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    I’m sure we have all been patient with Fraser and Becky in their move to Japan. It was a big thing and I enjoyed Fraser’s vlogs immensely. But now that the show has started back up and they’ve been giving regular shows, I think its not only unprofessional but incredibly rude and dismissive towards the patreons and turbos that we don’t get any updates for sometimes a full week.

    Fraser’s last show/tweet was on the 4th of November. It is now the 10th. I, for one, would love to know what he/Becky is up to during that time. I don’t mean what they are up to in their daily lives, I mean – if they aren’t doing shows are they in meetings with Breaker Japan? Is Fraser putting stuff together for the show? Or are they taking bike rides around Japan and having naps on hammocks or having riveting games of Overwatch?

    I signed up for their Patreon when they moved to Japan. I wanted to support them and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth and I really enjoy the show still. I won’t be “unsubscribing” from Patreon or Youtube. I just want to be able to tell Fraser that when you have a fanbase that gives you money, it’s not out of the goodness of our hearts. We expect shows in return. And when you go almost a full week without any updates it kind of makes us feel like you’re taking advantage of us.

    I know this will come across as me being selfish or petty. “They don’t owe us anything”. That would be true, if we weren’t supporting them through Patreon. That’s just my feelings on the issue. Does anyone else feel the same? I really hated writing this but… it’s just annoying when the creator of one of the only internet shows I enjoy seems dismissive of the job and life his fans have given him.

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    Which twitter account of theirs do you follow? They tweet quite a bit on their more personal accounts, Fraser’s being @FarFromSubtle and Becky’s being @missblow.





    Is there a line in their pateron that says “we will update you almost daily”?
    If not, then this is not a requirement!



    While not a requirement I do think it is one that most of the community would appreciate. Though since moving to Japan the updates have gotten better and the schedule is much more consistent. I think in addition to tweeting about upcoming shows and times; it would be nice if Fraser could tweet when they’re not planning to go live for the day or next couple days. This would be useful especially in times where they haven’t gone live in 2-5 days. That’s just my suggestion from a long time viewer I still love watching the shows.

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