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    With this year’s anniversary fast approaching in February and it being the last one to occur with the original group on the show I hope that we will get the long teased Fan-Art episode as a celebration of a dozen years of AVG/VGA, 7 years of build in the making.

    Usually Show & Trailer episodes open with a ‘Moment of Self Indulgence’ but this would be SHOWS of self indulgence. That’s right shows, one at the start of the month and one at the end, not the usual 6 hour ones but a fun 3-4 would be great. Fraser is finally getting around to the studio tour, another thing he teased on the 5 Year Anniversary Show so that gives me hope.

    Videos, artwork, songs and whatever else has been put together over the years can be collected over the month of January (Fraser could make an official announcement when he announces the APT movies for January). You’d have tent pole franchise videos like Seán Mayle’s ‘VGA: 2009-2015’ perhaps even an updated version. A ‘Best Of’ for each member of the crew from VGA Strafe’s Awesome series. Lest we not forget Pirttiaho’s ‘In a Nutshell’ series which would also need a ‘Best Of’.

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    It’d be great to see a fan show at one point.

    I hope we do get a big show in 2019 for VGA’s 10th anniversary, at that point Fraser and Becky will be all settled properly in Japan which would make for a good time for the boys to make a trip over there for it, that or skype, both would be great.

    Speaking of which, I only discovered them in like 2013, maybe 2014 so I really gotta go checking out older shows that people love.



    Since the anniversary is but a week away some of the highlighters I hope get on the show are…




    VGA Strafe

    Sleepless Sloth Enterprises



    12 years and still going? That’s quite an achievement.



    Adjusted my smartalecky post as some may take it as serious. Congrats on the anniversary!

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    Happy Anniversary to my fav dream team

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