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    The Times, They Are A-Slowly Changin’

    I mean, more than likely. Iunno. What I do know is that @tgorman83 has asked me to point people towards the quote book he’s making for Frash and Becky (DON’T PEEK, FRASH AND BECKY). He’s hoping to get more quotes from you. Yes, you, with the face.

    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    Illiterate Sophist: I can’t stop staring at Norm MacDonald’s ear hair.

    Aqws: Goodmonening
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: You know you’re wrong
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Shameful
    aughts: he just knows that quotes of the week don’t write themselves
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Pfft
    Aqws: wut
    Quazi: Pfft
    Aqws: your face is a pft
    Quazi: Its true


    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Wait for the man and talk. – 2
     2. Wait for the man, then try to steal an oar. – 1.5
     3. Swim for the island, now. – 0.5

    Meaning the winner was ‘Wait, then talk while considering stealing an oar’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    Al waded in the water, staring at the man in the boat. Maybe he’s the ocean police, she thought. After just another moment, the boat was an arm’s length away.

    “Grab the oar!” he yelled, reaching an oar out towards Al.

    She reached for it, but her hand slipped off the end. With both hands, she got a hold of it, but when he tried to pull her in she couldn’t hold on and fell back into the water. Al sunk a foot under the water from the fall, and as the man reached the oar out closer to her, Al surfaced. She struck the oar quite hard, then everything went black.

    When she woke up, Al was lying next to a campfire and it was night. The man slept against the only tree on the island and the boat was tied to a stake on the coast. An animal of some kind was on a spit over the fire with a note under it reading, “eet me.”

     1. Wake up the man
     2. Steal the boat
     3. Eet (sic) the animal of some kind

    Anyone else hear that ringing? Ah, well. See ya next week.

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    The treatment of FATECreator’s votes was brilliant. I was worried we’d have to wait another week to break what seemed like a possible tie.

    I say option #1. The man is too kind for us to steal the boat, but I’m a big enough jerk to wake the man up from his rest. Plus I want to know what that animal is. We’re in Wonderland of course, and for all I know “eet me” isn’t a typo.



    i vote for # 3
    Eeeeeeetttttt Itttttttt!!!!!

    Sean did it again with that video, pure magic!!



    #1 – I am ready for some answers to what animal is – and what does “eet” mean?



    I vote for Option 4) Eet the creature, then tie up the man and put HIM over the spitroast to cook!

    I can’t do that? That’s illegal? Okay then, Option 3!



    i pick option 1

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