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    Have a problem with how we’ve dealt with something? Here’s your place to get a conversation in about it. Public and transparent. We’ll tell you why we did it the way we did, and everyone can read it to agree or disagree with you.

    Be prepared: If you want to make your case public, that could mean making other things public. If you’re going to come in here and claim to have a clean slate, we’re going to tell people if you’re lying.

    That out of the way, the purpose of this thread is to get problems out in the open instead of growing into real issues later, when a conversation could have ended it all amicably. Give us a fair complaint or concern, we’ll give you a fair response (some replies may take more time than others). If you come in all, “Meh, I was banned, meh!” we’re going to say, “Yup.” We’ll need reasons. If we’re screwing up, we need to know.

    Quick tip: Take a few deep breaths, first. Come in raging, you’re not helping anyone.

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    Want to say my piece on this because it’s bothering me a fair amount.

    I think the problem is less with who the term was directed towards and more just the choice of words to begin with. I know you apologised for that, but in my mind I feel like Fraser didn’t request you to be banned because he thought he was being insulted, in fact I doubt that was his first notion. I’m gratified and respect Fraser’s lack of tolerance for the word in Overwatch voice chat, and I’m grateful it carries over to TURBO chat.




    If someone uses a slur in the forest and no one’s around, who gets offended?

    I mean, one would hope the speaker, having found a modicum of empathy or humility. If it was Fraser’s call, the mods aren’t going to debate it here. You should email Fraser if you’d like to make your case.



    Well, It was poor judgement on my part.

    However, I’d like to clarify that there was no ill will or hostility behind that word.
    To me, it’s just a word and I did not intend it to be blatantly offensive.

    I realise now, that others might find the word offensive or disturbing.
    I, however, did not think that simply because I didn’t mean it in a hateful way.

    I rest my case.
    Godspeed, gentlemen.



    @velvetripper You’re more than welcome to look up the word you specifically used, which has no connotation in which it is used to describe PEOPLE that isn’t vulgar. Regardless of your intent, you’re choosing to propagate use of a word that has no basis of use apart from slandering another.

    Again, you’ll need to take this up with Fraser in an email if you have an issue with your ban.



    fwiw as a gay guy who doesn’t like people using the word, I think a de-turbo and perm ban is a bit harsh.



    Not attempting to pass the buck in pointing to Fraser, just what should be done. It’s his show and call in this case, and he’s made allowances with a sincere apology before (though I’m also not saying that will be the case here).

    EDIT: @velvetripper Also, we don’t believe you were meant to be de-TURBOed, that’s been corrected.

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    Just because I’m the one who “pulled the trigger,” I’ll throw in my two cents (I don’t want you to feel we’re jumping on you): We do not now, nor will we ever, allow hate speech in the community. We’ve timed out users just for repeating things Fraser’s said as a joke, even. Intent aside, it’s a slur and we won’t stand for it. The Turbo community is one of inclusivity. I can’t speak for Fraser, but I don’t believe he thought you were referring the comment to him or Becky, he just won’t allow that term in a chat that’s meant to be users who know better.

    The de-Turboing was a temporary option on my part to try and keep chat from allowing you back in during the show and wasn’t meant to be permanent, but the chat ban will stay until Fraser has his say. If you kept watching, I’m sure you saw how displeased he was.

    But you should know, it’s a word meant to offend. It isn’t the type of word where the speaker gets to decide it doesn’t offend anyone.



    I’m not defending my comment, but trying to explain how I meant it.

    This surely is no excuse, but as a foreigner, I was not aware that the word I used had such negative connotations.
    I percieved the word as more of lighthearted jab, meaning more like a “weirdo.”

    It definitely was not meant to be any sort of hate speech or anything like that.



    We spoke to Fraser, and we’ll lift your ban after a month. But be careful; worldwide, that term is used more and more as nothing but hate speech and should be treated as such. We want this community to be a safe place for everyone, and (as evident here) we take these things seriously.




    Lesson learned.
    I’ll not use any terms that might be considered offensive.
    Again, sorry about that. >_<

    *Goes to clean mouth with soap*



    I just want to take this moment to stress the power certain words can convey. Not to any one user but to ALL.

    A “faggot” is a term for a bundle of sticks, but it has come to be a slur for homosexuality due to the burning of Homosexuals in the past by the Holy Roman Church. People would be burned at the stake and “faggots” would be used to stoke the fire.

    When you use this term in the context of referring to a gay person, you are referring back to a practice of systematic extermination of human beings because of who they are.

    This is my understanding of it all, I apologize for any mistakes, if I have made them, in this statement,
    but I merely seek to establish an understanding of why it is not okay to use such words, whether in hate or jest.




    I should also add the risk for non-English speakers joining the chat on a show. I think it’s a common misstep for nonnatives to pick words or phrases that aren’t completely familiar to them but somehow tempting because it makes them sound hip or something, but try to avoid them as much as possible. This is an English-speaking community and they set their standards that you have to follow. When I’m trying to sound somewhat vulgar (which I rarely am), I sometimes even search certain phrases before typing to see if it’s okay to say it publicly. You can certainly explore more expressions to try, but you have your due diligence.



    I just want to point out to not just the non-English speakers, to any new member turbo and shadow alike.

    In the rules it says not hate speech and even gives examples of hate speech.

    No sexist, racist, or hate speech allowed. Also don’t make rape jokes or use the word in an inflationary manner.
    This includes terms you “use all the time” with friends; referring to a woman as a bitch for no reason other than her gender; the word “fag”, “faggot”, or “gay” in insulting ways.

    I know not every one likes to read but knowing the rules is the best way to stay out of trouble.



    I also have to defend VelvetRipper on this one. I had no idea that “faggot” is a slur against gay people (and, I think, 99% of the German people don’t know either). Like VelverRipper said, here we use it as a kind of “lighthearted jab” to call somebody an idiot without really calling him that.

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    But like @jdon79 said, it is one of the words that is specifically forbidden in the rules; so I think the ban (for one month) is ok.

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    Thanks so much on your insight regarding this topic everyone. It’s much appreciated hearing different sides of the story.



    Hey guys, I don’t know if I’ve been banned for saying “fag” while I was parodying the “bro” youtubers in the Sonic Segment. Looking back now, I get it, but I’m just here to ask about my sentence as I’ve never had a ban before, that’s all.

    Nevermind, sorry guys, I just learned that it’s a 20 minute chat ban.

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    I don’t understand why I got a time out today?

    All I said was “this is the spot you Fraged last time”.. seconds after I got timed out, 3 members said the same thing.
    Fraser would of been extra pissed, if the mirror broke on him again!



    *would have

    Sorry, but phonetic spelling like this really grinds my gears.


    Gukingofheart, I did TO you, but for all caps. I don’t know if that was the same instance.


    Oh.. alright, fair enough



    Why did I get timed out today? I just made a joke about the mummy in the game.



    what was the joke?
    did you use all caps?
    was the mummy a spoiler for something they had not encountered yet?
    did you use a twitch emote?
    did you spam a character more then 3-4 times in a row?

    basically what i’m getting at here is have you looked over the rules first to see what might have gotten you TO’d?

    The Rule Compendium



    I guess I did type “???” Sorry I thought it’s for extending words and smileys. It’s been lifted I think.



    There is a bot in the Twitch chat that automates some of the work. It shouldn’t time out anyone for more than five seconds. There’s a link under the Twitch video that helps explain.



    Hi,my name on Twitch is Kahn_83 and during the fractured but whole stream i made a comment that i feel was harmless but a mod thought was worth giving permanent ban for…

    The comment was “sometimes shadow chat is better,less likely to get banned unless we have an uptight mod watching us :P”

    the conversation leading up to it was as follows

    10:40rnbrocker: Is this how Shadows feel?
    10:40Kahn_83: holy crap god owns a taco shop :O
    10:40rnbrocker: In here?
    10:40dero45: I hope he punches freeman
    10:40xhikarizee: now I want a taco
    10:41KitsuneFoxKun: Punch him a few times to witness his true-power
    10:41diobullo813: Whatever you do don’t punch Freeman 3 times
    10:41rnbrocker: Look at those guys in the Turbo chat.
    10:41Wargaz2: ‘member morgan freeman was god?
    10:41diobullo813: You’ll regret it
    10:42Nithven: he is god
    10:42Wargaz2: godly voice
    10:42Kahn_83: sometimes shadow chat is better,less likely to get banned unless we have an uptight mod watching us :P

    again i feel it was harmless,i like to mess with mods a bit,not meant in an insulting way at all,i wouldnt care if it was a time out,but a permanent ban with no prior warning?,i mean is’nt that a bit extreme?


    Unfortunately on the South Park: The Fractured But-Whole stream that was on tonight, I had made a comment on the Twitch-chat that was intended to reference an easter-egg that was relevant to the comedy of the game. Unfortunately it was interpreted as me grieving. This of course relates to the time-fart abilities of M*rg*n Fr**m*n being initiated in “ahem” self-defense. Rather than contest the decision made by the mods to ban me from chat, I actually wish to apologize for the said-comment. Nothing racist or bigoted was said or hinted at in the said comment, but given the sensitive state of social-affairs (especially in North America), I understand where the mods were going with this.


    Also, please note that my comment(s) on the South Park: The Fractured But-Whole chat were not directed at the mods, or the real Mr. Freeman. Apologies for not clarifying this. And Happy Birthday to Fraser!



    KitsuneFoxKun, what you wrote was a possible spoiler to the game. You were removed from the show on that day, but you were not banned.


    I didn’t realize that. Thanks for getting back to me regarding the incident. I will exercise more discretion in the future regarding posts relating to the games being played by FFSTV (and other content-streamers).

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