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    Have a problem with how we’ve dealt with something? Here’s your place to get a conversation in about it. Public and transparent. We’ll tell you why we did it the way we did, and everyone can read it to agree or disagree with you.

    Be prepared: If you want to make your case public, that could mean making other things public. If you’re going to come in here and claim to have a clean slate, we’re going to tell people if you’re lying.

    That out of the way, the purpose of this thread is to get problems out in the open instead of growing into real issues later, when a conversation could have ended it all amicably. Give us a fair complaint or concern, we’ll give you a fair response (some replies may take more time than others). If you come in all, “Meh, I was banned, meh!” we’re going to say, “Yup.” We’ll need reasons. If we’re screwing up, we need to know.

    Quick tip: Take a few deep breaths, first. Come in raging, you’re not helping anyone.

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    not sure why you got Timed Out, but the E3 shows were challenging to manage at times, so you may have broken a rule or been caught caught by accident, sorry if it was a mistake




    I think that was me. Turbo Chat right during the Sony show?

    The reason why I Timed you out was because I clicked timeout beside your name as I was resizing my window.


    I would have apologized sooner, but I actually never knew who I timed out. Thankfully @atrulyamazingtoaster Fixed it for me.

    It’s my First Day!



    Ha, no worries :) Like I said, I tried again not long after and could post, I just assumed I’d posted too many capital letters or something.



    Do I even have to write anything except: why!? They were talking about the Lion King.



    “I want to be like uncle Scar. Just without the dying in the end.” What is banable about that? xD It wasn’t even off topic.



    …or time-outable? It was a joke.^^

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    That was me, and while I suspected you meant it as a joke I still treated it as a spoiler. If APT has taught me anything a lot of people haven’t seen some Disney movies that I would assume were famous.

    It was a time out so you should be back in chat by now, but until the other mods tell me other wise, spoilers even as jokes is still against the rules.

    I say this as someone who has been timed out a lot myself.



    Less a grievance and more of a question:
    Do mods check the chats after the show as well, of just during?
    Someone in shadow chat literally spoiled the entire ending of Red Dead 2 yesterday and he just kept going.
    I’m pretty pissed and if he shows up again next time I just won’t be able to watch any further shows before finishing the game myself.


    We do unfortunately not have the capacity to keep an eye on shadow chat after the show. Best advice I can give is to hide shadow chat while watching VOD’s.



    Ok, thanks for the info.
    I’ll probably do that, don’t want another game ruined for me.


    It got even worse (and utterly impossible to keep an eye on) once Twitch made it possible to add to the chat after the fact. *Sigh.


    If the YouTube premiere streams are going to be a thing into the future be sure to have moderators there. There was someone spoiling the ending for Red Dead Redemption 2 in the chat and no moderator around to do anything about it.



    Got kicked from RDR2 show a moment ago. Is talking about the soundtrack later in the game really a kickable offense?

    I mentioned no spoilers, not even a hint of anything. No song names, no way that could indicate anything to Fraser and Becky, I never spoil anyone.

    Not having a go, just looking for an answer so I know for next time.

    EDIT: If anyone is in the forums now, how long is a time-out? I’m joining shadow chat for now.

    EDIT 2: Okay, guess I deserved the second time-out for the Assassin’s Creed comment even though he gave up on it over a year ago, I suppose chat might still play it.

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    Got kicked from RDR2 show a moment ago. Is talking about the soundtrack later in the game really a kickable offense?

    I mentioned no spoilers, not even a hint of anything. No song names, no way that could indicate anything to Fraser and Becky, I never spoil anyone.

    Yeah there’s a reason I haven’t hung out in the chat for years at this point. It’s impossible to talk about anything in there. I’ve been kicked for spoiling stuff that happened literally 50 seconds prior, or mentioning something from the previous game that directly set up the setting for the current one. The 2nd one definitely didn’t constitute as a spoiler because I know for a fact Fraser not only played the previous game, but he beat it, meaning he knows more about the plot than I did.

    It’s an annoying contrast to the beginning of the show, where the chat wasn’t regulated at all, but it’s gotten to the point that it just isn’t fun to be there.



    Hello and Long Time, My name’s Ixalion (The “Ixa” is pronounced “Ikusa”- one of the many japanese words for war.)

    I’m a follower for a long time and an old TURBO but I’m not very active on the channel as the last few years my full-time job has eaten 60% of my life but not the problem.

    I had some free time and I though I’d hang on the stream since the guys were playing RE2 but came to find my twitch account to be banned from the channel and just wanted to find out why?

    If I did anything that might have broken the rules I apologize for my behavior and I won’t ask to be unbanned from the stream if it was very serious to which again I apologize I but would like to know what was the reason I was banned so that I can learn and won’t make the same mistake somewhere else in the future.

    If I can get a reply whenever possible it would be very much appreciated.


    EDIT: I don’t when the ban exactly happened if it was months or years ago so apologies.

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    Quick Get Together?

    Twice now I replied to this and said “You got better odds of getting them to play Fortnite or smash”
    OR SOMETHING like that!

    Was my post deleted? If so, I do not appreciate not having a reason.
    I end up getting confused and reposting when this happens, and getting yelled at later because I assumed it was a bug.
    If there’s a bug.. then no clue what to do.



    @gukingofheart didn’t you leave the forums for good? pretty sure you said something along the lines of “guess it’s time for me to move on”. You know, the message you left and complained about VGA before you edited it when they did the Nintendo Direct you whined about them not doing.

    As for your post, it was deleted. Rocco was looking for TF2 players interested in playing. Saying “Would probably be easier to get a fortnite or smash match instead. Personally, I uninstalled TF2, and have not logged into steam for a long time.” How in the world does that help anyone? A request that was posted in the Team Fortress Category. You turned his post and made it about you.

    So please, if you could, do what you said you were going to do and move on. Thank you.


    I moved on from the show, not the forums.
    Didn’t mean to sound rude, but would of been cool to play with some TF2 members for smash or fortnite

    edit: I get now why the mods are a bit annoyed.. due to extreme low activity.. most of the active topics now are complain topics.. and you take those away and a mod doesn’t have to do much as the forums really died out since it now feels like Fraser ignores everyone these days.

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    Hello there, today I noticed when going onto the FFSTV Twitch page for watching the Xbox E3 show with the crew that I am banned from chatting in the shadow chat. I’m not sure exactly when or why I was banned, as usually I just chat in the Turbo Chat, and over the past year I honestly haven’t had much time to watch VGA live between work and family things going on. The only thing I can think of that could have resulted in a time-out or temporary ban was typing a few criticisms of Fraser in the Video-on-Demand Past Broadcast version of the Mario Maker 2 Direct, of thinking that Mario Maker 2 is too similar to the original game, but I’m not even positive on that. It was nice this evening being able to find the free time and catch VGA live for the E3 coverage and chat in the Turbo chat like I’ve done since 2012, but it would be nice if I could regain access to shadow chat in times when I can only watch from mobile devices and not easily chat in the Turbo chat. Thank you.

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