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    Hello and welcome to the Mod Report!

    Rule Changes

    We are making a few changes to the rules, mainly regarding waystations.

    First, we have noticed certain communities have been making attempts to incorporate waystations into their communities. The rules have been clear about this from the inception of New World, waystations are for everyone to use, not just your community. If a user has to pass through your community immediately after going through a waystation, that is against the rules.

    Second, regardless of who constructed them, paths outside of your claimed area are public property. They are not a way to unofficially claim land. This also includes tunnels and rail systems.

    Third, and most importantly, rails will no longer be allowed within 50 blocks of waystations. Some users misunderstood us when we said only simple modifications will be allowed around these waystations, so we are banning rails from the immediate area in an effort to simplify these areas. Remember, as well, that you do need our approval both before and after you make changes around a waystation. Any paths you construct within 50 blocks of the waystation need to be simple, open, and well lit.

    Wither Arena

    A quick note for those of you who have been wondering, we do have an arena to fight the Wither in. The entrance is located inside dark2, which, for those who have forgotten (or just missed it the first time) is in Hub.

    Staff Changes

    We usually tend not to mention removals of Moderators in these reports, however, as these two members were somewhat higher profile, we feel it is necessary to inform you that MrChrisMad and SilentWindODoom are no longer Moderators. We thank them for the work they’ve done, and, as always, hope they stay awesome.

    Everything of the Week

    Quotes of the Week

    This week, we seem to only have very long quotes, so we’re going to get started with this bizarre thing:
    • Nulani: “Spanish.”
    • kshade: “(I know)”
    • aqws3: “(He knows)”
    • kshade: “(Shut up, frenchie)”
    • Fiffles: “(Why are we all talking in parens?)”
    • kshade: “(It’s like whispering)”
     ”(Or an aside. Both.)”
    • aqws3: “(We like talking in your parents)”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “… You guys are weird”
    • Fiffles: “(Shh, atru stop yelling.)”
    • cogswellchris: “…”
    • aqws3: “You are not following the current communication protocol.”
    • cogswellchris: “fucking idiots”
    Next up, Fiffles pointed something out:
    • Fiffles: “I’d just like to point this out
      Week 81
      Aughts: ‘kshade, put your pants back on’
      Kshade: ‘Hah, no.’

      Week 83
      Kshade: ‘Trees have no culture! They don’t even wear pants’”
    • kshade: “I see no conflicting statements.”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “Oh, silly Kshade!”
    • Fiffles: “kshade is a tree: confirmed”
    • kshade: “That’s not what… okay.”
    • Fiffles: “:D”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “Does that mean we can plant him in a park on arbor day?”
    And finally, I need say nothing about this last quote:
    • cogswellchris: “shush atru. you’re adorbz”
    • kshade: “Ew”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “What are you ‘ew’ing?”
    • kshade: “He said ‘adorbz'”
    • cogswellchris: “totes adorbz”
    • kshade: “Like, oh my gawd”
    • cogswellchris: “i used a z so it’s like, twice as adorable”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “Is awdowable better?”
    • kshade: “Not really”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “Awww… Kshksh no likey cutesy talk~”
    • kshade: “Like, ugh, gag me with a spoon”
    • atrulyamazingtoaster: “OMIGOSH, like fer sure”
    • kshade: “You tell ’em girl”
    • cogswellchris: “hahaha. artu you’re awesome”

    Videos of the Week

    For our Videos of the Week this week, we finally have some very different stuff! We’re going to start out with the one normal video, a new Llamas with Hats! Next, We’ve got a video from Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin finally! And lastly, we’ve got one of the best songs I’ve heard recently!

    Image/FArt of the Week

    This week’s Image of the Week is another one brought to you by ISo! You’ll be thanking him shortly. And our FArt this week is actually a gif, for the first time, from mooot!

    ISo’s Story Time!

    And finally, our next installation of the Choose your own Adventure! Last week’s results were:

    1. “Fine. Just help me get out of here and we’ll pretend this never happened.” – 1
    2. “I get it. Point me in the safest direction to duck out, and I’ll go. Thank you.” – 0
    3. “… c’mon.” – 5

    Meaning the winner was “… c’mon”! Enjoy this week’s installment, and if you want the whole story so far, it’s here!

    “… c’mon,” you say.

    Lucia punches you in the face. “We’ll see,” she says as she walks out of the locker room.

    While on the ground, looking up at the ceiling, you think about what to do next.

    1. Go straight to Sarah’s place, hoping no one’s been there, yet.

    2. Go straight to Quentin’s; things haven’t been going well, and it’s time to prepare.

    3. Stay. Gather more information and/or repair relations with Lucia. Or at least try.

    That’s all for this week’s Mod Report, as always, check us out at every Sunday at 4:00 PM Pacific to watch us live!

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    Not too sure what to say about the staff changes. Maybe… I hope everyone can be happy and that everything goes well for both the team and people who left. We’ll always appreciate what was done and you all can still be awesome regardless if you’re a mod/helper/whatever or not. Everyone here helps out regardless of who they are and there will always be people who appreciate it and care for each other. Whatever makes the mod team a tight unit though, I suppose they have to do what they have to do.

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    Iso’s story: I vote option 1


    Thanks Chris and Silent, for all your years of hard work on VGA. Good luck on your future endeavors and don’t strangers here. :)


    @cliffjameston – Are all currently existing rail builds inside the Waystations grandfathered in the updated rules, or do they need to be moved?

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    We welcome Chris and Silent them back into our ranks! Thank you for your time as mods and best of luck!

    I think we should go to Quentin’s so we can establish him as a major enough character for him to not get killed off. And if we’re gonna do investigating, we’re gonna need tools!



    Thanks for all you’ve done, Chris and Silent! May the human Running Gags live on!



    @theimpossibleman They will need to be moved.


    @mellisbaker – All right. Thank you.



    hmmm, #2?



    I’m going with number 2, let’s prep!



    Option 2 I suppose!



    Somehow relevant:



    Thank you, Iso. Now it’s 3:30 in the morning and you’ve given me ANOTHER thing to keep me up all night.




    “Quentin irradiates a glow all around him as he flutters off the ground slightly, sloughing off sparkling powder. At 6′ 1”, he’s the tallest pixie you’ve ever known, by roughly six feet.”

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