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    Turns out 10 days without internet isn’t much fun. Who knew?

    I Was Gone, Is There Even Still A Show

    I begged and pleaded with my fellow mods to update me on the events of the past week as I frantically wrote this over the leisurely eight hours after which I recovered my internet access, but alas I continue to have no idea if I even still work for a living! Deacon in human resources is not returning my calls! The unfinished TPS reports are stacked 3 feet to a pile!

    Who will sign my pay stubs now?!

    January 12th to 14th – PAX South
    Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday! – Official TURBO TF2 Schedule!
    Every Thursday and Saturday! – Unofficial PS4 Overwatch Schedule! (TURBOs Only)
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – Unofficial PC Overwatch Schedule!

    While discussing probably not-lewd things:
    Bonefoot: Well, I definitely know not to have an actual planned out schedule, that’s for sure
    Bonefoot: Wheel could work, or just do them in a specific order with no allotted times
    DeeKay: That too
    DeeKay: Most importantly, you know what to do now. The first is always the worst.
    Bonefoot: twas a good learning experience
    nulani: It was fun.
    DeeKay: Out of context, this whole talk sounds very lewd.

    A wild show appears!
    aughts: so did i miss any earth-shattering show related things that might need to be reported on
    Illiterate Sophist: What show?
    aughts: what was it called, uh
    aughts: extreme gaming videos?
    aughts: starring frasier and bonsty
    Illiterate Sophist: Oh, they were trapped in a snowglobe the whole time.
    aughts: oh
    aughts: my
    aughts: goodness

    So yeah, I obviously happened been keeping up with all the latest in media, so here’s a sweet but sad comic I was going to share last week, a cute but scary #XboxGoHome I was also going to share last week, and finally we can get to Mod Sy’s .mod talk.

    Squarewave Symphony: Chiptune Radio

    They say that video killed the radio star, but I say “who are they? and why do they keep saying things?”. Welcome to The Chocolate Chip-tune Cookie Jar!

    The Squarewave Symphony is a weekly radio program airing on CKDU 88.1FM, a campus community radio station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Hosted by Kewlio and is an hour long program with a focus on Chiptunes, Video Games, the Geeky, and the weird.

    Each week Kewlio opens the show with random quote from geeky pop culture, this is followed by a check up of what’s new on the let’s play site to see what new play-throughs have been uploaded. The next segment is called “Games From the Archives”, where Kewlio takes a look at a video game from years gone by, discussing it’s plot, gameplay and other notable features.

    Another standard of the show is “The News of the Weird”, in which Kewlio looks at the offbeat news stories from around the world. He prefaces this segment with the warning that he does not read the stories ahead of time so not everyone might enjoy them. He lets the listens know that the segment is about 10-12 minutes long, so that the audience can abstain if wanted.

    Interspersed throughout the show is a variety of Chiptunes and Video Game music. Squarewave Symphony provides entertainment for an underrepresented audience on the medium of radio, which is a refreshing respite from the constant slog of world news, popular new music, and golden oldies that dominate the stations.

    Squarewave Symphony may be a local radio station but for those outside of it’s broadcasting range it can be listened to via the CKDU website on Fridays at 5pm AST (12 PST), or you catch the latest show on the Squarewave Symphony page. And if you get a hankering for more you can dive into the CKDU archive by selecting any past Friday and starting at 5pm for a duration of 60 min.

    Time for the next installment of Adventure AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Wake the woman and ask about the letter. – 0
     2. “Oh, crap, that’s me!” and run outside. – 1
     3. Go back to the baby and pretend to be the new babysitter. – 4

    Meaning the winner was ‘I don’t know what’s happening, I just counted the votes and pressed on!’. Enjoy this week’s installment!

    Eyeing the pitcher on the table, Al considered the brunches her mother and sisters enjoyed daily, and the bits of fruit they would occasionally snack on while they drank. Having not eaten since coming to this place, Al found herself very hungry. She slipped the letter into a pocket and returned to the kitchen.

    The baby laid on the kitchen table, cooing and staring at the ceiling. The cat, sitting on the baby’s stomach, meowed as Al entered. She walked by them, to the man at the stove.

    “… may I have something to eat?” she asked.

    The man, not looking away at the pot, said, “Why would I waste my talent on a random child? What are you even doing here?”

    There was a moment of silence as Al thought, before saying, “I’m the new babysitter.”

    “Babysitter? … lazy woman. Very well, I suppose she’d expect me to feed you.”

    The man takes a bowl from the counter and ladles some soup into it before handing it to Al.

    “Cake soup,” he said.

    Again, Al stood silent for a moment.

    “Cake soup?” she asked.

    “For the gala, of course,” the man never taking his eyes off the pot for more than a brief moment.

    “Of course,” Al repeated.

    She moved to the table and took a seat in front of the cat and baby. Both of whom watched Al intently.

     1. Eat the soup.
     2. Eat the fish laid out earlier.
     3. “Stop staring at me.”

    Come back next week for a break from the mad holiday rush. Probs. Maybe.

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    2…only 2 is reasonable. Eat it raw, eat it whole, it’s good for you that way.

    Don’t worry Aughts, you didn’t miss much, although you did miss the annual Mod Report Party, this year we actually had Blackjack AND Hookers!



    Oh come on FATE, it’s CAKE SOUP! How could you pass that up?
    Definitely #1.



    #3 for me



    I can pass it up because I am allergic to Cake Soup prepared in alternate dimensions, now if this was Korean Rice Cake Soup, that would be a different story altogether:



    Has to be Cake Soup! # 1

    welcome to the land of the living Aughts!

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