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    Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been toying with the notion of doing some game recordings off my PC and I have a question. What software would you recommend? There are quite a few out there as well as a great deal of differing opinions so any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks and (hopefully) see you on YouTube!


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    I’d say that really depends on a lot of factors, including how much your computer can handle without getting way too low fps.

    If I happen to record anything, which is admittedly very rare, I tend to go ultra light-weight with just ffmpeg inside a terminal without any GUI or anything and encoding it with basically no compression whatsoever and do the compression afterwards, since that’s the only way I’m gonna be able to record 1080p at decent fps. This way means though you’ll need a lot of free space on your harddrive if you’re gonna do it that way. (tens to hundreds of gigabytes depending on the length of the video)

    ffmpeg is probably pretty much the way to go if you’re looking to get the absolute maximum in quality and fps, even if you’re going for a better compression of the video right away, so you don’t have to deal with huge files and reencode them.

    I’m a bit of a techy person though and I love to work with the terminal so I can understand if you’re looking for something more user-friendly. There’s definitely some GUI frontends for ffmpeg though but I can’t really tell you if any of them are any good, since I haven’t used any of them.

    If you want to go the easy way, Fraps is what I’ve been hearing a lot, although you might run into performance issues with that one.

    In case of performance issues you can always just lower your resolution though, down to 720p from 1080p can already give you a huge boost in fps.



    i always strap a digital camera on my head with duct tape, but hey i’ll give daverballs method the benefit of the doubt



    Depending on the type of recording you want to do, Fraps or Camtasia can be recommended.



    Fraps is good. Just be sure to get an external hard drive or have a LOT of space for videos. Fraps recordings are ridiculously big files.



    Only when you go max quality. If you go for a normal quality, the size is about 5mb per minute, which I find quite reasonable.

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