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    Remember girls, show the world. Let them know it’s Halloween. (proof it’s Halloween)

    It’s Almost Over, It’s All Almost Over

    The end is nigh, and soon the moon will set, and we’ll get back to that other life. No more vacation, and no more Halloween. … But wait, if Halloween is forever, does that mean vacation is forever?


    January 12th to 14th – PAX South
    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    Honesty will get you everywhere. Especially if you’re going to sasstown.
    Aqws: How are you
    ATrulySpookyToaster: My back hurts
    Aqws: aw
    Aqws: Why
    ATrulySpookyToaster: I’m old
    Aqws: Yeah
    Aqws: Should have made more exercises
    ATrulySpookyToaster: :[
    ATrulySpookyToaster: Don’t sass me
    Aqws: I dont know how else to communicate

    Brings a whole new meaning to ‘dangerously cheesy’.
    Illiterate Sophist: A customer let me try some of her nachos today.
    Aqws: And how were they
    Illiterate Sophist: Very good.
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: You ate a stranger’s food?
    Illiterate Sophist: Sort of. She’s a regular. I don’t know her name anything.
    aughts: so you ate a stranger’s food
    Illiterate Sophist: Yeah.
    aughts: cool

    Talk about spooky, the guy linked last year for doing a short history of horror films is back with the same, but for Japanese horror (AND IT’S PRETTY DARN NSFW, SERIOUSLY). Now we know what Frash and Becks are in for! If you want to make some snacks to help get into the mood for watching that or other horror-focused media, why not try these witch’s fingers (mildly nsfw, srsly)? And finally, it’s scary how much work mooot puts into his collection of spooky turbo buddies!

    Hm, that’s not nearly enough spooktacular media… ah, here we go. Pumpkin Rapper. Truly frightening.

    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Hide. – 0
     2. Stand still. – 1
     3. Charge the man. – 2

    Meaning the winner was ‘RIP AND TEAR!’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    I’ve been dropped in the ocean, lived with a crazy man, hit my head on a mountain, almost died in my tears, “this has been a bad day!” she shouted as she charged the man at the stove.

    “Hm?” the man said just before Al started pounding her fists against his stomach as hard as she could; which was not very hard. “Stop that.”


    The man turned around, picked up another container and shakes it over Al’s head, causing Al to start sneezing. Al stopped hitting the man and began running around the kitchen.

    “No! If I cry I might drown!”

    Shrugging, the man turned back to the stove, ignoring Al.

    “What is this noise!?” The door to the kitchen opened, and a hideous woman stormed in, holding an ugly baby by its feet. “Who are you!?” she screamed at Al.

     1. Run away.
     2. “I’m Al and your husband hit me with pepper!”
     3. Scream.

    I’m only 2 episodes into season 2 of Stranger Things. Come back next week to discuss episode 3, which I will have just finished watching, like some kinda old school tv show watcher. Spooky kisses!

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    Let’s continue with the hijinks. Option #2. And I don’t care if the husband claims we “attacked” him. They were love taps.

    Also isophist, why on Earth would you eat nachos from somebody who was barely an acquaintance?



    Because… they were nachos?



    Option 3…Option 3 is the only reasonable answer here.



    Option 3



    2, its the truth



    Because they were nachos?! What if they were poisoned?! Or a hidden razor blade amongst the gooey cheese and ground beef?!

    Also to break the tie, isophist voted on option #2. He uh texted me. Sure that’s what happened.



    Nah, she’s cool.

    That said, I’m feeling pretty sick and there won’t be a story this week. *cough*

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