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    It hath begun-eth. Spook season be here… eth.

    Tips On How To Make Your Name As Spooky As Possible

    I have consulted with image professionals, payed obscene amounts to bring you the best in accentuating your nombre de internet to its fullest potential in regard to these most frightening of festivities! For instance, is your name Becky? Maybe try Booky! Or how about Fraser? Try… Frashiver! Or maybe aughts? Uhhhh… boo-aughts?

    I have not spent my money wisely!

    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    I mean, okay.
    Illiterate Sophist: I’m gonna write on all the babies.

    Let’s just get these out of the way first: new H*R short, new Matt song. For a bit of early October spook, Gamemaker’s Toolkit puts forth a defense of the dark Metroid 2 versus its two recent remakes (with spoilers abounding for all 3), and for a bit of not-spook-at-all Wintergatan (the marble machine guy) went to check out a carillon (and got them to play the marble machine song). Also, FATE fARTed up a truly spook rendition of a couple of cupheads.

    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Take a book. – 0
     2. Run away. – 0
     3. Sit in the chair. – 2

    Meaning the winner was ’60 to 0 in a matter of seconds.’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    Al walked over to the odd chair, thinking, I have had a long day. She twirled around and fell backwards into it. With a soft bounce, Al sunk a few inches into the chair, as a small object she didn’t see on the chair flew away making an odd, high-pitched sound. Hmm.

    While the stew continued to cook, Al stared at the ceiling of the cave, considering what brought her to this place. I sure don’t understand this place, but it’s certainly more interesting than being at home. I wonder if this is where I live, now. If so, is this my new house?

     1. Finish Al’s nap.
     2. Look at the books.
     3. Eat some stew.

    Come back next week for an unceasing barrage of pumpkin paraphernalia. Also, there is a R in paraphernalia, my life is a lie.

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    how about:
    “Dread-Aughts” (Dreadnaught)
    “Hell-Fraser” (Hell-raiser)
    “Beckromancer” (Necromancer)

    I’m using Sy-Mothra (Twitter) and Sy-Wraith-a (Discord)

    Probably still full on mushrooms so forget the stew, let’s read! I pick # 2



    When in doubt of spooky creatures, always consult the big book of terrifying Youkai, let’s see here…

    Iba-Becky-Doji? (based on Ibaraki-Doji, a legendary Oni from Japan)

    Yama-Aught-roshi? (Yamaoroshi, a possessed vegetable grater, truly the most terrifying of yokai-a tool to help people eat their veggies!)

    And because I strongly believe in this concept given Fraser’s desire to become a pretty woman: The Kuchi-Frashi-Onna! (Kuchisake-onna, a woman with a slit mouth inspired by a real person who went around chasing kids in the 1970’s before she was hit by a car, She comes up to people, asks “Am I Pretty?” and regardless of your answer she just cuts you (AKA slices you in half)).

    I imagine if we take a nap, we’ll wake up someplace else, so Option 1! And if we don’t, then hooray for wasting another week of Isophist’s time! (Confetti falls)

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    Books are always fun! #2 please.

    The month of October is fraughts with creepy haughnts full of people with faces that are gaughnts who will give you spooky thaughts.
    (Or if you’re brave, maybe naughts.)



    @thescowler those names are brilliant good sir!



    *takes a bow*



    Take a nap and wake up elsewhere! Option 1!

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