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    The only gaming thing I know happened this is BlizzCon, mostly because my parents actually take time off work to watch it. Because my parents are, somehow, bigger gamers than I am.

    You’ll Be Saying ‘Thanks For The Memories’

    Because a new build challenge has started! It’s about being thankful n’ junk! Want more of a description than that? Too bad, because the thread I made for it is super barebones! Kidding! Probably.

    Over Just Watching?

    A couple of initiative takers have started work on unofficial weekly schedules for Overwatch, so that players in our community can group up outside of official Overwatch shows! One thread, started by @cheesey126, is focused on PC play and can be found here, and the second thread, started by @infinitysorcerer625, is focused on PS4 play and can be found here! The PS4 schedule is currently TURBO only, as meeting up on PS4 is a slightly more difficult prospect involving more friend wrangling.

    If you’re interested, make sure to post in the respective threads! These schedules don’t have the benefit of a game like TF2, where we have an official server they can use and the visibility that comes with that. So it’s up to you guys to help get these things started!

    November 6th to 18th-ish – Thanksgiving Build Challenge!
    November 19th-ish – Thanksgiving Challenge Show!
    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    TBD – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    DeeKay: No problem, if you need anything else, throw me from a cliff, drown me, I’m here

    Upon realizing Discord is psychic:
    MissBlow: HOW the FUCK does it know I’m playing Minecraft?!
    aughts, unprofessional: magic
    MissBlow: Shit!
    MissBlow: I hate magic.
    aughts, unprofessional: but not a kind of magic, right
    aughts, unprofessional: can’t get on freddie mercury’s bad side, he’s a pinball wizard
    aughts, unprofessional: wait
    MissBlow: I was JUST listening to a ton of Queen!
    MissBlow: Was that magic too? That you knew I was listening to Queen.
    MissBlow: You guys are freakin’ me out! :O

    First up, a cooking series that focuses more on the fundamentals and history of a dish than its recipe, all couched in an 8-bit gaming aesthetic, and this week: chili con carne. Then, well… well. And finally, super duper cute Becky.

    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Camp out for the night – 0
     2. Get back on the trail – 2

    Meaning the winner was ‘On the road again.’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    The rest of the hike is made in a mostly annoyed silence: Caligula pouting, Santa sneering, and Sherlock in blissful thought. Whatever comes of Santa’s mistrust and Caligula’s mercurial nature, Sherlock’s confident that he’s on top of things. He’s not about to be caught off guard again.

    While Santa and the Ghost of Caligula argue over the definition of ‘pretty close,’ they were only two days away when they stopped at the supermarket. A meteorite roughly a mile and a half wide and two miles long sits in a crater far too small for the rock to have fallen here. Thick, metal pipes exit the meteorite all around its perimeter and enter the dirt. Caligula floats over to a particularly large pipe and points at a hatch on its side with a number pad next to it.

    “For maintenance,” he says. “Very secure, only way to sneak in.” Then he hmph’s.

    “I don’t suppose you know the message for that panel?” asks Santa.

    “We can’t all be magic,” says the ghost, crossing his arms.

    Santa takes some magical powder from his bag and blows it onto the keys. The pad sparkles but nothing seems to happen.

    “It’s tupping warded! Magic ain’t cracking that,” Santa says.

    As Caligula smirks, Sherlock leans in and takes a close look at the panel. “Mustn’t have been in use for some time: No oil on the keys for the powder to stick to.”

    “Only other way in is from the territory’s subtrain station. That’s…” Caligula floats up and looks around before pointing to the East, “six days that way.”

     1. Tell Santa to get creative.
     2. Ask Caligula to phase everyone inside.
     3. Enter via subtrain.

    Reports are like books. You read them and then you go to sleep. Because they’re boring! Come back next week for more sick self burns.

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    Hmm… I said Sherlock should be helpful to repay Santa for the trouble in getting him a meal. I reluctantly say option #2 as I believe Santa already got creative, and it’s Sherlock’s turn to come up with something. That said, Sherlock’s body should be able to handle it as he was decently fed a while ago, but I don’t know if Santa will allow Caligula to possess him. I also don’t know if body shapes affect Caligula’s phasing effectiveness. I imagine not. So now option #2 becomes a trust exercise. Otherwise it’s a 6+ day trip, or Santa has to come up with an alternative anyway. It’s not so much asking Caligula. It’s asking Santa that’s the problem. Also, is the entrance setup to prevent ghosts from phasing in? Presumably not right?

    Either way I think I’ll stick to option #2. A part of me wants to do option #1 though, even if it is rather rude of Sherlock to do so.

    Anyway, thanks aughts for sharing 8-Bit Cooking School on Tastemade. Immediately saved that playlist after seeing how awesome it is. I miss the days of Deep Fried Live, so this is up my alley.

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    You guys still freak me out ;)

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    getting creative is tempting but I’ll go with K-16 on this one, option 2 seems like the quickest way.

    Pumpkin build was great, hope to see lots of old and new users in the Minecraft Thanksgiving build!

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    I’ll take Option 1, I wanna see what Santa can do

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    Hmm… Seems all three of us want to try option #1. What do you think syretha? I don’t mind seeing if Santa has other ideas. I just assumed he already tried all he can, and that Sherlock has yet to show his worth to Santa (especially after a free meal). That said, I’m a bit curious too, and don’t want to ruin any opportunity for either of you or lionheart21. While my vote is on option #2 so isophist has something to work with, I’m actually on the fence here.

    I know we only need one of us to change our vote to pass but I want to hear your thoughts on this. I know you said option #2 seems like the quickest way, but I wonder if I’m ruining a fun opportunity to satisfy our curiosities? Or is this a curiosity killed the cat, and Santa will get pissed simply because he has to do EVERYTHING. Then again, he’ll be pissed if Caligula has to possess him (and I know Caligula would be excited to try). Let me know what you think @syretha .

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    What’s your favourite idea?

    Mine is being Creative!

    I switch my vote to # 1

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    Screw it. Let’s do this. Santa, forgive Sherlock and trust him one more time. I know it seems selfish for Sherlock to keep asking for favors, but I’d like to think that something cool will happen when you get creative, versus getting possessed by a ghost you don’t trust, or walking for about a week.

    I too change my vote to option #1 out of sheer curiosity, making this a potential unanimous vote.

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    i vote for whatever 3 is

    submarine trains, that one

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