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    Welcome to the Hub Map Claiming Thread! Yeah. BLANTANT COPY PASTE GO

    Claiming An Area On The Map
    Welcome to the ‘let’s be polite, shall we’ part of the primer. The waystation map at Hub has the potential to be a very helpful way to see where everyone is on the map. So, in the spirit of utility, people will be able to meet with a mod and, after providing said mod with the coordinates of the area they are currently building at, mark that little bit of the map as ‘theirs’ with a sign. This is no different from the still in effect server rule of ‘Don’t build or alter the land within 500 blocks of another build with out asking…‘, that rule will just now have a handy visual aid in the form of the map. Both communities and persons will be able to put in a request to ‘claim’ areas on the map. But. BUT.

    The fact of the map is that your eyes are going to be bigger than your stomach, or rather, don’t claim an area unless you plan to make good use of it. People who go on claiming sprees will get nasty looks and tuts from the community, and possibly further action by the moderators (only for the most egregiously bad claimants). Making a bad claim would be no different than going out and building a cobble box along the border of someone’s established build, making for bad blood between neighbors and necessary judgements made by moderators that will likely offend at least one party. Be courteous and thoughtful when planning a claim or expansion on your build area.

    Please make your claim requests in the following fashsion:

    Name: aughts
    Claim Name: The Garden
    X: -100
    Y: 75
    Z: 9000

    Using the above format will help us be able to put you up on the hub map more easily, so thanks in advance. We will be checking the area to make sure that you’re actually be building there, so… Yeah. Please actually be building there.

    There will be a metric ton of requests during first days to weeks to months, so please be patient. THE FOLLOWING RULES STILL APPLY:

    Don’t build or alter the land within 500 blocks of another build with out asking, especially the Portal Hub.
    Don’t build or alter the land within 50 blocks of a Waystation.

    Claims within 550 of a waystation are fine, but I’m calling a minimum distance of 150 blocks away from a waystation to have a valid claim. Please allow for breathing room around the waystation, and understand that people WILL walk through your build area to access the waystation. If you are not okay with this, do not claim near a waystation!

    euske is currently pulling data for his server map from this thread, so we will be deleting old invalid claims to prevent doubles on the map. We will inform you if you need to resubmit a claim, so this will only effect a small percentage of you.

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