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    Heyo buddies!
    Fraser and I are headed to Gamescom! We will be there from Wed. Aug. 23 to Tues. Aug. 29. Not sure which days we will hang out with fans yet, but we will definitely do some stuff on that weekend!

    Having not been to Germany OR Gamescom, we have lots of questions! It would be great it peeps who’ve been could help shed some light on what to expect!

    How much does Gamescom cost?
    Wed., Thurs. and Fri. tickets are € 14,00. Sat. is € 18,00. You have to register on this site in order to buy tickets.

    Would you recommend going to the show floor every day? Or would one day be enough?
    I’m assuming Fraser and I will do the show floor every day. Not super helpful, but I found this Gamescom timeline.

    What hotels would you recommend?

    Are there any good places to eat around the convention?

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tickets lose validity as soon as the ticket holder leaves the grounds. So no leaving Gamescom, once you’re in. (Thanks for pointing this out below guys!)

    I’ll be updating this post as we solidify plans! Can’t wait!

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    I just booked my hotel, Centro Hotel Ayun Deluxe. The reviews are mostly positive and it’s only a 5-10min walk from the convention center.(I’ve never been there before so I can’t personally recommend it, yet)
    It seems like the more affordable ones close to the convention center are almost all booked up, but there are some fancier 5-star hotels nearby that are still available.

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    As someone who kinda lives near Cologne (as in around 50km away) I can at least suggest the perfect place to meet up: The Domplatte.
    It’s not far from the Convention, right next to Colognes biggest sight (the Dome) and there is plenty of space.
    It’s 100 meters from the main train station as well, super easy to reach for fans who are not attending Gamescom itself.
    There is also the Tanzbrunnen 5 minutes from the Convention center, but I’m not sure if it’s available to use for meet-ups that day.
    They often have concerts and stuff there.
    Also know a few good german pubs in the area, if there is interest.

    My question: I won’t be able to attend everyday, because of work.
    Does it make more sense to get weekend tickets, if I wanna see you?

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    I also see that there is a Vapiano’s nearby Domplatte. If i remember the one time i went to one it might be a good place to eat as a big group. I don’t know if it’s vegan friendly though but i remember hearing that Germany is pretty good at having vegan options.

    Besides this… uhm, it might sound like a weird question but how does convention do? how is meet-up made?
    If i do end up attending this it will be my first time ever doing anything like this: really going to a big convention in a different country and meeting up with a large group of people so i’m very confused (and admittedly anxious) about the whole process and affair of how these usually go. I mean, you know, when does the orgy happen? etc.

    One question that would also help would be an estimation of how much it is all gonna cost with or without actual attendance, etc.

    P.S: yay i did a contribution :D



    I’m always interested in pubs @hrotgarmr!
    @kaweta – I’ll get back to you in the next couple days with some info on how meet ups tend to work!



    I can recommend the Hyatt Regency…which is about as close to the Even Halls as you can be, its right in the middle between the old city-centre and the Event Halls.

    A bit on the pricey side, but you may have luck and get one of the cheaper rooms still.

    The beds are a bit hard but then again, i have yet to stay at any hotel with a comfortable bed.



    It’s only 3 hours by train for me, and tickets are pretty cheap, so I might actually come over and say hi! I speak some German, but I’m sure you have enough fans over there.



    Alright, there are two nice pubs in Cologne that might be pretty cool.
    Big enough for Turbo meet-ups (if it’s not hundreds of people), very un-touristy and they have that famous Cologne charm :)
    Both of them are like 30 minutes away from the Convention itself, but that also means that it won’t be super crowded with other Gamescom visitors.

    The first is Brauhaus Em Kölsche Boor.

    Very traditional german and cologne food and -of course- beer, it’s right in the heart of the city and it’s super friendly for big groups (the homepage has some special prices for bigger crowds, so it would be cheaper).
    The only problem would be a very limited menu for vegetarians.

    The other one would be Brauerei Päffgen. (only in german, sadly).

    It’s a pub I personally like quite a bit.
    Again very traditional, a little further away, but easy to reach on the subway or on foot, would take around 30 minutes.
    The rooms are more than big enough for everyone and the service is very good, in a cologne kind of way (honest and loudmouthed, but in a loving way).
    And their Kölsch (beer from cologne) is pretty famous, as well.
    If you want to try german food and drinks, this is where you should go.

    Like I said,neither of them are super close, but cheap enough for anyone to afford.
    The problem with most pubs in Deutz (where the Convention is) is the price, since this is where all the tourists are.



    I went to Gamescom last year but sadly failed to meet any VGA fans. So let’s try again ;)

    Can’t say much about Köln / Cologne as my trip last year was just a one day trip. So straight to the convention and back home.

    Regarding plans for e.g. lunch around the convention take note that the day passes state they are good for one entry only and are invalidated on leaving. So no going to Gamescom in the morning, meeting for lunch in the city and going back. Not unless you have a second ticket.

    As for eating inside the convention: Of course there are quite a few food stands for snacks (fries, pretzels, bratwurst and so on) and some small restaurants with a wider selection all over the convention halls. But they are quite overpriced. I’ll probably bring some snacks from outside with me this year.

    As for the question “is one day enough?” I would say that depends on wether you want to actually play any of the upcoming AAA games or not. Because if you do, prepare to wait hours and hours in lines. Attached is an image I took at the end of the line of Battlefield 1 last year. The sign translates to “from this point: 4 hours wait time”. So bring friends, mobile entertainment and a folding chair. In that case one day is probably not enough.
    Another thing are special events like game awards or cosplay contests. If you want to see any of those you obviously have to be there on the right day and plan the extra time for them.
    Personally, I only bought a ticket for Saturday, plan to have a general look around and then you’ll probably find me in the retro gaming hall where there are not as many people and basically no lines ;)

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    I’m actually going to cologne in august, sadly I already ordered flight tickets and I’ll go home again the 21st ^^; (unless I change my flight home somehow? I’ll just missed you with bad timing this time).

    I have never been in the convention so I don’t know much about that part? But been to cologne couple few times by now. And I agree with hrotgarmr that outside the cathedral/outside the main station is probably a best place for meetups, since it’s probably easiest place to find for most people (just find the big cathedral basically), and that place have lot of space to be at too.

    Also for those english speaking people taking train to the mainstation (when you buy tickets) It’s actually not called “mainstation” on those machines (even with english selected), but called “Köln Hauptbahnhof”(hbf)- just wanted to note that, because that part confused me the first time.

    (edit: also I changed my flight plan, so I can join on meetups. Not sure if I’ll go on the con itself though)

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    I am so excited that you guys are coming to GamesCom. Instantly bought tickets for friday and saturday. We will be staying at “Zur guten Quelle”. I would suggest to go to a good brauhaus like “am kolsche boor” which is nice and big enough like hrotgarmr suggested. I have been to Köln before but only to visit the Christmas markets and do some sightseeing. I haven’t been to the convention center.
    Looking forward to the meetups!



    I’ve never been to Cologne before, but I’ll be there for sure! probably gonna end up staying the whole week and just make it my summer vacation. if anyone has any tips on where to stay (preferably somewhere cheap), I’d also really appreciate it. hotel rooms seem to be getting booked up fast!

    also, does anyone know what the public transportation is like? would it be unwise to find lodging somewhere a bit further from the city center or is it fairly easy to commute?



    You shouldn’t really have an issue with public transportation.
    Cologne is a major city and there are enough buses, trains and subways nearly around the clock.
    I’m coming in from a small town around 50-60 kilometers away and never had any issues at all.



    I bought tickets for friday and saturday, too. Now I just have to find some place to sleep. My plan right now is to arrive in Cologne on friday morning and go back home on sunday – but that might change depending on whether I can get the whole week off work or just friday.



    Regarding plans for e.g. lunch around the convention take note that the day passes state they are good for one entry only and are invalidated on leaving. So no going to Gamescom in the morning, meeting for lunch in the city and going back. Not unless you have a second ticket.

    That’s gonna make things more complicated :/ Does gamescom usually sell out? Or can you expect to buy another ticket when you want to get in again?

    I was planning to go with a friend and visit the convention as well as the meetup, and on another day visit the meetup on my own and maybe look around the city for a bit. I’m not sure if I could ditch my friend for an hour or so and later join up with him again, since this would mean he could not come along to the meet up if it’s outside of the convention halls.

    I’m traveling from Utrecht in the Netherlands, probably by ICE train early in the morning.



    Thinking I might have to come to this! I’m still not well (chronic pain) but I don’t know that I could pass up a VGA meet up only a few hours away from me… Having a look for hotels now, but can’t afford much. Really hoping I can make it!



    Does gamescom usually sell out? Or can you expect to buy another ticket when you want to get in again?

    I’m pretty sure that gamescom day passes do usually sell out, especially on the weekend days. As far as I know they do sell afternoon tickets right at the convention depending on how many people left. But I can’t say, what the wait time for this is.



    Got my tickets (pretty cheap) and reserved my hotel room (not so cheap).
    We Turbos might want to join a Whatsapp Group or something like that, so that we can coordinate there.
    (Don’t post your phone number or any other private information here, only via PM or in the Turbo-section.)
    About not being able to enter gamescom after you left it, this is from their website:

    Important note: All day tickets principally lose their validity as soon as the ticket holder leaves the grounds.

    Everyone should keep that in mind, so no one wastes their ticket by mistake.



    glad to hear public transportation is good, that should make it easier to find somewhere not too pricey to stay.

    usually people organize pretty well on twitter with the #VGAPAX tag, so maybe we could do something similar for this? makes sense too since twitter is where Fraser announces meet up spots and stuff. probably need a new name for it tho. maybe #VGAGC?



    I was at Gamescom last year and was there until around afternoon, where I decided to go and visit some shops in the city.

    There was a thing about cosplays last year, Due to a shooting happening a month before gamescom.
    Increased safety measures and stricter costume regulations at gamescom 2016

    Wether or not this embargo is going to happen again this year I don’t know, but keep this in mind if you are planing on coming to germany with a cosplay.

    As for Points of Interest, I used to go to the “Giga Center” (Link).
    It has a bar, a bunch of “casinos” (slow machine/street casino) and also a few arcade machines but sadly the last time I went there (2013) they removed the “Pump It Up” Machine and their “In The Groove” machine was in very bad shape (1 of the arrows on the pad didn’t even work).
    Not sure if this place is around anymore or if they still have good machines.

    Does any local know if there is another “arcade” there?

    (Edit 1) As for places to stay:
    I remember staying at “Hotel Alscher” in Leverkusen in 2013, they did recieve two bad ratings last year, but I don’t remember being in a dirty or filthy room back then.
    IIRC these were the available services they provided: Breakfast buffet, a TV, free Wi-Fi and a bathroom for each room.
    I can’t find the prices on their website, so I can’t tell what they are going to charge for a night.

    (Edit 2) Just checked all entries on the topic and I decided to mention something that hasn’t been brought up yet.
    GamesCom takes the USK-Rating very seriously, so you will be given a wristband to identify your age. So don’t forget to bring your ID!!

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    Interested in meeting-up, as I posted in another topic I’m from Belgium and by car it would take me only about 2:30-3 hours to go to Keulen.

    I’ll follow this topic until some more official communication about meet-ups etc has been posted.



    Btw, anyone who buys a ticket online, will also recieve an e-mail with an additional ticket to print out for bus and trains.
    These are only for getting to the convention and going back to your hotel/hostel/motel/whereever you stay at, so don’t use them for anything else please.

    quoted from here

    You will receive your travel ticket in a separate e-mail. Please print the pdf document in size A4 and bring it with you to the trade fair.

    The free travel ticket (2nd class) is valid for public transport operated by the Rhein Sieg Transport Authority (VRS) and Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR), only in combination with a valid ID Card and a Koelnmesse admission ticket. It is valid during the mentioned trade fair only for travelling to and from Koelnmesse.

    Exempted are trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG subject to a supplement, e.g. the IC/EC or ICE.

    Further travel information can be found under the rubric Arrival.

    Ticket holders must present identification: Do not forget your school identification or personal ID card!

    Note for group orders: The address on the ticket is not relevant for an inspection at the venue or during a (bus/train) ticket inspection. Only the first name and last name on the ticket will be checked.

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    Thinking of making my first international flight around the 21st of August to Amsterdam for a few days then taking a train to cologne (extremely nervous but excited to see a little slice of Europe.



    Hi All

    Ive managed to get a good deal at the Motel 24h Köln for £187 (220 euros) from the 22/8 till 27/8. Im not sure how many rooms are left but you might still be able to bag a room for a day or two. Looking at google maps its a 15min train ride to the center of Cologne



    I’m only gonna be able to be there the Friday afternoon through to Sunday morning due to work, but I shall be there! And Friday shall be my birthday, so I require many drinks. No pressure



    Just returned from Disneyland Paris, I’m excited for you guys to come to Germany, may not be attending Gamescom itself but I’m looking forward to meet you guys.



    I’ll definitely be there! I’m currently in the process of trying to beg one of my friends to come with me. Can’t wait to meet you all!



    A @dagfari BIRTHDAY while we’re together?! How awesome is that! Don’t you put the coaster on the top of your beer that night ;) Drinks shall flowith over for Dag!



    The timing was too perfect, I had to celebrate my birthday in style!



    I am also trying to get some friends to come along. If all else fails and I can’t justify the full price for staying and attending gamescom I still really want to meet all of you so at the very least I will try to just take a train there for a day and do the meetup.



    @missblow any idea how you guys are planning to deal with the One-Entry rule? Does that mean you will do less meetups, or meetups inside gamescom, or go less to gamescom so you can be with turbo’s outside, or just buy loads of tickets so you can hop back in again?

    Personally I don’t really know how to plan this trip. I was gonna take a friend with me on one day to gamescom, and one day go on my own without gamescom ticket and try to also see Cologne a bit. Problem here is that if I take a friend, and there’s a meetup outside, I can’t go back in to join my friend (assuming he doesn’t want to come with me since he doesn’t watch vga) unless I have a second ticket. Maybe my friend can find another person to join him so I can go on on my own when the meetup starts.

    Any information you have on how you guys envision the meetup (I don’t know how these usually go) could help us plan our trips and buy our (train) tickets early. How long are these meetups usually? Is it safe for me to just pick two days to buy traintickets for? Or should I wait till you post the dates? Would be a bummer if I bought a ticket to cologne when there’s no meetup.

    I think if you could pick one or two days now and say “we will definately do a meetup then and decide the rest later” it would help us organise our trips early on.

    (ps i don’t organise these trips very often, especially ones where I have to reserve a train seat, so my apologies if i’m a bit over-anxious about it)

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