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    Hello fellow turbo minecrafters,

    today I’m going to announce the opening event of Courtroom No.1 in Justitia.

    Since the courtroom is almost finished I want to hold a trial event in this very courtroom, where we act out a trial.
    For that I want to give out some roles for you guys:

    – 1 defense attorney
    – 1 prosecutor
    – 3 witnesses
    – 1 bailiff
    – 1 defendant

    for the proceedings of the trial we will need some help of other people though:

    – 1 writer, who writes at least the outline of this trial
    – Someone who records this trial

    If you don’t want any of these tasks it would still be a great help to stop by and helping me build the rest of the courtroom.
    What I basically wanna do with it, I will upload it to youtube and maybe we can get the crew to watch it on a show & trailer.
    The courtroom has about 100 places to watch it, so any of you guys who don’t want to participate in any way, are invited to watch the trial!

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    Justitia is located at e6 “halfwaythere” and you choose to follow the wooden road or take the N.E.T train.



    Hmm, when will this take place? Sounds like it’ll be fun to participate in!



    I’m still deciding, because I got some exams to write right now…

    Tomorrow will be one for example and after that I will start to finish building the courtroom. I think we will know the time when the Courtroom is finished and all roles are assigned ;)

    ps: thanks @avotas I forgot to mention that ;)



    If you need a writer, I am up for it!



    I’m still newish to multiplayer minecraft, so I’m not sure how to uh, act in minecraft. But I can be on the stands, rambling when needed.

    What sort of things do you need done for the courtroom?



    @satekroket: sure I need a writer, you’re in if you want ;)

    @wyietsayon I have to figure out, how we will act it out myself, too. Maybe we can get the mods to turn off chat for everyone except us for the time of the trial. I’m still open to suggestions though.

    As what needs to be done on the courtroom I make a list of that:

    – the ceiling needs to be done, we will use white stained clay/quartz and glass for it
    – the inside needs to be designed ( basically the benches and some other important stuff)
    – terraforming the other courtrooms, so we can basically draw the outline of the rest of the building and build a pathway/corridors around it for people to travel on
    – after that I want to build at least one lobby for the prosecution/defense

    that’s basically all. Without help this would take till next week ;)



    I have the time to write at least the outlines, no problem. Do you want it to be a murder?

    Oh and btw, I don’t think the mods will turn off chat, at least I highly doubt it, but ofcourse you can always try. Another way to ‘act’ is by voice. So maybe via Skype, but people have to be comfortable enough to do that. I would be up for a role in that situation as well… ;)



    I can be the defense attorney if you want or the prosecutor.



    @satekroket: it doesn’t necissarily need to be a murder case. I will talk to the mods about this though. I’d appreciate it if we could act this out via skype but everyone who wants to participate would need to be up to it and we would need a practice run first….

    @bubba145: thank you for your interest and welcome to the team.


    I suppose I could be whatever lawyer bubba145 is not, or I could be a witness. I could also help write a bit, if you want.



    Yah im all for a rehearsal when ever we do it.



    So following roles have been given out:

    @bubba145: Defense Attorney
    @theawesomematt: Prosecution
    @nara: the Judge
    @satekroket: Defendant (?)

    – Writer: @satekroket

    roles to give out:

    – Witness 1
    – Witness 2
    – Witness 3
    – Bailiff
    – Recording person

    thank you guys for your interest =) I really appreciate it
    if you want to add me via skype I have the name Nara1992 ;)



    I could be the defendant as well, I was thinking of that role anyway.



    Depending on when this takes place, I’d like to be a witness. Now where’re my glasses…



    At jimbo was that a 12 angry men reference?



    So I decided that it will maybe take place somewhere the next 2 weeks… I haven’t decided when, becaue I have a lot of things to do right now, since I’m getting close to my bachelor’s degree.



    @bubba145 Nah. Just coincidence I guess.



    The ceiling of the courtroom is finished

    Tasks still open:

    – terraforming around the courtroom
    – building pathways around the courtroom
    – building the inside and a few redstone surprises

    So if anyone wants to help, feel free to drop by ;)



    I am working on the case summary right now. While doing that, I was rethinking the role I could do, being Witness 3 instead of defendant. That is only if we are gonna go for the voice acting option (which I would def. be up for).



    I actually had an idea very similar to this back in the second world. You can count me in as a witness or a writer if any future cases happen.



    So to anyone wondering:

    – I haven’t cancelled the project! It’s just on a hold for now, because I don’t have that much time lately. Projects like this need to stay on a hold while I’ve got real world projects to do for now. I’m sorry for the delay though.

    – For going on it would be nice if any of you who want to participate could send me a pm with your skype name, so I can add you all to a skype conversation.

    @satekroket has finished on the case summary, so I will be handing out these via skype, once you’ve been added. We will be working on our dialogue sheets then.

    – The work on courtroom No.1 is finished completely (for quite some time now) and the other courtrooms are standing as well. Justitia has now an Item storage and a hotel building as well as a farm. For anyone who hasn’t visited Justitia, I would highly recommend doing so. If I am online at that time, you can ask me to give you a free tour.

    – Any items you want to contribute to our cause I will put up signs at the item storage, where you can place them. I will add an item list later on…

    Although I don’t have that much time lately I will be working on the preparations with you, so we are ready when we finally assign a date and time for the trial ;)

    PS: Welcome to the team @koopakirby

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    I’ll lend a hand if you still need it, if the cameraman position isn’t filled yet I can do that. It also depends on the time though.



    I’m still working on the first draft of the script, so I hope this project isn’t cancelled…

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    No I didn’t cancel it already.. I still want to pull it through, but I need to find time. August is a very good month in terms of time for me, so we might do it then?

    @satekroket: You might wanna send it to me, so I can plan this ;)



    I’m still working on it, as soon as I’m finished, I’m gonna send it to ya.



    Wow. I found this WAY too late, but are there any slots left?



    Ok, a quick update:

    I’ve been working on the script on and off. A huge chunk is ready, but I got about three (unrelated) projects running right now, and even though I’m unemployed since a few weeks, I’m busy as hell. But I’m still working on it, just to let you guys know.

    Also, I want to turn this into a big project. I picked up a few tricks in Final Cut Pro, so editing would be no problem for me. I would love to do VO for the different characters, and make like a small movie, using MC as our GFX. My drawing skills are shit, but I could make a quick drawingboard for the shots I would need. But that’s for later, first I gotta finish the script.



    Thank you very much @satekroket for all of your effort! I really appreciate it.

    If we can manage to get all people together maybe we can turn this thing into a series of sort.
    also we might wanna do voices for the characters. I’m gonna start finishing up the courthouse,
    it has made a lot of progress in the past months. Also who has not visited, really should do.

    maybe we could talk about the script a little more, or you could give me a little more details on it.
    This project is very ambitous and I want to pull it through no matter what.

    Now to ask, who still wants to play the said roles in the script.



    I’ve made more progress with the script. It’s near completion. I don’t have an estimated time yet for when it’s finished (school/X1G is keeping me pretty busy), but believe me when I say: I can see the finish line!



    That’s awesome @satekroket! I am now up to finishing the courthouse. It’s getting pretty close. I desperately want to finish this thing now! I also got a new job, so more time to do fun minecraft things

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