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    Does anyone feel like there have been less shows and fewer uploads to the website recently?
    Maybe its just me but I remember having shows every few days and those shows being on the website, now
    im seeing things on youtube but not the website which is where I view the content.
    Anyone know if theres a reason for this? I’m not trying to complain but I would like to know if I should stop using the site
    and just watch on youtube for content from now on.

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    Well Frash I think addressed this in the recent show & trailer mentioning that usually the summer is when they have less shows. The only thing he has been doing which is hard to miss is his obsession for Overwatch at the moment. I don’t think there’s less shows as usual but most of the time take away from playing other games has been replaced with Overwatch right now. That’s just a bit of my theory there. It could be that streaming Overwatch 3 or more times a week could be why you think there has been less shows.



    I think that summer also tends to be that time of year where people are more busy. I know for myself, I definitely haven’t been tuning into the livestreams as much since I’ve been on vacation and been busy working on cosplays and had conventions happening. Only just got back to playing some OW yesterday after a number of weeks. Though I admit, finally getting to DA:Inquisition has sucked up that time too. XD Summer tends to be a slow time for new releases too. Companies tend to care mostly about the holiday season when people are shopping more.

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    That still doenst explain why videos are being uploaded to youtube and not the site, I want to know where I can best support them.
    If that means to stop coming here but go to youtube instead I will.



    The game industry does this every year, hardly any noteworthy games are released in the summer and only a few indies fill that large void. As a result, Fraser does a lot of lonesome shows of the same 1-2 games which I suppose can go unnoticed by regular viewers. He’s currently playing a lot of overwatch and a lot of it is just the same gameplay. You can’t blame him, but on the bright side, we’re not to far away from the end of the season.



    It is also my understanding that it gets really hot in the studeo in summer, so the crew has limited hours to film. Meaning that if they’re doing some other work (ie AVG or something) they may not be recording as often because they have a smaller window to work in.



    To answer your other question, I believe the site uses YouTube embeds, and I don’t think the site has ads, so it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. The majority of support to VGA comes from Patreon and Tads (with Amazon purchases giving them a small tip, and Chrono.gg giving a small share of proceeds from only one game so far). If you want to show your support, check out Tads for iOS and Android.

    I’m guessing it’s a bit of a hassle to embed the backlog of YouTube videos to the main site.



    It’s also possible Fraser just forgets to post the latest uploads to the VGA site itself. I don’t think that sort of thing is automated, though it would probably be cool if they found a way to make it so. Everything has been sort of a slog as of late, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see little things like that getting lost along the way. Honestly, I hardly notice it as I generally watch YouTube or Twitch for anything new going on that I may have missed. Oh, and the Twitter feed.

    As for the show itself slowing down, yeah, as others have said above, it’s the summer. Things are always slow during the summer (late winter too). That could just include remembering to post updates to the site. It’s kind of funny that the argument is brought up that there aren’t enough games to play during the summer months, when at the same time there’s a near-endless backlog of stuff available if need be to fill in the time. Witcher 3, Undertale encore, a more serious try at Dark Souls 3, or even games they outright skipped like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

    The real reason why the summer is always slow is because it’s damned hot in the studio, and if there are ever any shows at all, it’ll be at the brink of midnight. So shows overall just get put off unless it’s an urgent new release that needs a first look, especially now as it’s so much easier to just do endless Overwatch instead. I’m sure there’s also a sense of feeling guilt doing real shows at late night because there’s a smaller viewer base at those hours, though that’s just my take on it.



    I do know some shows are not uploaded to this site. I wanted to get a look at the Minecraft Summer Camp/E3 show – and finally figured out it was uploaded to YouTube only. Not sure why – but that is the way they do it sometimes.



    My bad, I just now realized that you were talking about this website. I thought you were talking about youtube. In that case, I think it’s easier to upload videos to youtube. Everything they stream goes up on youtube. I generally think this site is useful to bring together the community. I don’t ever come to the site to watch videos they uploaded but to see what the community is up or what everybody is talking about.



    @anonturbo You openly challenged us to argue with you after posting assumptions as fact. Try to bait us again and you’re banned.




    You made baseless accusations stated as fact and literately asked us to fight you. I also didn’t ban your other account, just deleted the post, but thanks for trying to circumvent our rules nonetheless.



    Way to prove you’re not a troll, dude.


    Here’s all the reasons I see.
    1. Summer = Too hot
    2. Overwatch = He’s addicted to it, and his fans are if they keep watching
    3. More Money = If you got more money, you don’t have to make as many shows, because shows can be stressful
    4. Less games = What great games are there atm, that Fraser & Becky will enjoy? (Remember, just because you get Hyped for a game, doesn’t mean they will. I have own some good games, but my mood to play something other then Smash atm is LOW)
    5. Movie night & AVG = No clue how often he’s working on an AVG episode, hopefully constantly otherwise the crew will age throughout the video. Movie night is a new & recent thing, and does take away a bit of the gaming.

    ATM, I won’t complain.. however, I will be quite sad if Nintendo makes lots of exciting games for the NX, and Fraser skips most of them



    I clearly didn’t. And, just a note, I don’t have access to ban on the forum, so at least one other person needs to agree that you’re being a pest.

    You tried to start a fight, have spammed, and are creating multiple accounts to troll and are suffering the consequences. You didn’t even get banned for your first post, it was just deleted for being antagonistic and rude.



    It’s the same conversation every year at this time.
    The weather is nice and there are not that many interesting games out – less shows, ever single year.
    Give them some time off, we’ll get more shows when the big flood of games is here next month.



    I personally love the time off because it gives me time to get caught up on shows I missed while working or studying, etc.! Just started Mass Effect can you believe it? I watch most shows and I still have a backlog! I hope they’re enjoying their vacation as much as I’m enjoying mine!



    I’m not even sure they’re on vacation at all. They worked on building the AVG set, waiting on Kyle to get more time scheduled in to work on his part of the set (who is busy as heck with Hue N Ink Designs, and apparently another full-time job), putting together Tales From The Borderlands costumes, produced S&T and APT consistently on a monthly basis (regardless of weather), and still do shows with new releases. And Fraser has repeatedly looked for opportunities to move the couch again to do a week-long VR show (namely because he wants to burn through all the VR stuff in one go before moving the couch back again).

    I should add that Fraser has taken all of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents from the AVG Patreon, because he deliberately setup the Patreon to not release any money until a new episode is released, which currently there are none, so he has not gained anything, and is likely working at a loss to produce the first episode.

    And with only a few weeks until the Fall season kicks in, I can’t help but feel like Fraser and Becky will come into the new season of VGA utterly exhausted as even more new releases flood creating more daunting work, as our demands ask for damn well everything. I never felt like VGA’s season ended at all. I mean sure they took a few hours off from what I saw on their Twitters, but… Their breaks are never really long enough to just lie down and say, “I’m passing out and don’t wake me up for a week. Go away.”


    All things considered, Frash is actually much more active this summer compared to last. Just for reference, this is a list of video-game shows (IE non-S&T/Movie Night) done in the summers (June-Aug) of ’14-’16

    Dragon Age: Origins (x11 episodes), Hearthstone (x7), Wolfenstein (x3), Destiny (x3), Wolf Among Us (x2), Watch Dogs (x2), Dark Souls 2 (x2), Walking Dead S2 (x2), Murdered: Soul Suspect, E3, Valiant Hearts, Shovel Knight, Ittle Dew, Pushmo World, Monsters Ate my Birthday Cake, Transistor, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Rogue Legacy, Variety of TMNT games, PT

    Arkham Knight (x9), Hearthstone (x4), Adventures of Pip, Bloodstained kickstarter, E3, Life is Strange, Everybody’s gone to the Rapture, Until Dawn

    Overwatch (x20), Uncharted 4 (x5), Inside (x2), Minecraft Summer Games Preview (x2), 4play Friday (Push me, Rogue Stormers, Party Saboteur, Drawful, Quiplash), E3, VR Show (Fantastic Contraption, Tilt Brush, The Lab), VR Minecraft, Drawful 2, Minecraft Summer/E3, Doom, Resident Evil 7 Demo, Headlander, Zombie Night Terror, Telltale’s Batman, No Man’s Sky

    So, yes, there used to be a lot more shows pre-patreon, but they were also during a time where Frash was far more stressed with the show, so those days really shouldn’t be seen as “the standard”.

    I mean, something that gets overlooked, but really should be pointed out, is that Frash is a perfectionist. It should be obvious, but the show’s quality has always been of the utmost importance to him. Frash has mentioned, on multiple occasions, that before the show was able to sustain itself, he felt stressed over having to push out so many shows. In fact, in a recent post-show, he even mentioned how (in his eyes) the show’s quality suffered because of it. That when he felt forced to do a show that he wasn’t completely mentally ready for one, the difference is quality became apparent (Also try to imagine how hot it gets in that studio with those bright lights, even in non-summer months). With the success of the Patreon, however, he no longer feels as pressured into doing shows when he isn’t ready. Some people may see that pressure as a good thing, because it meant more content, but that also meant lower quality (maybe not to most, but at the very least, to the host, which in turn, caused him more stress).



    How the hell did the thread turn into “Fraser not embedding videos onto the website to why the lack of shows?”



    @mryawning: Probably because of the title.



    I clearly riled up some sort of storm, I thought it was a simple question. My bad didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

    Especially that ISO part, I got scared.

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    Oh don’t worry, you didn’t cause any trouble. We misinterpreted your forum topic, but your message explains what you meant. We all got the proper context in the end. And don’t worry about the Iso part, since that was an isolated incident that was quickly resolved thanks to him. All good. Point is, now you got your questions answered.

    As a side note, for those wondering why Summer shows are difficult to do, a major reason is clearly shown in the Minecraft Summer Games episode (which just finished at the time of this writing). The power went out TWICE because the room was cooking like a sauna. They needed ice packs for themselves because the AC was nowhere near enough. Apparently the breaker kept tripping because it appears (not confirmed, but it’s a strong possibility) that the equipment was running on full load, and the high temperature pushed it over the edge. The heat is so bad in the studio, that the equipment is literally suffering for it. Fraser did anticipate with battery backups though, so imagine how many electronics he has in there. It’s not the only reason for reduced shows during the Summer (which again, I don’t feel like the VGA season ended at all, given the actual facts on how many livestreams we got, so I don’t consider this a break between seasons), but it’s certainly a huge reason.

    And finally, Patreon backers can remove their pledges, so it’s not like Fraser and Becky has guaranteed financial security. His business isn’t automated to make money. Doesn’t work that way. Plus their monthly living expenses are different from a typical family given the nature of their business (multiple ISPs likely on corporate plans, skyrocketed electricity bill, shared proceeds with VGA gang, presumably contracted Kyle for AVG set building, etc.). I actually see $4K as just making ends meet. So the lack of shows does hurt Fraser’s business if Patreon backers don’t maintain their faith in FFSTV. Which is why… They’re not relaxing. At all. No I don’t consider the midnight hike as a vacation. That’s just part of a single day, so it’s more of a brief work break. No I don’t consider the visit to family as a vacation, since Fraser stayed behind and did Overwatch shows. I consider that more about reconnecting with loved ones, because you know… Taking family for granted is one way to build regret in life.

    Not entirely related to this topic, but if anybody had that question coming into this thread, then here’s a perspective that can hopefully offer some answers.


    Power outage twice?
    I want to watch that episode!
    That would explain the summer issue



    Oi. @k-16 Thank you so much. Your previous post just put everything to words that I didn’t have the energy to. *Testify* buddy. Thank you.

    AND, haha, to bring it full circle back to @boshudio original question – Yeah, we haven’t been uploading the most recent episodes to the VGA home page. We do need to get on that! I’ve made a list of what is currently missing, we’ll update eventually!

    *Although, for the record, I should add that I haven’t been working on the Tale costumes. I know, I know! I hear you all. I’ll get to it!

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    @missblow thanks for the clarification, I just realized I have twitter notifications off so thats how I’ve been missing some shows. In regards to the other part I’ll watch on youtube for now so yall get that sweet ad revenue.



    @boshudio If you have an iPhone or Android phone, I would suggest checking out Tad and adding FFSTV to it. It’s an app for watching ads and it has a bigger impact to support VGA than YouTube or Twitch.

    @missblow Good to hear that I had the right idea with my perspective (minus the costume bit, but your honesty is much appreciated). Without actually being there, everything I say is only an opinion from observation and speculation, as I have no way to confirm anything as fact. Try to take it easy you two. I don’t want you guys fretting over recent or upcoming releases. It should be a passionate project, and not daunting work due to our widespread demands on damn well everything. Maybe when the time comes for costume work on Borderlands, you could film it as a revival of Becky Blow Builds? Your channel could use a video sometime in the distant future.



    @k-16 @missblow I second that I love watching becky blow builds



    Some of these posts should be copy-pasted for the next time someone thinks that Fraser and Becky have an easy job, primarily K-16, who summed it up perfectly.

    Not saying that the OP thought that, not at all, I know that wasn’t the intent of the thread. Its that there’s people (mainly in the Youtube comments) that seem to feel that way, that playing video games on a show is so easy. If it was so easy to run a streaming business that way, especially with the setup that Fraser has, there’d be a lot more of them out there.



    Thanks for the compliment. I also wish to nominate GalacticGlacier’s post as the information is based on actual fact and statistics. Very good research there compared to my, at best, speculation. I’m also wondering how one runs such a business in Vancouver. I heard from friends that the living expenses in that city aren’t really manageable (apparently immigrants are causing job and housing market disruptions), and with their currency being as strong as… Uh, what was it again? Singapore I think? Work income isn’t keeping up with inflation at all. As far as I know, FarFromSubtle Productions is Vancouver’s largest online independent streamer, but I can’t think of how one keeps such a business sustained. And if you were to start now, you’d still need a year before you have a strong enough community to cover part of your living expenses and turn it into a part-time job. There’s so much I don’t understand about streaming as a business instead of a hobby.

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