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    The other day I has a dream about the show. The crew were playing Zelda 64. I really do not remember much other then Fraser yelling. Wish I could go more into details but again I really do no remember much other then me watching the show in my dream and fraser being himself on the show. Just was curious if anyone else out there has had a dream about the show?

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    I once dreamed I was sitting in a car while AVG Dad was driving.



    I’ve had ones where I just met them out of nowhere. Here is how some went.

    In my dads truck with him driving somewhere. Truck stops at stoplight and the car next to us has Kyle driving. I forget what I said but it was something like “Woah!” or “Dude!” or “Kyle!?” and then I woke up

    I am going to some convention (probably pax) and I meet them. We all had dinner with the turbo’s and it was great.

    In a restaurant having dinner. Table near us has Ben, Deacon, and Kyle. I didn’t want to be rude so I just let them be.

    Met Fraser and Becky in New York. I don’t know why they were there. Pretty good dream.



    I once had a dream where I was watching the stream and it was completely dark. Then the lights came on and Fraser was standing in his underwear shouting “It’s Frashachu!”. Then he ended the stream while the entire Chat was going “WTF?!”. That was one hell of a nightmare.

    Oh wait…



    Did so last night.
    They were long-hauling a Zelda game, a hybrid of OoT, MM and TP….and i accidentally spoiled some plot so Fraser ended the show.

    After that the dream shifted to another much less active gamereviewer couple before it finally ended.



    I had a dream I was on the show. Talk about delusions of grandeur.



    Last night I dreamed I was still in school and Fraser was there conducting some activities. Then he invited basically the entire school back to his place to play Quiplash!, we walked there and saw the studio and I gave Becky a high five, then I woke up.

    It was rad, doe.



    Holy Shit, I just had a terrible dream about the show, in it Becky and Ben had died (The details of their death was unknown, just that they had died). Literally, they were dead. It was the day(s) after they had died and there was this depressing air within the forums and the community, Fraser was about to do another livestream (this time by himself) and the preshow air was incredibly somber. There was definitely a Satoru Iwata vibe of being gone, that feeling of someone being dead without you ever expecting them to of died so suddenly.

    The good news? This was all just a dream, thank goodness.

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    They were playing the new Lemmings game, Lemmings: HD, but it wasn’t a remake, it was a whole new game by some other studio. It was buggy (for instance, one lemming (that looked kind of like moles for some reason) clipped through one of those “stop” Lemmings, and it was pretty bad. When I checked the score average on GameRankings it had a 45% average, and Fraser raged a bit at the game.

    they compared it to the best Lemmings game, Lemmings: Armageddon, which was made by Team17.

    … I really don’t know what made me dream of Lemmings.

    Edit: Apparently Team17 made a Psp port. I didn’t know that! It’s kind of weird though since I’m not exactly a big fan of Lemmings, despite having some memories of it.

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