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    Salutations everyone! Unfortunately, our usual mod report writer and curator is unavailable, but I’ll do my best to help fill in this month with November’s mod report. So here we go!

    The Halloween candy coma is real

    Hope everyone had a ghoulish and great Halloween this year. On a personal note, my niece went Trick-or-Treating as Diane form the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. She looks threatening holding a giant hammer. There’s been a debate on what’s the worst Halloween candy, and so far, black licorice or candy corn are tied, but then again, I like ’em both, so if you have any, please send care package to mod report/green couch.

    On to some Minecraft news!

    Minecraft Perma-Server is running on version 1.13.2 (current version as of this report). This version seems to be better optimized over the last version, so we don’t anticipate as much lag as we did during the start of World 4. If you haven’t had an opportunity to play in the perma-server for world 4, there are some unique custom recipes that have been added to better cater to the multiplayer aspect. The Advancements under the Minecraft menu hints on what materials are needed to make the items. If you have suggestions for custom recipes, let me know.

    Yes, the Rules have been updated!

    Again, this was mentioned last month but please review the updated Rules Compendium!

    For those of you who might have missed or only caught some of this month’s Awesome Piece Theatre, the Turbo Forum section has the APT Archives, which has all the APT videos. This month’s movies and shows were: “It”, “Double Double, Toil and Trouble”, “Halloween”, “Goosebumps”, “Trick R’ Treat”, and “The Monster Squad”. Let us know if you are unable to view any of these videos

    Speaking of videos, Fraser has expressed that he likes the twitch clips that some fan’s have made and to keep up the good work.

    And that was my attempt on the mod report this month, Hope I made you proud Mom!

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    C+, enough to sound encouraging but also critical.



    I have a suggestion for a custom recipe.

    If possible, could bottles o’ enchanting be made craftable using a player’s own levels?



    No Evil Dead 2 :'(



    Nice report. :) It sounds like you guys are doing Minecraft on pc only(?), but are there plans for a Ps4 World as well? I’m a console-gamer, and with the exception of an emulator-pack bought many years ago, I never played on the computer. Am greener than a Creeper on that stuff, and would be likely to do something wrong and so. X) GTA V and Minecraft are my 2 utterly favorites, and nothing would be cooler than being part of your team as a gatherer of wood, stone and other materials.



    Welcome to the community, @wizzrobotix!

    There aren’t currently any plans for official servers outside of the Java Edition, sorry. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t make a PS4 world of your own with other members in the community, if you can find them (I say that as I don’t own a modern console, so I’m completely in the dark on how many people in our community play Minecraft on them, but I feel like many might). Though, if you do want to try out the Java Edition at some point, we’re very fine with ‘newbies’, and have many people who would be willing to offer advice on starting out.

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