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    Gaming news this week, according to my audience: the strike by video game voice actors continues; Pokémon got a new game or two; people associated with Red Dead 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 claim their games will be good; Space Jam, which is not a game, turns 20; other stuff probably.

    Don’t They Know It’s A Build Challenge

    Another build challenge over, a new one just begun. Thanksgiving has passed, technically, and we look now to Christmas, like a rabid Walmart store manager. This build challenge is centered around a parade! So ya got floats and… a city street and… a marching band or something… yeah! Parade stuff!

    For full info check out the thread here, and make sure, if you’re not already whitelisted for the challenge servers, to do so here!

    Another Overwatch Reference

    Last week, swearz, just wanted to point to the two community scheduling threads for Overwatch players, one for PC and one for PS4 (PS4 is currently TURBO only)!

    Five Years (As Written And Performed By David Bowie)

    Let’s see, it’s the fifth anniversary, so everyone needs to get the mod report something made of…wood? Who even came up with this crap? Also, why would we need to get a community newsletter a gift? Who writes this mod report dreck?

    Oh, that’s right, me! aughts! And, purely by happenstance, I have now written the majority of mod reports! I AM THE MASTER OF MOD REPORTING!

    So what’s all this about, then? Well, we started doing this thing on December 4th, 2011, and haven’t looked back since. Except whenever we need to remember when we started it. Which is at least once a year. And then, every 52 weeks, we call for an anniversary, regardless of whether it’s been a year or not! In two-hundred something years, we’ll have called for anniversaries so early that we’ll be a year ahead. So… look forward to that conundrum!

    The mod report consists of 4-ish parts!

    * Issues: stuff like build challenge announcements and us yelling at you about bad things!
    * Community Events: that dusty part of the report where we put dates for the things we have dates for!
    * Stuff of the Week!: multimedia that I liked, probably all released the week of that report, and also some funny(?) things mods said!
    * adventure AWESOME!: ISophist’s weekly, totally not Choose Your Own Adventure®!

    Well, that certainly looks like 4-not-ish parts. Well, the unofficial VGA Discord chatroom might as well be considered under mod report purview, since it sits in that grey area outside of official-ness but inside the community. Also, the mods host it.

    And that’s what a report is made of!

    November 19th to December 17th-ish – Winter Holiday Parade Build Challenge!
    December 18th-ish – Winter Holiday Parade Challenge Show!
    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    TBD – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    Another anniversary, another year for Quotes. Of the year. Provided by myself and the wonderful viewers of the live mod report.

    When told that Ace wasn’t available for the punchings…
     Syretha: i’ll put his punch on lay away, do stores still do that?
     atrulyamazingtoaster: Rainchecks
     Syretha: more like a Paincheck

    Ya try to be nice…
     mellis: I blame Ace
     aqws3: Yeah
     aqws3: fuck you ace
     aughts: good job ace
     atrulyamazingtoaster: I won’t blame Ace
     atrulyamazingtoaster: I ain’t no sheep
     aughts: i think ace always does a good job
     mellis: I blame aughts and Ace
     mellis: see… now you’re on the list
     cogswellchris: what an acehole
     aughts: good job aughts
     aqws3: you dont want to be on a list, right atru?
     aughts: good job, atrulyamazingtoaster
     atrulyamazingtoaster: …
     atrulyamazingtoaster: This hurts
     atrulyamazingtoaster: And after my terrible day… Et tu, aughts?
     aughts: i said you did a good job
     aughts: why is everyone opposed to this
     atrulyamazingtoaster: I am a terrible mod and you know it!
     mellis: good things never happen aughts
     atrulyamazingtoaster: How dare you lie, sir!
     aughts: good job mellisbaker
     mellis: fuck you aughts

    You drive an easy bargain.
     atrulyamazingtoaster: I hate shelves
     atrulyamazingtoaster: And things
     aqws3: Welcome back
     atrulyamazingtoaster: Thank you. Will you help me burn all shelves in existance?
     aqws3: Maybe
     aqws3: whats in for me
     atrulyamazingtoaster: You get to light things on fire
     atrulyamazingtoaster: Isn’t that its own reward?
     aqws3: You’ve got a deal

    And for the rest of the quotes of the year, check this out! And everyone make sure to congratulate atrulyamazingtoaster for her continuing reign as Queen of Quotes!

    Now, the multimedia of the year! And by multimedia, I mean videos! As I pointed out last anniversary, images are one viewing and done, this day and age. So, without further how-do-you-ado, playlists!

    Youtube – you’ve got your music videos, comedy sketches, some things Matt Mulholland, and all things Homestar Runner and Thunderhumor
    Vimeo – you’ve got your short films and animations, and probably another music video or two


    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Split up, keeping Santa behind Sherlock and Caligula several paces and out of sight. – 0
     2. Send Santa ahead of the other two after Caligula inspects the passage. – 0
     3. Stick together. – 2

    Meaning the winner was ‘Stuck in the middle with you.’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    “Let’s follow,” Sherlock tells Santa.

    The pipe leads down nearly half a mile to the sub station and up roughly twenty feet to a maintenance door with a window. Caligula quickly floats to the window to peer inside and Santa fruitlessly grasps at the ghost to pull him away. When Sherlock coughs, Caligula pulls back. With a grunt, Santa shrinks to two inches tall and rose to the window.

    “He’s still alone,” Santa whispers. “… quick little tupper.”

    The ‘slug,’ a man looking much like the worker clones from the supermarket but leaner and more fit, is still running from one station of monitors to another. There are no other doors or means of access to the large room.

     1. Go down to the substation to find someone to ‘let you in.’
     2. Ask Caligula to-

    “Stuff that.” Santa grows to monstrous size, again, blasting through the door and a large part of the wall attached. He charges the slug and picks him up in his giant hand. “Where’s the rest of my dust!?”

    The slug’s head tilts to the right, the left, back to the right, and then looks straight into one of Santa’s big eyes. “Claus. It’s been some time,” it says, in a thick, New England accent.


     1. Let Santa and Button Gwinnett chat.
     2. Interrupt and keep Santa on task.
     3. Send in Caligula to confuse things further.

    Thank you to all who stopped by the lame live mod report, it was a treat seeing you there! If you didn’t know, these things happen every week. I mean, you probably knew, but still! Come back next week for more! And come back next year for more live.


    Happy limited-area Thanksgiving!

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    WOWZA! Five years of mod reports?! That’s craziness man! Happy Modiversary!!


    Wow, man. 5 years. That’s crazy. Even when I was writing the report I never really imagined it going this long. Good on you for keeping it up as long as it’s been going!

    More importantly though, congrats on taking that record from me! I guess I never realized that I’d been doing it for so long that it’d be this long to beat that record.



    In other mod report news: we’re all super old!



    I’m still pissed that I missed the livestream. And no, I disagree. I watched the archive and I did NOT find it boring. Ugh, have to wait another year to attend my first damn mod report livestream. Good work on producing a weekly report consistently, and for doing it this long. Congratulations on this milestone!

    As for Adventure AWESOME!, I love how today’s story deliberately breaks the fourth wall and has the initial choices interrupted. It’s like the troll moment when Duke Nukem smashes the keycard reader to open a locked door. As for the choices… They’re all good choices. I vote option #3, but if I see others voting on the other options for a good reason, I might change it. Like I said, they’re ALL good choices. Even if option #1 will most assuredly kill off Button and end his very short cameo. I loved to hate Button in last year’s story anyway. This Christmas story is freaking awesome! Such fanservice!



    Speak for yourself Oots! I am not old I am young! Heartache to Heartache I stand! Love is a battlefield…Yay! 5 years!! Woot Woot!!! *gives Oots wood* What do we get for 6 years? Woah, I just looked it up and we get chocolate and iron! Aww yeah! Keep up the great work so we can have chocolate! :D Thank you for the live report and can’t wait for the next one in a year!



    Option 1



    I know this may lead to a tie, but i have to vote option #2

    Another great year of the Mod Report! Congrats and thanks to Aughts for making it Awesome!



    /me slams down the tie-breaker!

    i’ll take option one please, thank you

    button 4ever

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