.

    Q: Where’s Baby Hank.
    A: Conscripted into [redacted]

    Q: Why was I timed out/banned?
    A: We have a thread just for these questions. It’s best to use the thread instead of chat, especially during shows. If you’d like, you can private message a moderator on the site, instead. But the thread is there to keep the conversation open and transparent to everyone.

    Q: A few of us in chat want to talk about something that may be considered spoilers or too tense for Turbo Chat. Do we have to just shut up?
    A: If you go to the Live! Page, on the right side where it says, “Channel:” you can enter #spoilers for a separate chat room where spoilers are allowed, that will not appear on screen.

    Q: I’ve gone Turbo, but how do I get whitelisted for Minecraft?
    The Play! tab above lists basic connecting information and links to the whitelisting threads for our Minecraft servers.

    Q: Is there anywhere to check for new information?
    A: Every week, we post a new Mod Report where we will add any new information about the community, including changes to the rules. It will always be a stickied thread in this section of our forum. We highly recommend you check each new report.

    Q: Can you explain your policy on backseat gaming and spoilers more thoroughly? Maybe give a few tips on how to behave in chat?
    A: All this:

    Do not enter chat during a show and ask if Fraser/the Gang is at a specific point. If you aren’t caught up on what’s going on, don’t make presumptions regarding progress. Very often, people asking questions like this are spoiling what’s coming up. Either join #spoilers, or just wait for your video to load and see where they are.

    Don’t try to be vague when talking to other chatters. IE, “the-you-know-what,” “that THING…” If you know you can’t talk about something, just don’t bring it up. Don’t try to get around us. “I’m not going to spoil, but…” should never be said in the chats.

    If you aren’t sure if something is a spoiler, do not ask about it in chat.

    If something is going to waste *a lot* of time, then *first* say that the next step might be something unintuitive, like having to press a statement a second time in Phoenix Wright. Wait for Fraser to tell chat to go ahead and tell him what it is.

    When Fraser wants the chat to spoil or snarf, he will specifically ask chat. He’ll say something like “So, guys…” “Does anyone know,” “Can you tell me…” Don’t jump the gun when he’s just thinking out loud.

    Stop repeatedly suggesting that Fraser change difficulty. He’ll decided when and if it needs to be done.
    Insisting that Fraser is playing the game wrong will get you timed out.

    There is a difference between friendly ribbing and real, rude trolling. If Fraser says he doesn’t want something in chat, and you repeat it right after, you will be reprimanded. Things like, “Wow, you suck,” will absolutely get you punished.

    There is very much a difference between criticism and simply being rude. Being hyper critical over how someone is playing a game can get you timed out. If you aren’t enjoying the stream, stop watching.

    Do not make comments like, “This isn’t that hard…” or “Save! You’re going to screw this up!” or “I’m predicting frage” when you know what’s coming up. If you make a rude, condescending, belittling, or otherwise dickish comment, you will likely get timed out.

    When asked for advice, things like “Don’t die,” or “don’t suck so much,” will get you reprimanded.
    If someone asks a question, that does not necessarily make it a spoiler, until you confirm/deny it.

    We know you like to play along, and we don’t want to stop you from doing so, but you still need to wait for Fraser to want help, first. This show is about watching them play the game; not proving you already have.

    Do not suggest/demand they start playing another game.

    The “…” thing: Ending a sentence with “…” comes across as rude when saying things like, “I don’t know why anyone would do that…” “I didn’t have a problem with it…” “Because it’s true…” If could be read as someone speaking under their breath or trailing off to ‘not be rude,’ it will be assumed that you are trying to not sound rude when you want to be, and will be timed out.

    And, once again, anything Fraser does on the show is not permission for people in chat to break the rules.

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    Oh my goodness, we have an FAQ!

    The list of stuff covered here is really well-put together and helps with a lot of the common, and even the lesser-common issues viewers have, especially new viewers. This is really helpful, and I didn’t know about the “…” thing although I see it as more along the lines of “I’m a little nervous…”.



    This is nice. Thanks Iso!


    I didn’t even realize this was a new thing til I read the comments below.
    Good thing, I felt like a fool for not reading it all this time (assumed it was a long long time)



    That’s quite the list for an FAQ, Good work Iso.



    I learned something new today. I Had no idea tacos made the show work.



    That’s super thorough, great job!



    This very informative! I’m neither a turbo nor have I asked “Why didn’t someone get their comment deleted in chat when they broke a rule?” ever, but it was something that I’ve always internally thought to myself as a specific rule is broken multiple times in the chat. Glad that one got cleared up for me.



    Great read ISO, it’s been a while since I’ve checked the latest rules to be honest. I admit I sometimes have put too many “…” moments in turbo chat, and this FAQ helped explain better why that is offensive at times. I personally feel “…” is more equivalent to facepalming, but I know that facepalming in chat is also offensive and rude to the VGA crew too.


    Great job. Thanks Iso!


    Are there ways to become a turbo without paying?



    Not really, no.



    Hello, new member here. I had a question concerning the gaming schedule. I do not have a Twitter account so I found the recent post section where it said they would update new games they played. However, I was not sure if those posts were updated to indicate a game that was currently live or if they update after the show has already concluded. If anyone could clarify that would be great. If this is obvious and I’m overlooking something I apologize.



    No, the only solid way to know beforehand when the crew is going live is to follow the Twitter or Facebook pages, otherwise you can follow the twitch channel to get immediate notices of when they go live.



    Alright I’ll make sure to do that. Thanks for the reply!


    Hey Buddies, Quick Question. I’m choosing to become TURBO on Patreon and am looking forward to being apart of it! I know that payments will be processed at the end of the month and then I’ll become TURBO. So I guess what I’m wondering is, will there be anything I’ll need to do afterwards like contact Fraser with any info needed to become TURBO or will it all be taken care of by itself? Just wanna make sure I have all my ducks in a row, so to speak. Thanks for your time!



    You shouldn’t need to do anything else.


    Alright, Sweet! Thanks Iso!




    how long does it take to get added to the steam group?

    i’ve sent my request about a week ago and just want to know what the ballpark is for invite.

    thank you man.

    EDIT: just got added! luv you iso.

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    How long does it generally take to get a invite to the Steam group? I updated my account yesterday.




    If anyone updates their profile and don’t receive an invite, PM me.



    I couldn’t find this question already answered, so I was wondering about how long it takes (after the payment on Patreon processes) to actually get Turbo’ed? I’m really excited to become a Turbo and start participating in the community!
    Thank you!:)


    It is done manually by Becky. Hopefully shouldn’t take too long!


    I wonder if anyone has already said this but ill there be a new mine craft server for if there will be a new build beacuse i wanted to join.



    Cool, thanks Nulani!




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    Ah I’m sorry, but I can’t find the answer to this anywhere. Are we allowed to use our cumulative Patreon donations to gift Turbo to another user? I remember Fraser mentioning this in the past on a show, but I don’t know if this is still (or ever was) a thing we can do. I have a friend I want to Turbo. ^-^



    Heyo @samansu. You can always TURBO a friend! Patreon processes all the payments be the 7th of the month, so I’ll be sending you an e-mail on that day. Just respond to my e-mail and let me know who you would like to TURBO. Just a heads up that it speeds up the process if they already have a VGA account set up!



    Ah! Thank you so much missblow!I knew you were my favorite for a reason! ^.~ Now just to be sure, I am on the $5.00/month tier, but I have been donating every month since May 2015. That is still ok to use to TURBO someone else right? They already have a VGA and Twitch account so we will be good on that front! ^-^

    Thanks! <3

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    Awesome Piece Theatre doesn’t seem to be notified on twitter or twitch, how do I know when one is coming?


    Fraser usually announces what movies will be watched and when in a segment uploaded to YouTube and also sends out a tweet some hours in advance. If one is scheduled, you’ll also find a link to a countdown on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/videogamesawesome.

    None is scheduled currently though.

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