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    Games. Of the video persuasion!

    Frash And Becks Continue Moving, Mods Continue Modding

    Things are as they should be!

    Nothing at the moment. ;_;

    You don’t know what I’ve dreamed. Angles that go nowhere. Creepers hissing in the deep places.
    gangstahwezel: Melli, after i went to bed last night. i started dreaming that i was still playing minecraft
    nulani: You poor soul.
    gangstahwezel: i slept really bad because of it
    nulani: One would.

    On any given day:
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: That makes about as much sense as 50% of the things said in here

    Welcome to the year 2000, where we have only the finest in edutainment with Initial D Typing Trainer! Or forget about that and fly to a place where time as a concept might be inconsequential. Or just check out the latest in VGA highlights, this time from VooDoo!

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Offer to help with the message. – 1
     2. Leave and try to sneak around. – 0
     3. Offer to stand guard so the guards can go ask the queen for help. – 1

     1. Knock on the front door. – 1
     2. Look around for other entrances. – 0
     3. Continue on the mountain path. – 1

    True to his name, FATEStaller stops all. Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    The guards stared at Al in silence while she carefully considered her options. Her three options. From last week.

    Al’s freshly realized thirst surprised her, and instead of investigating the shop further or continuing on the path, she took a seat in a slightly dusty chair next to the front door and collected her thoughts. Her three thoughts. The only three thoughts she could think.

    A short report for what felt like a short week. And now, bed.

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    I demand a recount of the votes!



    Knives: Option #1

    Fondant: Option #3 while chugging on a refreshing potable drink.

    FATEStaller: Waive this person’s vote.



    Knives = 1

    Fondant = 3

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