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    Wario has taken over!

    On August 23rd we will be playing TF2Ware!

    Time info:
    Sunday August 23rd.
    There will be 2 sessions, both 2 hours long.
    The first session will be at 8pm euro time CEST (that’s the regular schedule time)
    The second session will be at 9 pm EDT (US east) which should correspond with 6 pm PDT (fraser time)

    I hope to see a lot of people :3

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    Haven’t played TF2 that much for a while…it lacks fun, so a fun night would be cool.



    I promise that I will organize another fun night as soon as my school work clears out a bit.



    Hit me up when you want to co-ordinate an event :)



    If I may put forth a suggestion for a potential fun night. Back in the day when fun nights weren’t a planned thing and the turbo server was about a year or so into its time I suggested on a whim that we all go into a map as our worst classes. Not many people did as it was not an official thing but we had fun with it and I think it could be neat to see all the VGA TF2 regulars thrown out of there comfort zones.



    Updated the main post with a new fun night



    I can not wait for tomorrow. I hope there will me second session but ill be there for the fist one.


    I don’t see myself joining the fun night. I’m still awake, which means I usually don’t wake up til the fun nights are over with.



    WAH HA HA! Hello losers! It’s-a me! WARIO!

    I… err… “Borrowed” Gangstah’s account so I can announce a new TF2 Fun Night. Made by ME! And it’s gonna be the best!

    It’s-a called “TF2Ware”. If you’ve played my other games, then you are awesome! And know what type of game it will be! If you haven’t, then stop reading this and go play my WarioWare games! HAHA!

    They’ll be two sessions on Sunday August 23rd, so you’ll have NO excuse to miss my awesome TF2 Fun Night sponsored by WarioWare! Trust me, it’s better than any other game you’re gonna play!

    I gotta go before Gangstah finds me. He’s a really smelly grump! WAH HAHA!

    Smell you later! And have fun! WAH!

    – Wario
    Proud owner of WarioWare, Inc.

    More info will be added to the main post.

    Announcement written by Pesky



    Wait Wario comeback I have Garlic



    I don’t participate much in the community, but I’m planning on making it to TF2 fun nights! This’ll be fun!



    I can not wait this will be so fun. I’m glad you guys are doing another one.


    I got a new computer, and want to see how TF2 runs, I might join in



    That was some of the most fun I’ve had in TF2! Thanks to gangstahwezel and RetroMike for setting it up and doing an awesome job!


    Agreed. Best fun night ever!



    Glad everyone had fun :D

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