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    Hello fellow turbo minecrafters,

    today I’m going to announce the opening event of Courtroom No.1 in Justitia.

    Since the courtroom is almost finished I want to hold a trial event in this very courtroom, where we act out a trial.
    For that I want to give out some roles for you guys:

    – 1 defense attorney
    – 1 prosecutor
    – 3 witnesses
    – 1 bailiff
    – 1 defendant

    for the proceedings of the trial we will need some help of other people though:

    – 1 writer, who writes at least the outline of this trial
    – Someone who records this trial

    If you don’t want any of these tasks it would still be a great help to stop by and helping me build the rest of the courtroom.
    What I basically wanna do with it, I will upload it to youtube and maybe we can get the crew to watch it on a show & trailer.
    The courtroom has about 100 places to watch it, so any of you guys who don’t want to participate in any way, are invited to watch the trial!

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    The courthouse exterior is finished! I also made an approach to moving anything but the courthouse to somewhere else, so that we can have the courthouse in it’s entirety. I claimed land behind the courthouse, which is called Justitia city and it will the home of everything else other than the courthouse. I plan on getting a place there we can use to recreate crime scenes or other things =)



    Staged crime scenes? Now that sounds like fun!


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