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    Hello fellow Minecraft participants! We are ready to open the server for the Minecraft AWESOME 2016 Summer Games (I’d Say Olympics, but fear of being sued). This will be a build dedicated to the games and events, as well as the host country Rio! Four years ago (holy crap) we had the very first Minecraft Awesome Olympics *Cough Summer Games *Cough.


    For those of you who are unfamiliar with our challenge server builds, you will first need to be whitelisted. (If you have been whitelisted on the turbo servers for a previous build challenge, you are already whitelisted) The link to the whitelisting thread is found here:http://videogamesawesome.com/forums/topic/the-show-server-info-whitelist-request/ That link will also tell you how to reach our challenge server.

    All Rules still apply for the challenge server builds, so make sure if you’re new to read those first!


    So there are two areas for building, the Rio Town build area and the Stadium build area. We have provided a
    railway to transport between the two. The community storage area is the Town Hall building, so if you are in need of some items, or would rather help stock our shelves, it’s there for your convenience. Please don’t wander off to build something at world border. We will find you if you are building in areas not approved.

    RIO TOWN BUILD AREA: The Town build is open to free building, so build whatever you want, let your creativity take over. We ask that you keep builds in the Jungle Biome as your free build area, and, of course, be considerate to your fellow minecraft neighbors.

    STADIUM BUILD AREA: The Stadium will be a little more constructed. Those that wish to build a stadium, we ask that you reply to this thread. We would like to know some details as to:

    1. How big an area you need (It would also be nice if you could provide a concept)
    2. The type of games/events that will be played in your stadium
    3. if you are building with a team, to list the members of your build team, just in case we need to contact someone if someone is unavailable.

    Applying doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get approved, we might ask you to get more people to build with for example. You are not allowed to build in the stadium build area without mod approval. If your build is approved, you can discuss with a mod where you want to build. If you really want to work on a certain event, but it has already been taken up by someone, you could ask them if you can help them.


    We have compiled a list of possible events for this years summer games. If you have an idea for an event or game that you would like to see for this year’s games, please reply to the thread. Here is the list of events:

    Spleef – Build Leader FATECreator
    Deathball (with arrows) – Build Leader mellisbaker
    Gauntlet – Build Leader gwamblah
    Boating – Build Leader dksigne
    Combat ; fighting with swords and shields – Build Leader Antolives95
    Glider challenge – Build Leader Gangstahwezel
    Horse racing / horse jumping – Build Leader Silent Wind of Doom
    Pig races – Build Leader Syretha
    Survival games – Build Leader InfinitySorcerer625
    Building (10 minute quick build) – Build Leader SolsticeFire
    Wall Climbing – Build Leaders thegirlnamedsig and misterb
    Digging – Build Leader GrimJim666
    Swimming – Build Leader Shpaph

    Any questions about the events and games, feel free to ask any of the mods or helpers.


    If you want to compete in the events during the show you can sign up to one of the 4 remaining teams
    (the show date is currently set on August 6th). Please try to makes sure that each team has
    roughly the same amount of participants in them. To sign up, you can leave a sign with your
    name on one of the four team boards in the server.

    These are the four remaining teams:
    Team Becky
    Team Ben
    Team Deacon
    Team Kyle

    Team Fraser has been taken by the mods


    – There is a template for the roads in the Stadium Build area, please stick to that design.
    – We now have 2 traders from faraway lands, our trusted elytra trader and a new trader that brings hardened clay.
    – Got questions or need clarification? Feel free to ask in this thread or get with a mod on the
    – Mob griefing and fire spread is off, since apparently people are unable to fill creeper holes.

    UPDATE #1 – 7/7/2016

    So far so good! Things are starting to heat up and we have some approved builds ready to be made. Wanted to give a bit of an update on things. I’ve added build leader names to the events to show which games/events have been approved for building. Before approved builds start building, please check with a mod to help you find an appropriate place to start your stadium/arena.

    Also, We will need a build leader for the main stadium for the Summer Games. This will be the center stadium and the starting location of the Summer Games. It will be where we will light the olympic ahem, Summer Games torch and host some of the odd or unusual events, like turbo sticks. If you are interested, please provide a concept, dimensions of the build, and possible build team helpers.

    One Other thing… Again, for free building, please stick to the jungle biome. If you want to build something special that maybe outside the jungle biome, reply with your idea in the thread and wait for approval from a mod. We will tear down any unauthorized buildings, so be aware of the rules. Thanks!

    UPDATE #2 – 7/28/2016

    Fraser and Becky will be looking at the Rio area on August 6th
    The events will be held on August 14th. (1 pm, possibly)

    UPDATE #3 – 8/7/2016

    We are on our final week! We have the sign up thread available for those that want to compete in this year’s Summer Games (Summer Games Signup). We will post the schedule of events and those that are applicable for competing closer to the show date. Keep in mind that builders/suppliers will have first pick over those that only want to participate in the events.

    Finally, the Rio building challenge is over, so please do not build any new structures on the Rio side. Only those listed as Stadium builders will be allowed to finish their builds. You may help stock items like food and materials that may be requested from the stadium builders.

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    @jesslb429 People ask if they can help anyone all the time in the server. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. If you want to work on a certain event you can ask the build leader if you can help. Or otherwise you can just help collect materials, gathering materials for people to use is always a great thing to do. You could also make something small in the town area if you’d like.

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    @gangstahwezel It’s mostly a personal thing as to me just going up and asking if I can help. I mean, before even posting my original post, I sat for a half hour coming up with a build proposal for one of the arenas. However, since it is only my second build challenge, I was concerned that I had not paid my dues enough and scrapped the entire thing. Like I said, after the last challenge, I am feeling very skittish about doing anything. My only other thought would be to focus on the aspect of Rio and do some sort of carnival floats. But, like I said, I have not been in the server yet and won’t be able to til tomorrow, at the earliest. So, I have not seen the layout, if anyone has done this already or what space I could use, because I imagine it would take up some space to make a road and a couple floats. The last thing I want to be is an imposition or an annoyance on the server, this thread, the mods, or other builders. I don’t want to get in the way.

    Sorry for posting this here. I feel like an ass. It has been a rough few days. My deepest apologies. I look forward to getting into the build and seeing where it goes from there! :D

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    how will we know what events we will be competing in?

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    I’m currently working on a concept for a battle arena with segments based on different environments
    I have included screenshots that should help get the idea across. I’ve never took on a build challenge before because I’m nervous everyone else is better than me


    If this is chosen to be picked then the dimensions needed would be 55X55 blocks

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    Okay, I’ve built a arena (maybe I might have over done it?) for the combat arena.
    I’ve included screenshots to show you what I had envisioned.

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    Hey Mellis I’ve seen that no one has started on the glider challenge yet, in that case might I add a potential idea for it? (And no, I’m not asking to build it.)

    From other Elytra gliding challenges I have seen some incorporate rings that one must fly through. Now if we did go with that method we could score players based on either points or time with each missed ring deducting points or time from the final score. Between the two methods I would say score based on points since time can be a bit messy with lag/message delay for some players. Finally we could have the rings numbered and going out of order costs points or just have people try to fly through them in any order.

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    Alright i have an idea for a pig racing arena, based on a brazilian animal, the grand jaguar arena. It’s roughly 69 blocks from head to tail and 27 wide. Racing along the back with a few obstacles and along the tail to see wich pig falls first and survives.

    Here’s some pictures to show my prototype.

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    I don’t know yet if I can get on the server and cannot check for another day or two. However, because I play water polo I would like to help out in any events/builds that would be in a swimming pool area. And then do I choose a team when I am in the server or here?
    This will be my first time helping a build, but I have been a fan long enough to remember the Wild West build among the other earliest builds.

    (Also only slightly related question: I never cared to take part in any forum of any kind before and don’t seem to get how to tag another person, I tried clicking the reply button that is there and I tried typing their name preceded by an “@” what do I do?)



    @ljol3 Firstly, Welcome To The Challenge Server. Once you’re whitelisted and are on the server, you’ll be able to choose your team by placing a sign on one of the four team boards as seen in the Preview Show a few days ago. It’s relatively close to spawn, so no worries about getting lost or anything.

    Now to answer the tagging question, I’m pretty sure you just type “@” followed by the username and that should work. If it doesn’t, I’d make sure you’re spelling the name of the person exactly as it appears on the site, otherwise it might not work. If you are doing that, then honestly I’m not quite sure why it doesn’t work.

    Hopefully that helps a little bit :)

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    Thanks for the help. If this works then I must have typed the name wrong the first time or something.


    @ljol3 I can confirm that it did work. No problemo. Glad I was able to help.


    I have some questions:
    Olympic torch run? I believe it was a video last time, but do we have any plans for that? For instance have runners from each team go from rio to the stadium area.
    Are there going to be uniforms this time?

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    Hi everyone, just joined the community today. I have an idea for an event I would like to pass around (I cannot build it because my computer I have now can’t support Minecraft, so it crashes). As someone who has built five Olympic builds in Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and One I know of a few, fast and easy events that can be built. The one I would like to suggest for someone to build now is Minecarting Racing (non-powered rail). It’s a head to head race downhill or over obstacles, of course both lanes being the same.

    Thanks to those that read this and take into consideration. I have watched the show for two years now and finally decided to join the community.

    P.S I read the rules page, but if I broke any please notify me of my mistake as quick as possible so I can fix it.

    Have fun! I can’t wait to watch

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    I’m new here (& to minecraft). This is a really nice map, I love the sand, sea, and rocky outcrops :)

    What is the seed if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Olympic Sign (Groovy) – Approved, we might ask to wait on building it until most of the stadiums have been assigned areas.

    Combat Arena – @antolives95 @elusivemelodies you two have picked the same event, but based on the concepts, We are going to have to go with Antolives version. The resources used in Elusives version would take a long time to collect. However, I do ask that maybe you could work together with Antolives design.

    Pig Racing (MisterB) – Not Approved. The design looks interesting, but we were hoping for something more elaborate, since pigs can be controlled with carrots on a stick.

    @olympian Welcome! Unfortunately, minecarts are not as stable as the ones on console, so we are trying to avoid events that might use them.
    @mightymoose Also Welcome! We keep the seed of the maps we use secret, but ask again after the Summer Games.
    @thegirlnamedsig There are no plans as of yet for torch runs or uniforms. We welcome any ideas or uniform designs.

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    I think I’m going to try my hand at the gliding event.
    size: all over the place
    concept: start from a big pillar and then glide around the place through a bunch of rings and then land on a marker.
    Scoring will be deductions for rings missed and not landing on the correct spot.

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    @mellisbaker I’ve actually been working on a design for the uniforms in my spare time, it’s somewhat based on South Korea’s uniforms but instead the main color is the grey you see on this forum and the accent is dependent on the team in question. The image posted is of the first variation (Which is still in progress at the moment) incorporating the Team Becky colors.

    Edit: Wow looking at the image of the skin is a bad idea, it’s way too small to see…

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    Hey Mellis thanks for the approval. ill probably build just the foundation first then wait a bit in case you guys ask me to wait. I would be building it pretty close to the beginning of the summer games area so most if not all of the plots are taken around there anyways. you don’t have to worry about it intruding on anything it will be pretty far enough from the stadiums. Thanks again

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    I can, instead of pig racing, build a big climbing wall alongside the back of the Jaguar so it can be a climbing event going upwards for some more intricate climbing challenges.

    When you get to the top you could for example press a button and a light comes on showing who got first.

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    I also had an idea for the wall climbing event. I have two designs, one outdoors and one indoors. (I prefer the outdoor one)
    Right now I have the olympic colors as a placeholder for the team colors. The challenge would be who ever put their teams banner on the marked spot first would be the winner. While I had a whole lot of difficulty with this challenge, it is short so we are not waiting forever. If it ends up being too short we could have multiple rounds. I only put two redstone sections in because I remember problems with lag in previous builds.
    Pictures with descriptions are here: http://sta.sh/21z82rjdbf1g

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    I haven’t participated in any build challenges before, but I’m willing to help gather resources for the builders!

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    @mellisbaker I have approached 18-BitNathan with the idea of converting his stadium into a rugby sevens arena and he said he would be willing to build it if I could get it approved.

    Field Size : width 21, length 37 (it’s a rectangle shape)
    Stadium size : width 49, length 65

    Rules – Each team has 7 players, but can be switched to 5 if necessary. The game is Split into 2 halves, each 1 1/2 minutes long, with a 20 second timeout in between(don’t need if time doesn’t allow). The goal is to get the wool/ball into the other teams end zone. The players will have steak(or other types of food depending on availability) for food and stone swords for weapons. The players are allowed to kill each other( beds will be supplied near the field for quick spawn back into the action, their will also be plenty of food in this area, as well as extra swords). One team will aim to kill the other team to gain the wool and the other will aim to defend their wool runner. Lastly, the player who has the wool must openly display it in their hand.

    Scoring :
    5 points – placing wool in other teams end zone
    3 points – throwing wool into the their teams end zone

    Other Info – To please Fraser, we aim to make the game go as quick as possible, so rules can be change to make acomadate the show. 18-BitNathan would be the build leader since I can not play.

    Thanks for considering, Olympian/18-BitNatan

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    Hey peeps and peeparonis! Just saying hi, AND reply to this if you want my help with collecting anything in particular, terraforming, building, etc. Otherwise, I just plan to gather stuff and plop it in comm. chests, and help anybuddies who ask for help, while I’m on… aaand probably make a house in the jungle. Obviously I’ll make a new post, following the guidelines, if I come up with some wicked cool event, or something, but I kinda doubt that I will, to be honest.

    Anyway, see y’all inside! Hit me up if ya need anythin’!

    Also… part of me really, really wants to make one of those scary as crap giant holes filled with water, in the middle of the jungle, that go down way-way far, and into underground rivers and shizz. I don’t know. it just seems intriguing to me. Uhh… I guess… Can I do that? It sounds pretty crazy, now that I type it.

    Oh, just to clarify, on the giant hole, It would pretty much be like a normal isolated jungle lake/pond/whatever, but dug way down, so unless you wanted to go down, you’d just swim across or walk around, like normal.

    Edit: I found a suitable location, and marked it with a sign and a small tower of wood planks so I can find it again, either to build, or remove the sign, if it’s a no go.

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    I’d like to make a application for Pig racing.
    I noticed that @misterb had made one as well, so if this gets approved I’d be willing to work with him.

    Basically it’s the Bowser Castle track from Super Mariokart (SNES). The main obstacle being the crossing
    of the lava, which would have to be done across a single line of glass blocks (with player pushing this would
    have to be done one at a time, or risk being knocked in the the lava)… on an unrelated note the concession stand will be serving cooked pork chops.
    I’m thinking 50×60 blocks to allow for some stands.


    I have an idea for a pig riding battle course, where you have to switch between leading the pig with the lure and your weapon. Perhaps bow and arrows but with a limited amount of arrows, and a wooden sword, so that when you runout you have to try and get in close. 4 players per match, 60×60 blocks

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    @mellisbaker Well, yeah I built it just so it looked fancy but was gonna make it out of easily accessible materials.
    I do that in creative mode all the time and never really thought it through that “oh crap, the mods might think I’m gonna make it exactly the same with the same materials”.
    So, what about archery. I can mod the stadium to make a archery arena.

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    I am not doing the pig race @syretha, but i can help with materials if you want.

    Edit: Also i talked to @thegirlnamedsig and we would like to work on the wall climbing challenge together. Sig had a design for the wall and i can build a arena for it. I was thinking about the jaguar arena with some modifications for The wall.

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    @thegirlnamedsig and @misterb

    sounds promising, i like that you want to work together,
    we would just like to get a finalized projection for the
    plot size you would require, and don’t forget Team Fraser.
    let us know the specs as soon as you can and we’ll give er
    another look over. Smiles

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    please resubmit your application to reflect any changes needed to incorporate archery,
    and please remember to provide the size of plot you would be requiring

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    @gangstahwezel : Approved

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    I would say our climbing challenge would require a plot about 90×30, and that’s for 5 teams. It’s a long build but it’s thin.

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