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    I would love to see them play Fatal Frame 2 (Project Zero in Europe). I know they have played one of the newer games but nothing beats the second game. It is a very classic horror game and I think people would really love it. Just a suggestion, can’t wait for Spooktober on VGA!

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    A build challenge would be nice.


    Oh snap.. I just realized that VGA hasn’t looked at minecraft for some time now…
    I LOVE IT…
    Sorry for you minecraft fans, but it’s such a slow show entertainment wise.
    Now, if somehow, Fraser limits the size of the land more, and keeps the show within 2 hours max, then maybe it’s not so bad.

    Maybe instead of a build challenge, Fraser should play a halloween game challenge… where it’s one long path, and VGA and crew have to fight through haunted houses, haunted roller coasters, haunted forest! That sounds a bit more interesting to me!



    I think a Halloween themed Minecraft show could be fun if they want to do that.

    Super Mario Odyssey comes out around the time of Halloween and there is nothing spookier than an ex Italian plumber on the loose, running around and possessing bodies (and taxi cabs…).

    Then there is the Halloween themed world in Mario + Rabbids and I’m sure a Halloween themed Splatfest will likely happen in Splatoon 2 around that time, which could be fun since I don’t think Fraser has went to a Splatfest yet.



    Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    (Mike Drop)


    Green098 you have a huge point!
    Sorry Minecraft fans, but you are outdated!



    A Hat in Time also comes out on the 5th, and seeing how world 2 is Halloween themed I can’t wait to see it.



    Didn’t they already do a halloween minecraft build?
    I do vaguely remember something about a pumpkin pirate…



    Halloween themed Splatfest for Splatoon 2 in North America. The Splatfest pits vampires up against werewolves. It’ll begin on October 13 at 9 PM PT / October 14 at 12 AM ET and will last for a full day.

    Could be a good show for the Halloween theme, don’t think you’ve done a Splatfest before either.

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    You are right DeviloGrando, there was a Pumpkin Minecraft build. I was Samhain from The Real Ghostbusters. Speaking of I was hoping for a Awesome Piece Theatre of that show, but it looks like it won’t happen this year.



    How long are they in Japan for? Areen’t they going to miss like half of October?



    Every Halloween I wait for Frash and Becky to try Dead Space, but it never happens. :(

    I actually really think Frash would like Dead Space with it’s combination of action and horror, kinda like The Evil Within.


    If not Fatal Frame, they could do Dreadout, which is like a modern adaption of that.

    I would also love them to finish Fran Bow, and yeah Dead Space would be fantastic too! The more horror the better!

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