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    On the regular 1 to 10 rating system on most review sites, they usually give more than one game a “perfect” rating. However, by the logic of 10/10 being truly perfect, there should be only one game that could ever amass that sort of rating. However, since 10/10’s are given rather hastily by video game review sites (in my opinion), we sort of look past the flaws in a game, due to a rating that calls  a game “perfect”.

    Answering the subject line of whether there is a game I could call perfect: yes, but only within the game qualities that I can see. I know at some point, someone will make a game that WILL shatter everything that I thought I knew about perfection in video games, but until then, the only game I truly see as perfect is..

    Yoshi’s Island… Atleast, in the grouping of 2D games.

    I see yoshi’s island as a game that completely nails every aspect of a game that is important.

    1. The art style is so gorgeous, that I can never see it aging
    2. The gameplay and controls are extremely fresh, and there is not another game that can transition between level types so perfectly due to its fluent and fun controls
    3. The enemies are extremely vivid and exciting. Not to mention, the final bowser fight is what I see as the greatest boss fight ever. Such a looming danger on the horizon, made possible due to Mode 7

    That is all I can think of right now to gush on such a good game.. However, I would like to hear what you guys think of the 10/10 rating that review sites give, what you think is a perfect game, or if there even is a perfect game. I’d love for their to be more open discussions about games like this on the forums in the future.

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