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    Hello, hello, good bye, hello, and hello again! Welcome back to the Mod Report! This week, as with most weeks, there’s not all that much to talk about, so we’re in for another short report today.

    Old World Traps

    We have noticed that many old world adventurers are getting trapped in deep holes, and the like. We apologize for this, and to make up for it, we have given you the /spawn command. This command will only work in the Old World, and will take you back to Crater City. Please, try not to abuse it too much, though, as it should only be for emergencies.

    New Hub

    We are beginning construction on the New Hub. We are trying to beautify it, and get it ready for the possibility of aboveground portals, so don’t panic if some of your favorite things get moved, or just removed.

    Shadow Chat

    We have asked nicely, many times, and as much as some of us hate to do it, we are giving out no more warnings. If you try to mod over the Shadow Chat anymore, and you are not a Moderator or a Commissioner, you will be punished. Don’t.

    Quote/Video of the Week!

    Two quotes and another small conversation today! At this rate, I’d almost say conversation of the week is becoming a staple of the Mod Report as well.
    First, from Kshade, we have: “Aparently a bunch of people want to set people on fish now… I didn’t even think it was that funny o.O”
    Second, from Casual, a little story about the dentist: “today I told my dentist that the cement they used to put in my permanent crown tasted like what caulk smelled like. I can only hope she understood I meant caulk and not cock.”
    And finally, the conversation of the week,
    ISophist: “I never want to go to Walmart.”
    kshade: “Afraid of the… Wal-Nuts?”

    For the Video, this week, we only have one, as I was a bit busy this week. But, it’s a good one.

    Like I said, it’s a short report this week. As always, come to at 7 PM Pacific (depending on the show schedule) on Sundays to watch the madness unfold!

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    good job mr cliff jameston sir



    Poor ksahde, he doesn’t know what hes started.



    When humanity becomes stranded on top of pairs of fish, we know the one to blame.

    Dibs on trouts.

    Edit : Apparently there isn’t a picture on the internet of someone using frozen fish as skis. This must be rectified.

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    It’s kshade’s fault, he was practically begging us to prove him wrong.



    Also, on the subject of shadow chat, on the number of times I’ve been on there (including when all chaos broke out), there’s frequently no dedicated mods or coms around. I can see why, when I see only about three mods available for turbo chat during a show. Is there a way to make sure at least one mod or com will always be around for shadow chat?



    Ill toss this out as another video: It’s awesome.



    On the topic of the portals though, and I know you’re still discussing it, but I just wanted to raise these concerns:

    What’s the difference between a community portal and a server portal?
    Are above ground portals only available to groups, or are individuals possible. As many mods know, I’ve put a lot of work into historia, but I’m the only one building things there and I’d hate to be disqualified completely just because no one else has built there yet.



    Turbos in Shadow chat are now regular users, so don’t pancake.

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

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