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    Alright, with about a dozen topics popping up around here lately because of Pyromania, I’m gonna do a round-up starting with the ARG’s (Alternate Reality Game) secret messages.

    The start of the ARG had the new mystery items: Goldfish, Pocket Lint, Banana Peel, Cheese Wheel, Barn Door Plank, Secret Diary, and Damaged Capacitor. These items seemed random until, it was found out if you wear the Medic’s “Eliminating The Impossible” set (The Private Eye, and Nine Pipe Problem) which effect was “88% faster mystery solving time,” proving Valve had this planned for awhile.
    The set changed the descriptions of the items. Divided they say:
    Goldfish: “Think of the”
    Pocket Lint: “The… which…”
    Cheese Wheel: “may go on… the hidden wickedness”
    Banana Peel: “…may go on…”
    Barn Door Plank: “…year in, year out…”
    Secret Diary: “The deeds of hellish cruelty and none the wiser”
    Damaged Capacitor: “in such places and…”

    These may seem weird, but together they form a quote from a Sherlock Homes short story.
    “Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out, in such places, and none the wiser.
    — “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”, a Sherlock Holmes story”

    Next day. Crafting two banana peels would have produce a error report, which blended together Spanish, and Finnish, with the Dismiss button in Welsh. Translated it would say “Banana Overflow Error; Detailed Report” along with hexadecimal sequences. With 8 different sequences, though you could only get one the first time you tried it.

    Code Cracking

    It was discovered that the 8 individual sequences corresponded with PNG images. Sites quickly found and put together the images, which showed a Senate hearing with Saxton Hale, revealing that they are being investigated about Poopy Joe. Full rough image can be found here. It also revealed that Saxton Hale was also in charge of the USA’s Australium supply, which went “missing.”

    -Poopy Joe History Break-
    Poopy Joe was the lone monkey who was sent in to space by Saxton Hale, under orders from the US. Poopy Joe’s first appearance was in the WAR! update. It was revealed that he crashed before he got in to space, and his equipment, Equalizer and Eyelander, was sent to the Soldier and Demoman. Poopy Joe was the only Monkeynaught trained by the US.

    Finally, The Damaged Capacitor had numbers on it, which revealed a “code” or rather a date. That Friday, “6/22/12”

    On Friday, The Pyro posted a blog update:
    “Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph. Mmmmmph mpm!
    Mmmmmph mph mm! Hm mmmmmph, hmmmmph mm mmmmmph mmmmmph!”
    Which, was able to be translated in to Morse Code, read “Monday”

    Pyromania! Finally!
    On Monday Pyromania Day One was announced.
    A new Map and Game Mode “Doomsday” was released. In it, both teams had to race to a Rocket Ship with Poopy Joe in it, to deliver the Australium fuel. They then have to successfully ride a elevator to get in the Rocket Ship.

    Easter Egg:
    Clicking on the banana at the bottom of the page revealed the full Senate hearing for Saxton Hale, with a picture. It also included a heavily censored transcript of The Announcer explaining her plans for the Australium, with the Senators panicing and praising to God for forgiveness. It includes a picture of the Announcer and Ms. Pauling at a table, with the senators with panicked looks on their faces.

    Pyromania! Day Two! AWW YEAH!

    New Weapons! City on Fire!

    New Scout weapons “The Public Enemy” set includes:

    Baby Faced Blaster (Scattergun): 40% more accurate
    On hit builds boost. Run at double speed at maximum boost.
    -30% damage
    -35% slower movement speed on wearer
    Boost resets on Jump
    ((Hawky rating: Underpowered, Boost reset on jump will completely ruin the boost,and the slower movement speed will just add insult to injury. Best used for Scouts who want to run and deal damage, not Hit and Run scouts.))

    Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol:
    +15% max health on wearer
    Wearer doesn’t take fall damage
    -25% Slower Firing Speed
    +50% Fire Damage vulnerability on wearer
    ((Hawky rating: Non-OP. Looks really fun, will definitely replace the normal pistol for me, just gotta watch out for Pyros))

    Sniper’s Urban Professional Set:

    The Cleaner’s Carbine (SMG):
    On Kill: 3 seconds of 100% critical chance
    -20% clip size
    -35% firing speed
    No Random Critical Hits
    (( Hawky Rating: Basically a medium-range KGB for sniper. Still good, could be buffed a bit.))

    The Hitman’s Heatmaker (Sniper Rifle)
    Gain Focus on kills and assists.
    Focus activates on fire when focus meter is full.
    In focus: 25% faster charge, and no unscoping
    Headshot kills cause decapitation.
    -20% damage penalty on bodyshot.
    ((Hawky Rating: Seems fun, Focus Meter could be annoying though.))

    Soldier’s Dumpster Diver set*(Read below in Easter Egg)

    The Beggar’s Bazooka:

    Hold Fire to load up to three rockets
    Release fire to release a barrage of rockets.
    +3 degree random projectile deviation
    Overloading chamber will cause a misfire
    Cannot get ammo from dispensers
    ((Hawky Rating: This was made to screw over sentries, the degree deviation could be bounced up to like, 6 degrees.))


    The Scorch Shot.
    Was seen in tf2’s blog “How a Gun Gets Made.”
    Flare knocks target back on hit, and ignites enemies in a short radius.
    -50% damage penalty
    Easter Egg!

    Click on the Captain Dan’s can on the bottom of the page. Captain Dan’s is the food soldier eats in the WAR! Update.

    *It gives the short story of Soldier looking for a home. The Dumpster Diver set shows that he has to live in the alley dumpsters now.

    Meet The Pyro has been released. Please skip this if you did not watch it.



    NEW ITEM CRAFT! To craft new items, get the mystery items, now scorched items, and put 4 in the crafting box. You get one randomly.

    Pyrovision Goggles!
    They let you see the world through Pyro’s eyes! Everyone gets one Vintage until July 15th, and if you miss it, you can get one just by dominating someone who has them! They wont be vintage though.

    New Pyro Weapons:

    The Rainblower!
    His Flamethrower featured in MTP. Comes with a custom taunt!

    The Lollichop!
    His axe featured in MTP. Comes with a custom taunt!

    New Pyro Misc.

    The Burning Bongos! Comes with a custom taunt!

    The Infernal Orchestra! Comes with a custom taunt!

    Every class gets new cosmetic items, try and find them all!

    TF2 Blog’s Nerfs and Bug Fixes!
    Added Pyrovision!
    Added new game mode Special Delivery and map Doomsday!
    Friendly players glow when carrying the flag
    Fixed rare cases where flag could fall out of the world
    Fixed cases where the Payload HUD looked like the cart is still on a hill when it isn’t
    Fixed cases where some clients didn’t receive broadcasts about long continuous particle effects being started or stopped
    Updated the HTML renderer for displaying server MOTD
    Votes created by a dedicated server no longer trigger a failed vote cooldown
    Fixed map triggered annotation events not working on dedicated servers
    Fixed the game crashing if tempents are created that use invalid materials
    Using a Name Tag while in game notifies everyone of the name change
    Fixed Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected not tracking grenade and sentry rocket deflections
    Added new items
    City on Fire item sets
    Pyroland weapons and cosmetics
    Community-contributed cosmetic items for all classes
    Mysterious treasures have been incinerated, but are now craftable
    Added crafting recipe for Pile of Ash
    Scorched Keys are now available in the store for a limited time
    New promo item
    Weapon balancing changes
    Gloves of Running Urgently
    Removed self-damage over time penalty
    Heavy takes mini-crits while active and for 3 seconds after switching away
    Attack damage penalty reduced from -50% to -25%
    Spin-up speed bonus reduced from +40% to +10%
    Medic mirrors blast jump of their heal target
    Crusader’s Crossbow
    Reload speed time reduced by +40%
    Cozy Camper
    Regenerates 1 heath per second
    Reduced movement penalty from -90% to -80%
    Sticky Jumper and Rocket Jumper
    Added ‘flying’ sound to blast jumps
    The Concheror
    Changed rage building source from “damage done and damage received” to only “damage done”
    Increased the rate at which Rage builds for this item by +25%
    The Equalizer
    Removed player move speed modification and added it to a new item named The Escape Plan
    All owners of the Equalizer will be automatically granted The Escape Plan
    Added +25% increased movement speed while active
    Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
    Atomic Bonk
    Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
    All Flamethrowers
    Increased base damage by +10%.
    Removed +10% damage bonus attribute
    Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged
    Added -10% damage penalty attribute
    Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged
    Damage defense while taunting reduced from -90% to -75%
    Item bug fixes
    Fixed sentry sometimes spawning in shielded mode while the Wrangler was equipped, but not deployed
    Improved visual and audio cues for when the Manmelter is ready to fire
    Fixed Manmelter being able to earn crits via friendly Pyro self-damage
    Fixed Scotch Bonnet’s blue team skin not showing
    Fixed Unarmed Combat’s taunt not working
    Unarmed Combat’s color now matches the team using it
    Fixed the Apparition’s Aspect showing a burning texture in DX8

    New way to get the new Pyromania items! Everyone gets a Scorched Crate. You can buy Scorched Keys at the Mann Co. Store!

    Also: Valve is selling a real 3 foot tall Balloonicorn.
    Linky here!

    Limited edition ROBOT CHICKEN hat! Sign up for their newsletter and get it tomorrow! Linky here!

    This has been Hawky’s Round-up, took me a hour to make! Thanks ya’ll! Have fun!

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    Series #46 – Scorched Crate is found by crafting 4 Ash (Special) into a Pile of Ash, then using the Pile of Ash like a key. Inside the Ash is a Scorched Crate. I was able to collect 6 of them.




    avotas: Series #46 – Scorched Crate is found by crafting 4 Ash (Special) into a Pile of Ash, then using the Pile of Ash like a key. Inside the Ash is a Scorched Crate. I was able to collect 6 of them. -Avotas

    Items also can be in the ash, including all those listed in the update, a suit for the spy and an idea tube (misc) for the engie



    I will edit this soon, mostly to clean up and add new information. But for now, its update time!



    Wait, EVERYONE gets Pyrovision? That’s awesome! I can’t wait to try it–

    *item server down*


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