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    This Sunday around 12pm Fraser time I need some spies to help me out with a little project. Expect to be in Gangstah Wezel’s server for an extended period of time, a majority of which you’ll simply be standing in place (you can alt+tab out of TF2 and do something else in the mean time).

    If you’re available and interested, leave a little something in this thread indicating so. I’ll contact you via Steam Chat when your services are necessary. If you’d like to participate but don’t have me on your friends list you can find me here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025166189

    (You may be compensated for your time, but it won’t be much. Maybe some scrap metal. Perhaps a heart-felt thank you letter. Possibly the simple satisfaction of a not-so-honest day’s work.)

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    If I’m online send me a message, I’ll do it for 1 bud..my time is precious :P
    Seriously, I’ll do it for free.



    I’ll do it. Let me know if you need me.



    Why would you need 9 afk spies? some achievement or something? hacking?



    Sure. I’ll help you with your shady business.



    I’d be glad to help (steam id is bearden2000)



    Nothing like that Repus, I’d go into detail but that would spoil a few surprises I have in store.


    BTW, can you define time length. 1 hour? longer?



    @Guking It’ll start somewhere between 12-12:30pm Fraser time, and I would expect things to take about an hour and half. You’ll be playing for about half that time, and then for the second half we really just need a few spies to stand in place with a cloak and dagger for awhile, so you can go afk for that portion.



    On board: Radiophone, Solrak, Bearden, Guking

    Just need 5 more spies.


    Sure, I’ll help. Let me know when you need me, because I might forget :p



    5 down, need 4 more in about 2 hours…

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