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    Hello fellow Minecraft participants! We are ready to open the server for the Minecraft AWESOME 2016 Summer Games (I’d Say Olympics, but fear of being sued). This will be a build dedicated to the games and events, as well as the host country Rio! Four years ago (holy crap) we had the very first Minecraft Awesome Olympics *Cough Summer Games *Cough.


    For those of you who are unfamiliar with our challenge server builds, you will first need to be whitelisted. (If you have been whitelisted on the turbo servers for a previous build challenge, you are already whitelisted) The link to the whitelisting thread is found here:http://videogamesawesome.com/forums/topic/the-show-server-info-whitelist-request/ That link will also tell you how to reach our challenge server.

    All Rules still apply for the challenge server builds, so make sure if you’re new to read those first!


    So there are two areas for building, the Rio Town build area and the Stadium build area. We have provided a
    railway to transport between the two. The community storage area is the Town Hall building, so if you are in need of some items, or would rather help stock our shelves, it’s there for your convenience. Please don’t wander off to build something at world border. We will find you if you are building in areas not approved.

    RIO TOWN BUILD AREA: The Town build is open to free building, so build whatever you want, let your creativity take over. We ask that you keep builds in the Jungle Biome as your free build area, and, of course, be considerate to your fellow minecraft neighbors.

    STADIUM BUILD AREA: The Stadium will be a little more constructed. Those that wish to build a stadium, we ask that you reply to this thread. We would like to know some details as to:

    1. How big an area you need (It would also be nice if you could provide a concept)
    2. The type of games/events that will be played in your stadium
    3. if you are building with a team, to list the members of your build team, just in case we need to contact someone if someone is unavailable.

    Applying doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get approved, we might ask you to get more people to build with for example. You are not allowed to build in the stadium build area without mod approval. If your build is approved, you can discuss with a mod where you want to build. If you really want to work on a certain event, but it has already been taken up by someone, you could ask them if you can help them.


    We have compiled a list of possible events for this years summer games. If you have an idea for an event or game that you would like to see for this year’s games, please reply to the thread. Here is the list of events:

    Spleef – Build Leader FATECreator
    Deathball (with arrows) – Build Leader mellisbaker
    Gauntlet – Build Leader gwamblah
    Boating – Build Leader dksigne
    Combat ; fighting with swords and shields – Build Leader Antolives95
    Glider challenge – Build Leader Gangstahwezel
    Horse racing / horse jumping – Build Leader Silent Wind of Doom
    Pig races – Build Leader Syretha
    Survival games – Build Leader InfinitySorcerer625
    Building (10 minute quick build) – Build Leader SolsticeFire
    Wall Climbing – Build Leaders thegirlnamedsig and misterb
    Digging – Build Leader GrimJim666
    Swimming – Build Leader Shpaph

    Any questions about the events and games, feel free to ask any of the mods or helpers.


    If you want to compete in the events during the show you can sign up to one of the 4 remaining teams
    (the show date is currently set on August 6th). Please try to makes sure that each team has
    roughly the same amount of participants in them. To sign up, you can leave a sign with your
    name on one of the four team boards in the server.

    These are the four remaining teams:
    Team Becky
    Team Ben
    Team Deacon
    Team Kyle

    Team Fraser has been taken by the mods


    – There is a template for the roads in the Stadium Build area, please stick to that design.
    – We now have 2 traders from faraway lands, our trusted elytra trader and a new trader that brings hardened clay.
    – Got questions or need clarification? Feel free to ask in this thread or get with a mod on the
    – Mob griefing and fire spread is off, since apparently people are unable to fill creeper holes.

    UPDATE #1 – 7/7/2016

    So far so good! Things are starting to heat up and we have some approved builds ready to be made. Wanted to give a bit of an update on things. I’ve added build leader names to the events to show which games/events have been approved for building. Before approved builds start building, please check with a mod to help you find an appropriate place to start your stadium/arena.

    Also, We will need a build leader for the main stadium for the Summer Games. This will be the center stadium and the starting location of the Summer Games. It will be where we will light the olympic ahem, Summer Games torch and host some of the odd or unusual events, like turbo sticks. If you are interested, please provide a concept, dimensions of the build, and possible build team helpers.

    One Other thing… Again, for free building, please stick to the jungle biome. If you want to build something special that maybe outside the jungle biome, reply with your idea in the thread and wait for approval from a mod. We will tear down any unauthorized buildings, so be aware of the rules. Thanks!

    UPDATE #2 – 7/28/2016

    Fraser and Becky will be looking at the Rio area on August 6th
    The events will be held on August 14th. (1 pm, possibly)

    UPDATE #3 – 8/7/2016

    We are on our final week! We have the sign up thread available for those that want to compete in this year’s Summer Games (Summer Games Signup). We will post the schedule of events and those that are applicable for competing closer to the show date. Keep in mind that builders/suppliers will have first pick over those that only want to participate in the events.

    Finally, the Rio building challenge is over, so please do not build any new structures on the Rio side. Only those listed as Stadium builders will be allowed to finish their builds. You may help stock items like food and materials that may be requested from the stadium builders.

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    What about mine and 18-BitNathan’s idea @syretha


    @syretha The dimensions will be 70 by 75
    It’ll be built with wood, stone and wool.

    The arena will retain a similar shape but will be wider on the inside and will be open roof.

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    @olympian sorry but your proposal has been denied.
    we have tried similar events in the past and they were not compatible with the flow of the show.
    @misterb do those specs take into account spectator stands?

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    70 by 75 seems a bit too big for an archary range. I’d also like a visual reference as to how the archery range would look. (I’m not a fan of buildings out of wool)


    @gangstahwezel You know what, I’ll just not build anything at all. Cool? Okay.

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    That is a good point @syretha, it should propably be wider. 90×40 to make the stands a bit further back to make sure everybody can see all the contestants.


    The wall I built was 12 by 49 blocks with out an arena. Pictures here: http://sta.sh/21z82rjdbf1g
    With the terrible stadium thing I built it was 23 by 46, but my idea would be to keep it as outdoors as possible. So seating like the old gauntlet from the last time. so I’d say 30 by 50
    EDIT: so I went back into the world where I built the wall and I think 40x 50 would provide a better viewing area for spectators.

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    @syretha I took your idea of doing the rio mascots but changed them to Ace and Chet. I could make them more 3d, but I think it might look better as pixel art. One place I could build this is on the other side of the tracks from the VGA summer games sign. There is some empty desert area there.
    So would it be ok to make this build? And where would be ok to make it. Thanks.

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    hey so I was just in the server and thought of an event idea in case someone would like to look it over.

    I was thinking of a jousting event with two minecarts that keep going past eachother on adjacent tracks while the passengers swing at eachother as they go by until one dies.
    as fpr space, it wouldn’t take up much on its own unless you wanted some sort of bleacher area to accompany it as it would be a long, thin track.
    thoughts? criticisms? yay/nay? changes?

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    Depends on the time of day ljol3, morning is usually really quiet and dead at times.

    I’m on the main arena (Officially, not the wishy washy I might and I might not), at least the overall structure for sure, I have long way to go on the interior, it is based on a design from Venture World 2 Spleef Arena that majority of you guys have seen.

    People working on it: Insane Ace.

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    @thegirlnamedsig and @misterb climbing approved. Combining the climbing track on the back of the panther thing. (don’t make the stands too far away, you could always walk along the stands to view the tracks.)

    @mikecraft3d creepy ass mascots approved. Probably to the right of the MCA games sign. (Or on either side, if you like that better)

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    Hello there!

    I have an idea of something I’d like to build, with some help of course.

    STADIUM BUILD: Wrestling

    1. How big an area you need/concept: I’d say 50 x 100 ought to cover it. Large enough to build a “bingo hall” type building to house the event.

    2. The type of games/events that will be played in your stadium: Wrestling! But not that namby pamby Greco Roman style, REAL Wrestling, WWE Roman Reigns style! It could either be an exhibition event, kind of like the first “Fencing” event from 2012, or a battle royale of punching and other goofiness. Either way, it could be prologue to a proper fighting event and a bit of fun.

    3. Build Team: So far me, but other Wrestling fans like Segwo, Silent and GrimJim have expressed an interest in helping me out. Others are welcome of course and any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your consideration!

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    @acevil is that a yes or a no? or are you saying to put it in the main arena? im sorry your response isn’t all too clear

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    @ljol3 minecart jousting denied – I’m afraid your idea seems a bit too gimmicky to make for a serious event.
    @misterdarren wrestling denied – Since we were given a time constraint we feel that it would not be beneficial to do variations of hand to hand combat. With the events we have planned right now I’m estemating that we will already hit the 3 hour limit. We do still encourage you to build something in the Rio area, a wrestling arena would fit in quite well. Same goes for ljol3, you’re still welcome to build in the Rio area.

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    Okay, that’s sounds cool. So I could build a gym with a ring and training equipment in it in the town? That would actually be better. I totally understand the need to keep things moving. So, would that be alright?

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    Yea, you don’t need approval to build in the Rio area. (in the jungle)

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    For the Rio Side (Jungle) of things, you can be creative to your hearts content. Infact famous UFC talent are coming out of the brazil, so it isn’t far fetched.

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    Oh, that’s interesting, I had already begun working on a wrestling school (in Rio). The ring is already up. :P

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    Hey Mellis one more build I think we could use but don’t entirely need is a Finale Area, either a large platform or bleachers where everyone can gather at the end of the show with a redstone dispenser contraption nearby to launch fireworks for the closing celebrations.

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    Game idea: eSports (a.k.a. MLG Pro Gaming)

    Since eSports are now officially apart of the olympics (read:http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35987839) and will make their debut at the Rio games, I thought it would be fun to make a tribute to this new event. The game consists of two (or more) teams, where one player has to traverse an obstacle course, and the other teammate has to deactivate traps/move platforms with levers, therefore simulating a “competitive video game”.

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    The show dates have been confirmed, on August 6th Fraser and Becky will be looking at the Rio area.
    The events will now be held on AUGUST 14TH, in presence of the rest of the crew (in/ex-cluding invisikyle).
    So if you want to compete MARK YOUR CALENDER for Sunday August 14th. The preliminary starttime for the show is 1 pm fraser time.

    @fatecreator Possibly, if we can get enough gunpowder, we could hold a fireworks show in sight of the VGA logo and mascots.

    @coleycow we are not doing gimmick events and we already have a gauntlet and climbing event.

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    On Aug. 6th Fraser and I will actually be doing a walk through of Rio, as well as the events and event locations. With that said, it’s probably ok if it isn’t 100% complete by that time. As long as it’s complete by Aug. 14th!

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    @gangstahwezel wasn’t considering it a gimmick event but ok.

    do we already have any of the following:

    karate/martial arts

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    @gangstahwezel how bout a game where two opponents have to knock each other off a high platform? (or any of the other games listed above?)

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    @coleycow so like that one swordplay type event from Wii Sports Resort? Also we currently have a swimming event and a couple survival/battle events.

    @gangstahwezel I do have a Looting III sword I am more than willing to lend for the purpose of collecting gun powder.

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    yes! exactly @fatecreator

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    ——- never mind ——–

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    how will the athletes now what event they are competing in

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    @groovy if it’s like the last Olympics I believe they had a forum post or something where everyone picked what they wanted to do. Don’t take my word for it since I wasn’t around back then.

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