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    Hello fellow Minecraft participants! We are ready to open the server for the Minecraft AWESOME 2016 Summer Games (I’d Say Olympics, but fear of being sued). This will be a build dedicated to the games and events, as well as the host country Rio! Four years ago (holy crap) we had the very first Minecraft Awesome Olympics *Cough Summer Games *Cough.


    For those of you who are unfamiliar with our challenge server builds, you will first need to be whitelisted. (If you have been whitelisted on the turbo servers for a previous build challenge, you are already whitelisted) The link to the whitelisting thread is found here:http://videogamesawesome.com/forums/topic/the-show-server-info-whitelist-request/ That link will also tell you how to reach our challenge server.

    All Rules still apply for the challenge server builds, so make sure if you’re new to read those first!


    So there are two areas for building, the Rio Town build area and the Stadium build area. We have provided a
    railway to transport between the two. The community storage area is the Town Hall building, so if you are in need of some items, or would rather help stock our shelves, it’s there for your convenience. Please don’t wander off to build something at world border. We will find you if you are building in areas not approved.

    RIO TOWN BUILD AREA: The Town build is open to free building, so build whatever you want, let your creativity take over. We ask that you keep builds in the Jungle Biome as your free build area, and, of course, be considerate to your fellow minecraft neighbors.

    STADIUM BUILD AREA: The Stadium will be a little more constructed. Those that wish to build a stadium, we ask that you reply to this thread. We would like to know some details as to:

    1. How big an area you need (It would also be nice if you could provide a concept)
    2. The type of games/events that will be played in your stadium
    3. if you are building with a team, to list the members of your build team, just in case we need to contact someone if someone is unavailable.

    Applying doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get approved, we might ask you to get more people to build with for example. You are not allowed to build in the stadium build area without mod approval. If your build is approved, you can discuss with a mod where you want to build. If you really want to work on a certain event, but it has already been taken up by someone, you could ask them if you can help them.


    We have compiled a list of possible events for this years summer games. If you have an idea for an event or game that you would like to see for this year’s games, please reply to the thread. Here is the list of events:

    Spleef – Build Leader FATECreator
    Deathball (with arrows) – Build Leader mellisbaker
    Gauntlet – Build Leader gwamblah
    Boating – Build Leader dksigne
    Combat ; fighting with swords and shields – Build Leader Antolives95
    Glider challenge – Build Leader Gangstahwezel
    Horse racing / horse jumping – Build Leader Silent Wind of Doom
    Pig races – Build Leader Syretha
    Survival games – Build Leader InfinitySorcerer625
    Building (10 minute quick build) – Build Leader SolsticeFire
    Wall Climbing – Build Leaders thegirlnamedsig and misterb
    Digging – Build Leader GrimJim666
    Swimming – Build Leader Shpaph

    Any questions about the events and games, feel free to ask any of the mods or helpers.


    If you want to compete in the events during the show you can sign up to one of the 4 remaining teams
    (the show date is currently set on August 6th). Please try to makes sure that each team has
    roughly the same amount of participants in them. To sign up, you can leave a sign with your
    name on one of the four team boards in the server.

    These are the four remaining teams:
    Team Becky
    Team Ben
    Team Deacon
    Team Kyle

    Team Fraser has been taken by the mods


    – There is a template for the roads in the Stadium Build area, please stick to that design.
    – We now have 2 traders from faraway lands, our trusted elytra trader and a new trader that brings hardened clay.
    – Got questions or need clarification? Feel free to ask in this thread or get with a mod on the
    – Mob griefing and fire spread is off, since apparently people are unable to fill creeper holes.

    UPDATE #1 – 7/7/2016

    So far so good! Things are starting to heat up and we have some approved builds ready to be made. Wanted to give a bit of an update on things. I’ve added build leader names to the events to show which games/events have been approved for building. Before approved builds start building, please check with a mod to help you find an appropriate place to start your stadium/arena.

    Also, We will need a build leader for the main stadium for the Summer Games. This will be the center stadium and the starting location of the Summer Games. It will be where we will light the olympic ahem, Summer Games torch and host some of the odd or unusual events, like turbo sticks. If you are interested, please provide a concept, dimensions of the build, and possible build team helpers.

    One Other thing… Again, for free building, please stick to the jungle biome. If you want to build something special that maybe outside the jungle biome, reply with your idea in the thread and wait for approval from a mod. We will tear down any unauthorized buildings, so be aware of the rules. Thanks!

    UPDATE #2 – 7/28/2016

    Fraser and Becky will be looking at the Rio area on August 6th
    The events will be held on August 14th. (1 pm, possibly)

    UPDATE #3 – 8/7/2016

    We are on our final week! We have the sign up thread available for those that want to compete in this year’s Summer Games (Summer Games Signup). We will post the schedule of events and those that are applicable for competing closer to the show date. Keep in mind that builders/suppliers will have first pick over those that only want to participate in the events.

    Finally, the Rio building challenge is over, so please do not build any new structures on the Rio side. Only those listed as Stadium builders will be allowed to finish their builds. You may help stock items like food and materials that may be requested from the stadium builders.

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    I would like to build “Boatin’ 2; Electric Boogaloo”.

    Size: Not certain yet, but about 50×60 blocks.
    Event: Each contestant gets a boat and has to navigate rough seas, waterfalls and sharp turns. First to cross the finish line wins.



    Okay so first off, Thank you Moderators for all the small things you’ve prepared for us (Clay Trader, Railways, etc.)

    For a couple months since the Olympics was confirmed I’ve been making concepts for the spleef stadium, I will upload images of them when I can find them. From the size I am expecting I will definitely need to get some fellow builders to help on this project if approved.

    The concept behind the stadium would be a octagonal shape with a large rectangular opening to one end (being the lobby area of the stadium). Again once I can find them I’ll give a more in depth idea of the design. However if we wanted to add other sports that involve using snow or ice blocks then those additional events could be given octagonal stadiums that connect directly to the edges of the main Spleef octagon.

    UPDATE: I am currently working on a prototype version of the Spleef Arena in a Creative World, so far it appears that the playing field will be about a 23×23 Square with a 5×5 corner cut off each of the four ends to make an Octagon. Hey Mellis as a quick question, since this arena has four sides, would you like each of the four teams to start off together on one end, or would you like members of each team scattered amongst the four sides?

    Mellis- I think either have 4 sides would work, or heck, maybe break it into 8 areas, 2 per team. Up to you, but make it fair and even.

    Alright so I’ve finished the lower section of the arena in the creative mode, Each of the four gates is able to let up to a maximum of 7 players in on any given side. To give eight sections we can remove the middle post so each side will have 3 players per team and two teams per side for a total of 6 players per team. Each of the four colors is meant to represent Fraser (Purple), Becky (Red), Ben (Yellow) and Deacon (Gray/Cyan) however those colors can be changed to anything. Also as a heads up the Lapis and stone in the snow is only for measuring purposes, they will not be in the final product.

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    well. I think we all know I am throwing myself in for the Gauntlet build. as for sizing and such.. no idea! big? (when have I ever had a concept?).

    it will be a castle like stadium, with a tower and viewing areas, and a course that goes around the centre. Much like the original. but on a grander scale. I have had 4 years to stew on new ways to make sections..

    somthing like this I am thinking. this is scaffolding, but gives an idea of it. could be bigger. could be smaller.

    too many attachments. >_<

    As for obstacles. you have your cactus jumps, the lava rooms. walking throuhg fire. A game where you have to jump up then fall down the other side into a block of water. Ladder climbing. The return of the room of switches and digging for the lever. I want to make it so that as you progress the traps get harder, but not too hard so that people are on their own.

    but a concept I have been thinking of for a while..why not have a garrys mod death run inspired room? where the audience controls when platforms appear. or when arrows are shot. I want to incorporate this into it.

    it should be around 40-45 width wise. legnth is..harder to calculate, due to some obstacles most likely going over any calulations I make.

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    DeathBall Arena (Might rename it to DeathShot)

    Size: estimating about 40×60 (might be less or more)
    So far, the styling idea I have might be a cross between American Gladiator and Mad Max.

    Should only need me to build it, but anyone that wants to help out, let me know.



    Build: Vertical Maze Race Diggathon 9000

    Two or rather four towers because teams, with the same maze route running down each tower. Get to bottom to win and be the best? Bonus points for collecting the shiny’s
    Players will be chased by lava, traps perhaps placed. …Im going to try to kill you try not to die? >;)

    (can blame meli and gangsta for this i was going to be much nicer.)

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    Boatin’ 2; Electric Boogaloo (DeeKay) – Approved
    Spleef Arena (Fate) – Approved
    Gauntlet Castle (Gwamblah) – Need some more information (Size and additional information on what kind of obstacles)
    DeathBall Arena (mellis) – Approved (lol)
    Vertical Maze Race Diggathon 9000 (Grim) – Approved (And you are welcome!)


    Woot! This is Gonna Be AWESOME! Also, Team Becky for the win!

    Build: Survival Games Map
    Size: Not really sure yet
    Rough Idea: Abandoned City Motif (within a stadium of course), Some Tall Buildings, with an forest and bridge area adjoining, with seating surrounding the play area.

    I’m pretty sure I could handle it alone, but if people wanted to hop on in and assist, that’s cool with me.

    Good Luck Everybody!


    Well, I’d like to put in for the Horse Racing arena. I’m not sure of the size, as I’d need to do some work to put it together. I do have some concept work already for a racetrack. The concept would be an oval racetrack with a more complex obstacle-filled track in the center of it, much like many car racetracks that host different types of races are structured. Either we can do two different horse events, one a straight race and one an obstacle race (I can even include space for jumping if we want to do that), or I can make it all one track.



    Syretha and I would like to make a swimming arena.

    Size would be 40×80.

    The event would involve 4 swimmers competing to swim from one end of a large pool to the other and back in the fastest time.



    Soooo Two events Sol and I were thinking of were:
    Synchronized Swimming – Pool could be used for diving, or swim races easily.
    Size: If you want to be Olympic accurate 50×25 for the pool it’s self.

    and… Dressage. Aka Horse Dancing! We all know how weird/funny riding horses can be in Minecraft
    (Example video) https://youtu.be/vyU7z73ddMY?t=23s

    EDIT: Ninja’d! thats what I get for not refreshing the page before finish the post

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    Awe! Why is there no Team Fraser?! He’ll actually be there for the event, unlike the other guys. I think we should replace one of those teams with a Team Fraser.



    I would like to work on the Building event arena

    Build: Quick Build (10 min)
    Size: (Still working on size)
    Idea: Competitors work on a certain theme thats given to them with a chest full of materials and are judge for the best. (Theme: Past Build Challenges)
    Build Team: SolsticeFire & Sypran

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    Survival Games Map (Infinite) – (Need more info on size, maybe additional team members)
    Horse Events Arena (Silent) – (Need more info on size, maybe additional team members)
    Swimming Arena (Shpaph) – Approved
    (Sypran) Maybe work with Shpaph

    There will be a Team Fraser (Becky)

    Quick Build Event (Solstice) – Approved


    @mellisbaker After doing some rough calculations in Creative, the size of my area would be 55 long and 75 wide. I sincerely apologize that I didn’t have this information upon first applying.


    My original horsetrack concept came out to about 106×186. 150×200 to account for surrounding areas and it possibly coming out bigger.

    Segwo, Merme, Grim, and Snappy are willing to support me in the building work.



    Survival Games Map (Infinite) – Approved
    Horse Events Arena (Silent) – Approved
    Gauntlet Castle (Gwam) – Approved



    Build: Turbo Stick Arena
    Size: The ground level part will be eight by eight blocks in a diagonal style. In the middle of that there will be a square platform with four pillars (each pillar being an entry point for the athletes) that is 20 blocks tall. The way this event will happen is that four contestants will go up on the platform, each with a turbo stick (freshly wet) They will then proceed to show off their turbo stick technique. The Judge (either a mod or fraser) Will knock off the contestants who don’t show proper turbo stick technique. The last one being the winner of the event.



    Hey! (First, this is my first build, so I’m a little nervous.) For the Rio build, I thought it’d be cool to have a football/soccer stadium somewhere in the build, which could also possibly be used for Deathball.

    Attached are some pictures of a test build (Codename: TURBO! Field) that I was hoping to get finished a bit more than it is before the build started…

    This would be a big build if approved, the field itself is 112 blocks long x 70 blocks wide, the surrounding wall is around 134 blocks long x 92 wide and the completed stand would be around 134 blocks long x 35 wide, and one of those on each side of the field will take up a bit of space, but I’m pretty sure stand size could be reduced, along with the size of the field itself.

    Also, I thought it’d be a real cool idea to have the Olympic Rings sculpted into the seats of one of the stands like you see at some stadiums, to go with the Rio 2016 theme.

    I’ve already got VGAMonkey (Xavier767 on Minecraft) willing to work with me on with this but since this is a big build, anyone would be welcome to help out.

    Thanks buddies!

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    Alright, the Build Event Arena came out to be 66×66 blocks and 12 blocks high!



    I’d love to get white listed for this server! Minecraft name is UpstateMoose. Thanks guys



    @cheechio the whitelisting isn’t handled here. You can find the link to the whitelisting thread in the first post



    While I don’t have time to do a proper build either with TJ or by myself, I’m willing to help get resources and/or build when I have time to be on the server. First one who asks for me – gets me.



    Build: Christ The Redeemer

    Size: Base of statue is 10×10. Arms of the statue extend 10+ blocks each side,

    Location: I have a prepared location at ‘X -108, Y 100, Z 80’

    I already have UrbanBanner along for the ride.




    Will there be flags and anthems for each team?



    I would like to help with archery since I do archery




    So I’ve done a full prototype for my Soccer Stadium build, and it’s drastically smaller than my previous attempt. The area for the entire build is 79 blocks long x 74 blocks wide, which is smaller than the field alone in my first test, which makes much more on a manageable build.

    Again I’m looking for people to help with this, mainly to make it all look a bit nicer and add a bit more colour to go with the Olympic theme and to help gather all the materials used to build this beast.

    So this is the version I’m now putting up for approval to go into the build :)


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    Turbostick area (tgor) – I don’t think we need a dedicated arena for the turbo stick event, we would want this to be in the main stadium
    Football/soccer (18-bit) – Not Approved (one of the reasons is it didnt work in minecraft when we had it in the past)
    The Redeemer Statue (Ash) – Unfortunately, some rules were broken so this is being assigned to a new team

    Archery (cookie) – So far, no one has offered to build the stadium/arena yet, unless you are, and if that were the case, we would need details. Thanks.



    Right know the rail ride from Rio to the Olympic area is sort of boring. So Im thinking about building a VGA summer games sign over looking the railway on one of the desert hills. It would be 21x14x25. the picture below is a rough draft i might add some more things to it within the measurements.

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    @mellisbaker I’m thinking of building the combat arena and I’m trying to work on the area dimentions and such.
    How big do you think it should be.
    Like a fencing or taekwondo arena type of deal?
    Like the competition area.
    Since I don’t know how combat is gonna be played out.



    Wasn’t sure if I should post this or not, but after the last challenge, I am feeling a bit daunted at the idea of this build. Because I am new, I don’t feel as if I have earned the right to work on a larger build in the games area however, I would like to work there. I was wondering if there was anyway I could sign up as an official lackey for any build or builder who needs help doing the menial things within a build while they work on the complex stuff. Is this something that I could do? I ask here because it is strange to me to just approach and ask if someone needs a helper. I haven’t been in the server yet, so I don’t have a lot of reference at this point, but I would love to be able to contribute to big things. Even if it is just terraforming or making floors.

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