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    I feel like VGA is losing what made it special for me. I think Fraser and Becky aren’t getting excited about shows as much as they used to. Plus the way they have their stream setup doesn’t seem that special anymore. I don’t mean to be like all the other people that complain about them playing OverWatch but I feel like that’s when the show took a big dive downhill. It’s nice that Fraser and Becky have a game that they can relax and play with the Turbos. I know I’m all over the place with this post, but I just want to know if anyone else feels like if the show lost what hooked them in to begin with.

    Please don’t take this post as a hate post for the show. It’s not like that. I like the show but I feel like it’s not as great as it was like a year ago. Fraser and Becky and the rest of the crew are great people and I would not say anything negative about them. If you’re concerned because this is a new account, don’t be. I create new accounts a lot because I get bored of usernames a lot.

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    UGH Great. Another one of these posts. If you don’t want to come off as being a hater of VGA and such, it might be useful to NOT make an account and within the same time frame make a forum post with the title “Is VGA Losing It’s Magic” or “Why VGA Sucks Now” or “Remember when VGA was good?”. Cause I’m sorry, it’s sorta hard to believe that you’re not trying to hate on VGA when you do that. You could’ve tried to interact with other users and posts, try to become apart of the community at large and then air your grievences…but no. And don’t hand me that excuse of “Uh well I get bored with usernames, I make new accounts all the time” cause that doesn’t help things at all. Honestly, get with it. VGA is going to be whatever Fraser and Becky and the rest of the Crew want it to be, they know what’s best. If you don’t like it, then it might just be time to either jump ship, or come along for the ride. Bottom line, I do wish people would stop making these forum topics, as they never really end well…



    I feel like a lot of this ground is covered in the thread about the show being more negative. I kind of agree with you but I also want to be OK with it because the audience should be people who like what Fraser does, not Fraser making it to please us. The show will keep on changing, and maybe it isn’t for you any more.

    After the Mafia 3 show I think I’m done with anything that isn’t four play Friday.


    @famousblaze Well my old account on this site was vgaisawesome but I felt that I would be contradicting myself posting with that username. I know there are a lot of these topics but I never meant it in a really negative way. I was just curious about other people’s opinions. I was curious to see if I was the only one. I haven’t watched episodes in a long time because of their game choices. I only seem to watch the Show and Trailer episodes. I hope the best for VGA if I ever do stop watching completely.



    To be honest, I think seeing this kind of post is a good sign that the show is good and thriving, because it shows either a) people still care or b) people troll. If the show became really bad, people would stop caring/trolling. Keep these things coming.



    I know there are a lot of these topics… I was just curious about other people’s opinions. I was curious to see if I was the only one.

    Why didn’t you just read through the other threads where we’ve laid out our opinions on the topic? Why make a new thread for it?

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    If by magic, you mean the enthusiasm and energy of a few year’s past, then yeah maybe. I can’t say I blame them though, what with the whole disenfranchisement of the YouTube monetary flagging system and the complete boycotting of Nintendo on the show.

    I don’t really know if having three of these topics in the past ten topics is a very good thing, but as Euske says, it does show people care. I still stick around, even if I happen to not enjoy a fair number of the latest trends.

    The fact of the matter is, though, that the old VGA that we all knew way back when was a different show than it is now. Both have their pros and cons. Better they relax into a casual attitude about doing shows now than completely burning out and calling it quits. If it’s the negativity of games now, I’m not sure that really holds water, as going back to older shows, it’s actually pretty consistent for years back. Heck, I was watching the Pokemon X show, and it was pretty much Fraser bashing the game the whole way down but it was still entertaining.



    Part of the reason has to do with the new audio setup, I think. They’ve been reluctant to play games that require a lot of talking (like Apollo Justice) until they’re certain it works properly. Another reason is that they haven’t been playing all that many games lately that are fun to watch others play. I still think they have the potential for greatness if they just played some game that’s really entertaining and funny to watch. About a year ago, they played Undertale, and I would argue that the Undertale playthrough was one of their best playthroughs ever. Next year South Park: The Fractured but Whole will be released, and I bet that will be a lot of fun to watch. Aviary Attorney will also be fun to watch, whenever they decide to play that game (a bonus chapter will be released fairly soon, so they should probably wait until that’s out). I expect the fifth case of Apollo Justice to be entertaining as well.



    Clearly we need another show like this



    God dammit Slider.



    I think recent shows like Overcooked and Dragon Quest Builders show that the “magic” is still there.

    Sure, Fraser has high standards and expectations for games, probably because he plays so many of them, but that’s his style. I don’t think it’s about negativity or lack of energy/excitement. He has an opinion of what the best games are and how they should be. He will tell you honestly if a game appeals to him or not or if it meets his standards or not, and that’s an admirable trait even if some perceive that as negativity or lack of excitement.



    Jackbox 3. Watch it, lots of fun (especially Fakin’ It).


    The show lost some magic.
    I was a little saddened by the lack of halloween shows this month compared to previous years.
    There’s a few shows that have some magic to them, but for me, they are slim.
    I’m slipping away from VGA at this time, ignoring most of their episodes. (meaning some have magic)
    Hopefully when the Nintendo Switch is released, that they will be interesting to me once again!

    However everyone has different tastes, so I’m not complaining!
    His show, his way!



    Yeah, 2017 will be interesting. We might see them tackle Aviary Attorney and the rest of Undertale at some point, and we’ll see some new releases, such as South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and a bunch of Nintendo Switch games (I almost wrote “Wii Switch”). Oh, and the final case of Apollo Justice at some point too (maybe even this year)!

    I think there’s too much Show & Trailer and not enough 4/5-Player Friday, though. I don’t really care about anime or most modern movies* much, and I bet a large portion of their fan-base aren’t big movie-watchers either (though some are, probably). Video games, however, is a shared interest, so I think they should focus more on that. That’s my preference, anyway. Perhaps they should make some surveys (although I’m not quite sure how many would answer such a survey) to find out what people like and don’t like? Sampling some of the recent Show & Trailers on YouTube seem to confirm my suspicion: Video game trailers tend to get more views than movie trailers (not too surprising, due to the target audience of VGA).

    *It doesn’t help that if I do care about a movie I’d avoid watching trailers since I don’t want to get spoiled. Game trailers tend to be less spoilery since they can show off more gameplay.



    Ironically in the Show and Trailer livestream yesterday, Fraser was wondering about reducing the focus of video game content in future S&Ts, because the gang isn’t as interested, and shows run too long to fit well with their schedules. Fraser’s been thinking about showing off fun online videos in place of some (but not all) video game trailers. How does reduced focus on movie and TV show trailers, and increased focus on funny videos and viral yet tasteful videos, etc. sound? Then the video games focus can remain about the same albeit fewer videos to reduce overall show duration? Personally I don’t care for movie and TV show trailers, but I find the Turbo chat community and the VGA gang are more passionate about those sections, so I’m not sure if the majority doesn’t like it. A survey would be useful of the majority of the community (including YouTube) participates in it. Which is going to be the hard part, because nobody likes to fill out surveys, even if it’s a poll without requiring registrations.


    Unless if it’s a triple AAA game or the gaming community is going nuts over the game, it should not be part of a S&T.
    Cut the S&T down to 2 hours, and play some games.



    As long as they keep the movies and tv trailers I’ll be happy. I know some people don’t like that they do that but those are interesting, some indy game no one’s ever heard of isn’t. They can cut down all the game trailers but the tv/movie ones should stay.



    Cutting off movie and TV show trailers and increasing focus on funny videos and viral videos sounds like a good idea! I actually wouldn’t mind if they cut off most of Show & Trailers and just focused on a few important ones. Like, maybe have 1 hour show + play some games afterwards? To be honest, most of their reactions are not that interesting, it’s mostly “Okay, so that happened”, since it’s mostly games/movies they don’t really care about. Some reactions are really good though (such as the South Park reactions).

    I’d say that their reactions when watching indie game trailers are generally more interesting than their reactions when watching AAA game trailers.



    So I dunno about anyone else, but I actually use show and trailer to educated myself with what is going in the video game world. Like it’s my primary source for trailers and news of video games. If they cut it down, that would be fine, but I would probably miss a lot more release dates.



    I think Show and Trailer was probably one of my main reasons for buying and playing Aviary Attorney (good game, worth playing, I bet Fraser will love at least parts of the first case). In general I find out about new games through people telling me, and I check out GameRankings once in a while to see if any new game got good ratings. I’m not terribly worried about keeping up with news though, I’ve plenty of games to play anyway, so I’m in no real rush to pick up most new releases. So in general I wouldn’t really be too sad if they did bi-monthly Show & Trailers and just focused on the most important stuff (with good reactions) and instead would have some more 4/5-Player Fridays (those are some of the best parts of the show).

    And with “not too sad” I mean I’d be happy that we’d be getting more shows of them playing games. Watching people play games is often more fun for me than watching people watch other people play games (though some trailers are pretty funny, although most aren’t). I’d also imagine it would be less stressful for Fraser since apparently finding and editing videos for Show & Trailer takes quite a bit of time. Playing some Jackbox or Mario Party ought to be easier to set-up, and those shows are pretty great (and probably more fun for the crew instead of watching trailers for several hours).


    Except for overwatch, the show seems to be “Let’s react to trailers & Preview games”
    There has not been a long haul in ages.
    Does Fraser no longer LOVE video games? (Loving it means you want to continue playing it)
    That’s what it feels like right now.

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    I never usually comment on these type of threads because they tend to pop up every few months, same talking points, and then closed but I kind of feel like I have to. No longer likes video games? C’mon. A lot of times I’m sure they read these threads and think “ok, they may have a few good points” and then you come out with an insulting, absurd statement like that when video games are his livelihood as though you are speaking facts. He loves Overwatch, liked World of Final Fantasy, loved Darkest Dungeon, liked For Honor, Loved Battlefield 1, etc. If you are going to make critiques of the show that’s all well and good, I for sure don’t agree with a lot of things and they do welcome input, but a statement like that? And then you guys wonder why the mods shut down threads like these.


    Fine, changed to loving.



    I think you could make a decently strong case for Ben, Deacon, and/or Kyle being less interested in video games than before, but Fraser? Maybe he’s less interested, but he clearly still likes video games. Same with Becky.

    It’s true that there haven’t been many long-hauls recently. It seems like long-hauls will be more rare in the future, and we’ll only get one or two per year, in favour of more reaction shows (which I’m not a super big fan of) and more “Let’s try this game for 2 hour” shows (which is hit or miss, depending on the game). I think that’s a bit unfortunate since what drew me to the show was certain long-hauls (Phoenix Wright, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and South Park: The Stick of Truth in particular, though VVVVVV was pretty funny too) and 4/5-Player Fridays (which seem less frequent these days). I don’t really care for lonesomes much at all (I very rarely watch solo-let’s plays these days, with Undertale being kind of an exception since there’s so much to react to).

    Still. We’ll be getting more Apollo Justice at some point, and South Park: The Fractured but Whole is likely to be a very fun experience. The Nintendo Switch will likely provide for some fun shows too, especially when it comes to multiplayer games.


    First off, I adore this show, and the whole crew. I’ve been watching for years now (Arkaham Asylum was my first show) , and I have no intention of stopping. But I would have to agree, for the last while the show has seemed a little sluggish to me. I miss the long-hauls, and the costumes. I miss the scary/spooky games at Halloween, and the huge Minecraft builds ( though I do love the new ones this year, even if they are smaller. Which is understandable as apparently the community is smaller now).
    Fraser has made the show more casual, which has a certain appeal (and I imagine has made the show easier to make) but the result is it feels less like a show. It doesn’t have the same “oomph”. I’m actually watching a few of their older playthroughs, and I hate to say it, but there is a noticable difference. Not huge, but it’s there.
    With that said, I still love you guys, and I’ll continue to watch (even considering becoming a Turbo), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days of VGA.



    No, it is not. I’ve been watching VGA for 5+ years and I still love it, even though it has evolved over time. I’m so sick of people saying they play too much Overwatch – I’m not interested in Overwatch stuff either but they produce so much content that I have no shortage of episodes to watch. Just look at the last few weeks – Battlefield 1, Civ VI, Jackbox 3, The Final Station, World of Final Fantasy, Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, S&T – and those were all really fun to watch. Yes, there have been some games that are disappointing, which is tough, but there are so many games that Fraser and Becky love and are extremely excited to play. I just don’t see the point in whining online about how the “magic” is gone – if you don’t like the show anymore, feel free to stop watching.



    I dont know….I mean their is a differece in tone and sometimes that can rub the wrong way, but has it lost its magic? I dont think so.



    Shortest Possible answer to this question: No.



    i still love every minute hence why i contribute so much



    I wouldn’t say the magic is lost. I still absolutely love VGA and get excited every time I get an email notification of them going live. Then I lose my interest because they are playing a game I don’t have much interest in, but that’s alright. They have been doing a lot more shows than when I started watching in 2010. I used to watch all the live streams, now I pick the games I like. And there are still plenty of those. I’m usually not much of a let’s play fan, unless they have an extraordinary sense of humor. So for me the shows with the full couch are almost always a hit. VGA over the years lost a bit of it’s rawness. But that’s only natural. The guys get older, the show becomes more polished, but it’s still a unique concept and often the original humor is still very much there. They still don’t give a single fuck about behaving for future sponsors, they still make jokes that are slightly on the edge, they still like to mess with each other and Fraser still occasionally Frages. I love the addition of movie nights, I love that Show and Trailers are now a monthly thing, I love how they still interact with the community and show appreciation for what the community gives them. For me the magic is still there.



    Slider, I actually like the MTG episode. You can tell they’re having a ton of fun doing something goofy, and that’s what brought me to the show in the first place.

    I’ve been a pretty silent fan of VGA (and AVG) since the early days of VGA (think Wii Ballet and Red Dead), and there is a difference between those shows, the shows a few years ago, and now. I’m not going to say they “lost their magic” or anything like that, it’s just obvious that, a lot of the time, they’re not having fun. The Four Play Friday stuff, Overwatch (although I don’t play), and Show and Trailer seem to be some of the few times they’re actually having fun, and I think a big part of it is that they’re mostly playing indies, which means they don’t have to worry about content ID and they’re not dropping $60 on a mediocre AAA they won’t be able to monetize after a day.

    I know Fraser never wanted to make the show negative by ripping on games or playing games he hates, but as long as the crew is having fun, I have fun watching. Like OnTheMoon said, the Pokemon X playthrough was hilarious, as were Animal Crossing and other one-look videos where they had fun playing and talking about the game, positive or negative. I think what the OP (and some others in the thread) are feeling is that it’s not fun to watch someone feel stressed or unhappy about playing a game. That’s not Fraser or Becky’s fault; life is just hard. I hope they feel more comfortable playing stuff they genuinely enjoy going forward.

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