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    Is that time of year again, where we reminisce about the things that happend this year.

    So to get nostalgic I would like to hear your favorite and least favorite show of this year.

    My favorite show this year is: FFXV
    I love it when Fraser has to play games that are filled with WTF moments. (just like the Beyond two souls and D4 shows)

    And the least favorite show of this year is: XCOM 2
    This show was just a mess :/

    BTW thank you Fraser, Becky, Deacon, Ben and Kyle for the unforgettable moments this year.
    And the TURBOS, thank you for being one of the few well behaved and fun community on the internet.

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    D’awe. That was such a nice post to read @timothyvhs!

    Favourite Show: Overcooked! I had SO much fun with these episodes!
    Least Favourite: Overwatch! Because I just want to be inside playing instead of watching ;) Haha, but of course I still loved being on the show for these. I learn quite a bit watching others’ play styles.



    Favorite Show: Any which made us as a whole, crew and chat nearly dying of laughter.

    Least Favorite: The games that disappointed us, frustrated us, those with potential but was squandered.

    Yeah I may be cheating a little here but the thing is I enjoy any VGA live stream so long as we’re enjoying ourselves and having fun. Even in the more frustrating games so long as we persevere because a game had good moments or is fun, etc. we’re getting something out of it.

    Phoenix Wright is a good example, the games are getting to be a bit more ridiculous with it’s logic but we’re having fun because Fraser (and occasionally Becky) are providing us with these fantastic voices and are making fun of a fair bit, like how our magic ring is a cock ring in Apollo Justice and all the jokes we can milk out of things like that.

    But in those games-No Man’s Sky-being one of them where we just get angry because we’re stuck playing this crapshoot of a game then there really isn’t anything to keep us going.

    There’s a phrase I often use to answer if a show is entertaining to the viewers when Fraser asks “if this specific show is entertaining despite how silent the crew might be”, and that is “If the crew is having fun, then the chat is having fun.”



    I think my favorite shows were Conga Line or Overcooked. I love Four Play Fridays.
    Least Favorite: I don’t care much for Apollo Justice, but that’s just my personal preference. I do like the highlights people make off it.



    Fav: the Minecraft Awesome build challenges, it was a great year for the MCA community

    Least: Hearthstone

    Overall another great year, thanks to The VGA crew, Mods, Turbos and viewers on Twitch (Shadow Chat Represent!)



    My favorite was probably either Overcooked or the VR shows (since they were super innovative on the show’s part and it was so fun to see Fraser and Becky discover how to do it).

    Least favorite… Eh, I don’t have one that I necessarily DISLIKED, but I guess I’ll go with the Kingdom Hearts show? I know it was a reward for Patreon, but I felt like it was a good example of why the crew should play games they’re interested in – it’s more fun that way rather than watching them be cynical. That, and the beginning of that game is boring as hell.

    I loved this past year as well, even though I haven’t been as active in the community as I’d like to be. I had a tough year, but I have been really grateful to have VGA episodes to look forward to. It’s been super therapeutic and I love having all of you guys around! :)

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