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    I know there are people who don’t really care for the Mass Effect shows, but for me Mass Effect 3 is THE VGA show I’ve been waiting for. And for that reason I’ve been wondering a bit about what choices the gang will make throughout the game.


    I’m really hoping that they wouldn’t sabotage the cure on Tuchanka, that way we might get to see another Frash Frash tearing up moment like we did with The Walking Dead. I mean they LOVE Mordin and the way he goes in that scene is absolutely beautiful.  And that in mind, plus the fact that they hate the salarians and wouldn’t probably do what the Dalatrass tells them to in any circumstance, I think this is a pretty sure case. Then again, Fraser did support the genophage in the first place…


    I’ve bee getting some mixed information with the Rannoch and the way how you acquire the “best” choices, Can someone tell if they have already locked it out, or can they still get it? Because if they have to choose between the geth and the quarians, I have no idea what they’ll do.


    The ending seems somewhat clear to me. Seeing their renegade mentality I think they’ll go for the Destroy ending.


    What really worries me about this playthrough (as it did with the previous ones) is that they’ll go with the 100% renegade simply because they’ve decided to. And that could really backfire since Shepard in this not even being dickish anymore, just plainly cruel. It’d be best for the show it they would just look at each choice individually and decide what the best option would be for them.

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    To be fair, with the Citadel last night.  Frash seems to have a Phobia of looking at menus and maps during the show, he could have done all that stuff in an hour/hour and a half tops.  If he had looked at the maps:

    – Go see Thane and Ashley
    – Go see Aria, where she makes a big point about talking to Bailey
    – Go see Bailey, and the Kasumi side mission starts right outside his office
    – Go to the Terminals in the dock, and talk to the other gang leader
    – Finish Kasumi mission (this can go at the end too)
    – Go to Commons to meet a bunch of people on the maps for various side missions

    As long as you look at the maps, you can see if there is any Squadmates to chat to.  Frash went to the Citadel, and jumped to Commons, where he slowly explored everything, then he went and started the side missions which sent him back around the areas.

    I’m not blaming him, I am just saying thats where the legnth of the episode went to… also, he needs to overcome his fear of entering a menu during the show…  >_>


    Does he have to switch levels for the conversations you have to listen into to go along? I remember just walking around but I’m probably misremembering.


    Generally, over the course of the whole game, you’ll return to areas and hear more of the convo.  Its so there is interesting chatter going on every time you visit before it starts repeating.


    More? Today? Or are they on a christmas break?



    i didn’t like that change from active conversations to what is basically eavesdropping on people. Such a development short cut like so much else in this game. It was like they built some epic moments to experience and then didn’t have the budget or time to do the less epic detail.

    I have been watching Fraser’s reaction to some of the design decisions and it would be interesting to hear his opinion in a post-show. He looked a bit wierded out by the EDI thing and unimpressed by some other changes.

    Looking forward to those epic moments to come though.



    The show timer says ME3 on saturday at 1 PM PST, probably something codemite had heard from Fraser somewhere.

    And it should be pretty epic. There’s Grisom Academy and from Ashes next, and after that’s is off to the Krogans. Though with a total of five missions, I have some bad feelings they might call it a day right before the finale. In that case I would recommend ending the show 20 minutes early and saving the bomb disposal for next week. That way there’s still time to get back imersed into the storyline and build up the right mood for what is one of the two best parts of the game, and the entire series, in my oppinion.



    Yeah, the eavesdropping is one of the most notable signs of cutting corners in the game. And it’s one of those touches that really takes away from the game. The NPCs used to feel so much more real with proper animation, lipsynch, facial expressions and movements. That also gave more motivation for doing the sidequests; so you could see how they would react. And some of those reactions were SOOO rewarding.


    In another words the characters were ALIVE.


    Anyone got a guess how many shows they have till the end of Tuchanka? I can’t really remember how long it takes anymore, and I’m off to do my military service in January, so I’m curious if I’m able to catch that before I leave. It’s easily my favorite moment in the series.



    Yeah I agree with the NPC side missions and lack of actual interaction. Especially the one with Charr and Ereba (is that her name? I can’t remember. The krogan and asari couple). It would have a lot more touching with an actual scene and conversation instead of her just saying “she needs a moment” and then continues to just stand there :/

    As for how long Tuchanka will take, my guess is around 2-3 episodes? 4 tops. Idk. It depends on how long Fraser takes on the Citadel listening to conversations (and little things that will possibly be pointed out by the chat) as well as talking to the crew.



    I wouldn’t mind the eavesdropping if you didn’t have to run back and forth to hear the full conversation. I understand that the idea was for the player to hear the stories over the course of the game, but in the case of “PTSD Soldier”, the story is interesting and I really wanted to hear how it played out right away.

    I think what we’ll see tomorrow is Grissom, From Ashes, the mission where they find the female Krogan and then the Rachni mission. That’ll make for a nice end to the show cos it’s a pretty great mission.
    Then the next show they’ll do the remaining 3 Tuchanka Missions- Extract the Turian team, Disarm the Bomb and then the final (amazing!) Tuchanka Mission.

    Atleast I hope that’s how they do it. It would make for 2 story and action filled shows with little fluff, like the previous Citadel show.


    i doubt they’ll do 4 missions on one episode.



    I completely forgot about the rachni mission. In that case, the Tuchanka finale will definately not be today. Academy, from Ashes, Salarians, Rachni, Giant Guns, Turian Rescue, Bomb disposal, Finale. Maybe threw in a Cerberus mission or two as well, like Fighter Base, Rescue Civilians, or Reaper Artifacts. However, the Guns and the Cerberus missions are very short and probably won’t take more than 20 minutes each. And after that ordeal last episode, there will be no interruptions, just action missions and the Normandy. I think it can be done in two episodes and does not require three.

    For games they complete, they usually make about 1 episode per week, so I would expect the Tuchanka finale around next weekend, January 4th to 8th.

    After that, there’s still the Citadel, and then Rannoch and the offensive against Cerberus, which will take an entire episode each. So I think there will be at least five more episodes including the one today, maybe even six.



    I just hope they can avoid segments like the ones with the Citadel in the future. I don’t mind them playing the game the way they want, but slow, tedious progress like that is just bad for the show. But I’m sure they’ll get to the gist of it soon enough, once they get used to the game. I think talking to the crew members after every main mission or so would work well, and perhaps check out the Citadel whenever they got a side mission to do there.



    I think they pretty much took care of almost ALL of that. Those Citadel Side-Quests I remember from my playthrough last month are the Batarian embasy codes and the blackmailed Volus ambassador, which are of the more interesting ones.

    The rest is making photos in the refugee camp, visting the sick batarian terrorist, asking for trading medical supplies, and talking to the Matriarch, which all take under 5 minutes.

    Scanning for artifacts and delivering them is rather boring, but I think none of them have time limits and Fraser can just do all of them off the show towards the end, if he feels like it. Not that it would make a difference in the end.



    I personally think there could be even up to six or seven more episodes depending on pacing.  I imagine there will be today and at MOST they would finish how Yora said, up to possibly the Rachni mission. Then next show they would do Tuchanka. The next show, I’d imagine the Citadel attack, then wandering the citadel after, the squad mate talks if it starts up then, and possibly one of the side missions (Maybe the monastery). After that there is still then all of Rannoch (The dreadnaught + 3 missions on planet) which would probably take an episode. Then they still have Jacob’s rescue mission (idk where that’d fit and who currs really about Jacob), Thessia and Horizon, which might be one episode together. Finally, there is the final assault on Cerberus and returning to Earth (which should be its own episode all together, though it could be the longest one). That is six so far, and depending on pacing, it could get down to five or be as long as seven.

    There is also Zaeed’s side mission on the Citadel, but I forget when you get access to that, or where it could fall in.

    They also said they would do the other DLC after completing the game, so if they still do that then another episode or two as well. Personally, I hope one of the mods could try to convince them not to wait, or at least to do Leviathan before completing the game, since it fixes some narrative weaknesses when you get to the end.

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    From Ashes should never have been DLC (or a preorder bonus for that matter) in the first place. The importance it has in the story makes it really necessary before finishing the main missions.




    I never played it and I don’t feel like there’s anything missing.

    Unlike Lair of the Shadow Broker, which has the first third of the storyline in the game and all but tells you to buy the DLC to continue playing.



    It’s not game breaking to not have it in, but since they’re playing the game post-DLC being released (as opposed to those who finished game when it came out, and then had to have DLC months later), it would just be better for them to play it during the actual main game for a more complete story. After playing Leviathan, I had to rush to the ending of the game again because I had a lot of questions and I hoped star child could answer (and he briefly does, although about as much as he answers anything — meaning not at all really.)  However, instead of them feeling possibly how I did (going “WHAT? Why wasn’t this in the game originally?! From Ashes was bad enough to be extra but now this?!”), they’d only have to get to the end once.

    Either way though it’s not really a big deal if they don’t finish Leviathan before the end game, and going back at playing it wouldn’t be a waste by any means for a post game episode. However, in my personal opinion if I had a friend who was playing ME3 for the first time with all DLC included, I’d encourage them to do Leviathan before the game end (I’d encourage them to do Omega too, but from a show standpoint I understand holding off).

    I just feel that lore-wise, Bioware/EA really dropped the ball (or more rather, exploited the ball for more money like they did with From Ashes). Omega is a true DLC – not necessary for the overall story but great fun (more than Leviathan tbh), but Leviathan answers a lot of questions lore wise and obviously was planned and held off for mad cash returns.



    I highly doubt Leviathan was planned before the game was released. It was pretty much a direct response to criticism about the StarChild, and a continuation of Bioware’s efforts to salvage their mess of an ending.

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    I hope they don’t end up using the prothean laser. It’s a really boring over-powered gun.



    So, how can we make sure Fraser gets the opportunity to shot Ashley dead?

    Because he keeps saying how much he hates her every time, and I am quite sure he will do it if given the chance. Or at least it would be entertaining to see how he would justify not doing it.

    The two times I played the game, I did not chose the PARAGON DIALOG OPTION to tell her to get out of the way and then I got the chance to use the RENEGADE ACTION to shot her. Now I am not exactly sure what happens if you take the RENEGADE DIALOG OPTION, but most of the time that one seems to be about intimidating the enemy to give up without a fight. But in this case we WANT a fight!

    Does anyone know for sure if intimidating Ashley makes it impossible to kill her or if there is still the opportunity after that? And if you HAVE to take the “neutral” Dialog Option to get a shot at her, how could we inform Fraser in advance not to take the Renegade Dialog Option? Maybe something like “Remember, the RENEGADE DIALOG OPTIONS make the enemy surrender. Do NOT use it at the end of the level to getter a better way to break the Standoff”. Or at least have some Turbos who played the game make a snerf when it comes to that moment and Fraser asks what to do.



    Honestly I don’t know if there’s a way to tell him how to do it without spoiling it in some way.

    We should really just let him do what he wants and hope for the best. Someone could tell him afterwards and if he wants to reload the game to kill her, he can.


    Spoil it. I don’t think Fraser cares if it’s a spoiler related to ashley.



    Are you kidding me? Obviously you don’t spoil it. Especially if you’re not sure how to get him to shoot her. The same thing happened with Grunt when everyone was begging to kill the queen because he’s going to die for sure.

    Whenever the chat says “Don’t do this, do that, it’s funnier/deeper/better that way SNARF SNARF”, it’s almost never worth it. Just let him play the story however he wants, and tell him later that he could have shot her if he didn’t.


    Yeah, stay away from Spoilers.  Frash will make the decisions he deems appropriate for Space Duck.  If you want to see a certain outcome in the game, best off playing it yourself.

    Ashley’s survival leads to a very funny drunk moment, so there is no reason to say she must die.



    It’s a stupid suggestion to say Turbos should spoil it.
    I swear if somebody actually tries, (like they did with the Grunt thing), I’ll be really pissed.



    Unasked snarfs are not allowed anymore, so that should help.



    Remember he cares about ALL SPOILERS. And even if he doesn’t care about this particular one,we will not spoil.We’re not inside his head,so we don’t know if he really cares or not. It could ruin the fun for chat,Fraser/Becky/Ben, and just cause a huge problem in general.

    So no,DO NOT SPOIL IT.



    Is the Asari-Monastery available after Rennoch? Otherwise that one should be at the start of the next episode.


    They haven’t even landed on Rannoch.



    I’m curious. How much is left of Mass Effect 3 before the third act? Never played the games myself.

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