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    Welcome… to

    The Show Must Go On

    Oh no, it’s the mod report season 7, but I closed up all the hanging plot threads from season 6! Note to self: research possible secret lost twin?

    She’s Making A List And Checking It Twice

    This is the last week for TURBOs to sign up for DK’s Christmas Card Swap! Check out this thread for the full details, and sign up if it sounds appealing!

    January 12th to 14th – PAX South
    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    Is this the plot for Joe Dirt 3?
    Illiterate Sophist: Twice now, I’ve seen a car with the plate “D-Spade.”
    Illiterate Sophist: Guys, I might be able to track down and kill David Spade.
    Illiterate Sophist: Am I morally obligated to?
    ATurkeyApplepieToaster: no
    Illiterate Sophist: … oh.
    ATurkeyApplepieToaster: I’m not angry, just disappointed

    … Is this the plot for Joe Dirt 3?
    Aqws: My head hurts
    nulani: Get a new one?
    Aqws: Where can i get a new one
    nulani: Shop?

    Have a bit o’ pleasant reality warping this week, along with a side of pop art TURBO buddies!

    Time for another Chocolate-Chip-Tune Cookie Jar special from Syretha!

    For anyone who has been lucky enough to attend a concert at Video Game Conventions, such as PAX or MAGFest, it’s likely that you’ve grooved to the tunes of The OneUps.

    This video game cover band began touring in 2002, playing a wide variety of instruments to align with the many themes and ballads of our youth. Guitars spanning the acoustic, electric, and synth persuasions, along with bass, keyboards, drums, and the occasional rainstick all join together in a Bebop of Beep-Boops.

    The members of (the OneUps) are Tim Yarbrough, William Reyes, Mustin, Jared Dunn, and Kunal Majmudar.

    Finally time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last MONTH’s results were:

     1. Run away. – 0
     2. “I’m Al and your husband hit me with pepper!” – 2
     3. Scream. – 3

    Meaning the winner was ‘AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaah.’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    “My name is Al!” she screamed at the baby’s face, as it was dangling in front of her. “I fell down a hole, almost drowned, had to sleep on sand, almost drowned again, fell down another hole, then was hit by pepper! I’ve had a bad day!”

    The baby started to cry.

    “Now look at what you’ve done!” the hideous woman said. She dropped the baby in Al’s arms, saying, “Go play outside before you cause any more trouble!” before storming out of the kitchen.

    Al and the baby looked at each other a moment, neither sure of what was going on when another spice container flew between their heads. The baby sneezed.

    “Meow…” said a voice on the table. A cat, which Al was most certain was not there before, sat on the table in front of a plate of cooked fish.

    Al, using the baby as a buffer between the two, approached the cat and asked, “… did you just say, ‘meow’?”

     1. Go outside.
     2. Eat the fish.
     3. Give the baby to the cat and go find the hideous woman.

    Goodnight, goodnight, sweet baby. The world has more for you than it seems. Goodnight, goodnight. Let the moonlight take the lid off your dreams.

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    Let’s go find that hideous woman and give her a beatdown! Option #3! FIght! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!



    Where is the ♥ button in this thread.



    Cats make purr-fect babysitters,
    I vote for # 3






    Option #3, Congratulations Cat, you’ve become a mother! Here’s your baby.



    I’ll go against the current and say #1. It’s a nice day outside and I imagine that baby needs a break from this family.

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