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    Welcome to Mod Report Lite.

    The Mines, They Are A Changin’

    Minecraft news first! We’re happy to report that, barring complications, the next world for the permanent Minecraft server will be coming late September/early October.

    Alongside the new world will come rewritten rules for our Minecraft players, with most of the changes being edits of existing rules for better clarity. The most significant change will be the dropping of the 500 blocks rule in regard to building near others, which we agree was not always easy to enforce for us or to keep track of for players. Instead there will be a ‘rule’ asking for players to always use their best judgment and always ask permission when building near established builds, and a notice that we will respect the ownership of the space by the original builder, should issues between two builders arise.

    Additionally, I want to apologize for stating earlier in the year that both World 3 and the new World 4 will have a period where both servers are up. Due to our current server capability, this will not be possible. On the day World 4 opens, World 3 will close.

    *NEW, SEPT. 24* Mid-month Addendum: WE HAVE A DATE! *NEW, SEPT. 24*

    The 4th Minecraft Awesome world will be opening September 30th! There’s an official thread over on the Minecraft sub-forum if you have questions specific to the new server.

    Some Other Reference To Change That Isn’t Bowie

    So. The report is now monthly, as we reported last month, and I was excited to embrace change! And so, like a future pro-/an-tagonist doused in chemicals/radiation/magic, change was thrust upon me.

    Shortly into the month news came to us mods from the crew about the future; as you all know, Japan is a thing, and change is in the air, and so it will be with the forums. At some point in (hopefully) the near future, (POSSIBLY) within a month or two, we’ll be (finally) moving away from WordPress as our forum solution. So I’ll relaunch the new version of the report alongside that change, no matter what it might look like. Until then, enjoy Mod Report Lite!

    Like I said last month, we’ll still post news here throughout the month, if needed.

    TURBO Toot!

    So… we have… a thing. Basically, we made our own Twitter, using the open source software Mastodon. It’s called Turbo Toot! and it’s located at It’s currently full of cat photos and community in-jokes. Feel free to continue along those lines, if you sign up, or post whatever you like (though our general rules still apply there, of course).

    NEXT DAY EDIT: Sorry, should have mentioned that you currently need an invite to join and must be a member of the TURBO Club, so just message a moderator here on the forum in order to get an invitation!

    Tell your friends in the community about it! Because, hint, it might become important to the community in the near future. Unlike the Discord chatroom, this is an official part of the community. Speaking of…


    We have an unofficial community Discord chat, which we always link to at the bottom of the mod report, but I’ll also point out here! It’s full of corgi photos, community in-jokes, and general gaming stuff. Feel free to stop by (again, our general rules still apply there, and also again, it’s an UNOFFICIAL community endeavor that happens to be run by the VGA mods).

    And that was Mod Report Lite. Be well!

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    Woot Woot! Minecraft World 4! the new beginning! cant wait!
    breeding villagers in single player doesn’t seem to work well for me….
    I will keep a hawks eye on the launch date!
    lol hawks eye…my names DawkHawk….no pun intended initially



    Everyone join Discord! I’ll bring the puns.



    Super excited for World 4!



    Yay, new map.



    Option #3! Uh… To do… Stuff!

    Totally refusing to let go! Etc. Etc.



    Will switching off of WordPress affect the links to older episodes on the site? Or is it JUST the forum part being effected?



    Can’t say much about the non-forum side of things (because I haven’t been told much) but I think we can assume big changes.



    Our first mid-month report update is available, pointing out that world 4 now has an opening date: September 30th!

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