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    Today is the day 1.9 launches for the PC. I know many of you are excited for it, and want to tell everyone, but let me answer your questions first.

    Will we update the perma-server (World 3) to 1.9?
    Not at this time, since most of our plugins rely on Spigot (Which is currently stable on 1.7) and other mods that haven’t been updated, we will be waiting for a stable version before we move to 1.9. We will inform you if anything happens, but for now, it will remain 1.7.

    What about the challenge servers?
    For future build challenges, we might be using 1.9, since we don’t need many plugins to run a monthly build.

    I love 1.9! I want to share the news with the world!
    Hold your horses, I ask that you don’t share what 1.9 does with any of the crew (Fraser and Becky) since we will be planning a 1.9 update build. So please, talk with turbos, but remain silent about it around crew.

    I still have all these questions and you haven’t answered them!
    Well then post your questions below and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

    Thank you!

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    I realize it may be a while before Spigot is updated to 1.9. However, were the Mods considering a possible 4th World for the Server? From what I’ve seen, the 3rd world is almost as old as the 2nd World was when that transition happened. Plus, a lot of new types of blocks and structures that generate with the world have been added in the past couple of updates. Perhaps once a stable build for Spigot 1.9 is released, a new world should be as well.

    Note: I want to stress that no Mod has suggested this possibility and is nowhere near an official plan for the near future. Just a question I wanted to raise.



    We were considering a 4th world, if and when the plugins were updated. At this point, we almost have to since so much was added to 1.8 and 1.9. But, of course, any plans we have for moving to another world will be discussed when we reach that point. So far, we are all waiting.



    Understood. Thanks for the quick response Mellis.



    Gotchu fam


    What’s the backup plan if those old plugins are not updated?
    Is there a guarantee that the main server will be updated to 1.9 by the end of the year?





    is the challenge server off? I’m having trouble connecting, is it on a different update?



    @wolfmangaming The Challenge server changes its address every challenge, so look for the new address in the turbo thread here, and make sure to read the rules of the challenge here. We are also on minecraft 1.9 for the latest Disney Park Challenge.

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